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Descaling System (4 suppliers)
Descaling System produces a complex modulation waveform that hits the resonant frequency of the calcium molecules, causing them to lose the adhesive properties. This action prevents formation of lime scale deposits and removes any existing scale. Descaling system includes descaling header, duplex high-pressure pumps, an accumulator, water shrouds and a scale collection system. Descaling system audit is used to determine how existing conditions affect the surface quality of steel strip.
Descaling System Accumulators (1 supplier)
Descaling Valves (1 supplier)
Descent / Self-Rescue System (1 supplier)
Descent Devices (1 supplier)
Descent Ropes & Devices, Life Lines (9 suppliers)
Descent Systems (1 supplier)
Descrambler (3 suppliers)
Description of Materials Labels (1 supplier)
Desiccant Air Breather Filters (5 suppliers)
Desiccant Air Breathers (2 suppliers)
Desiccant Air Dryers (37 suppliers)
Desiccant Air Drying System (5 suppliers)
Desiccant Bags (7 suppliers)
Desiccant bags absorb moisture, odors and chemicals. This preserves and protects number of products that includes semiconductors, electronics and cartons of food or even large machinery. This is used to prevent cracking. This helps to keep quilts dry in storage, particularly if they are in an enclosed space. It reduces the humidity in a sealed enclosure to 100° F dew point in about 10 hours or less. These are filled with anhydrous calcium sulfate. The bag material is a coated crepe paper that is held together by heat seals. The materials packed with these are protected from corrosion and other harmful effects of moisture contamination. Desiccant bags offer the ideal solution for the protection of moisture-sensitive goods in an effective and environmentally friendly way.
Desiccant Breather (2 suppliers)
Desiccant Breathers (1 supplier)
Desiccant Canisters (3 suppliers)
Desiccant Caps (0 suppliers)
Desiccant Cartridges (1 supplier)
Desiccant Compressed Air Dryer (7 suppliers)
Desiccant Dehumidifiers (18 suppliers)
Desiccant dehumidifier reduces humidity in the air by using solid desiccant materials or liquid desiccant materials to attract and hold moisture. Moisture from the air is absorbed by a desiccant contained in a revolving drum. They have three hoses, an inlet and outlet from the room and a wet air outlet to the exterior. In some CHP systems the moisture content of the air is reduced using a desiccant dehumidifier and the dehumidified air is cooled using conventional cooling equipment. These satisfy the latent cooling load by reducing the moisture content of the air. These reduce the load of the chillers to sensible cooling. It uses more energy than refrigerant types, but is more effective at lower temperatures.
Desiccant Dehydrators (3 suppliers)
Desiccant Dust Removal Units (1 supplier)
Desiccant Feeders (1 supplier)
Desiccant Filter Cartridges (11 suppliers)
Desiccant Filter Drier Cores (1 supplier)
Desiccant Filter Elements (8 suppliers)
Desiccant Inserters (3 suppliers)
Desiccant Packets (6 suppliers)
Desiccant packets are small sachets of desiccant clay, silica gel, molecular sieve or other absorbent products. These are compact, extremely durable, non-dusting sorbent packets, which take up little space in packaging. These have high moisture absorbing capacity. These packets protect items in shipment or storage from the damages of moisture and corrosion. This is used to pull the moisture from the air inside the package. This controls humidity and eliminate risk of mildew or rust damage in sealed containers. These provide economical solution for preventing moisture damage in small and sealed packages. These are used in pharmaceutical, medical diagnostic kits, electronic equipment, optical instruments and food packaging.
Desiccant Products (3 suppliers)
Desiccant Silica Gel Cannisters (1 supplier)
Desiccant Systems (2 suppliers)
Desiccant Type Dryers (44 suppliers)
Desiccant Type Dryers are designed to continuously adsorb water vapor from compressed air and gas. Desiccant-type dryers are the most effective in the removal of moisture from the air and are typically rated at a de point of -20°C. These dryers are used in the medical extrusion industry to ensure proper drying.
Desiccants (30 suppliers)
Desiccant is a material that attracts and holds moisture. Their air-conditioning systems provide a method for drying air before it enters a conditioned space. The desiccant material can carry over into downstream plumbing if effective downstream filtering is not provided. This naturally attracts moisture from gases and liquids. The desiccant becomes saturated as moisture is adsorbed on the surface. These are regenerated by heating and used again. The solid bulk desiccant includes silica gel, activated alumina, deliquescent and molecular sieves. These naturally remove the moisture from the compressed air by absorption.
Desiccants, Activated Carbon (2 suppliers)
Desiccants, Anticorrosion Products (17 suppliers)
Desiccants, Bulk (4 suppliers)
Desiccants, Calcium Oxide (2 suppliers)
Desiccants, Corrosion Control (2 suppliers)
Desiccants, Moisture Control (6 suppliers)
Desiccator Cabinets (8 suppliers)
Desiccator Plate (1 supplier)
Design & Engineering Services with Pilot Studies (3 suppliers)
Design & Engineering, Industrial Air Systems (2 suppliers)
Design & Prototype of Lightweight Standoff Detection, Assays and Biosensor Systems (2 suppliers)
Design & Detail Engineering for Power Plants (18 suppliers)
Design & Engineering for Conveyors/Conveying Systems (211 suppliers)
Design & Engineering for Gas/Liquid Dehydration & Purification Systems (37 suppliers)
Design & Engineering for Treatment of VOC (2 suppliers)
Design & Engineering of Demonstration plants (3 suppliers)
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