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Prototype PCB Assembly (77 suppliers)
Prototype PCB Assembly Design (70 suppliers)
Prototype Plastic Injection Molds (16 suppliers)
Prototype Plumbing Designs (5 suppliers)
Prototype Precision Turned Components (9 suppliers)
Prototype Pressings (3 suppliers)
Prototype Production (15 suppliers)
Prototype Samples, CAD (2 suppliers)
Prototype Stamping (8 suppliers)
Prototype Tooling (102 suppliers)
Prototype Welding (6 suppliers)
Prototype Welding Design Services (3 suppliers)
Prototype Work (67 suppliers)
Prototypes & Machining Job Shop (104 suppliers)
Prototypes & Models (287 suppliers)
Prototypes & Precision Tools (40 suppliers)
Prototypes, Pre Production (4 suppliers)
Prototyping (123 suppliers)
Prototyping Assembly/Debugging (3 suppliers)
Prototyping Consumer Goods (5 suppliers)
Prototyping Electronic Assemblies (71 suppliers)
Prototyping Equipment (13 suppliers)
Prototyping Machining (46 suppliers)
Prototyping Sheet Metalwork (12 suppliers)
Protractor Angle Finders (1 supplier)
Protractor Angle Meters (1 supplier)
Protractor Depth Gauges (1 supplier)
Protractor Pull Finders (1 supplier)
Protractor Screen Optical Comparators (1 supplier)
Protractors (7 suppliers)
Proven Mechanical Components (1 supplier)
Proven Sheeter (1 supplier)
Proven Welding Process (2 suppliers)
Prover Tanks (1 supplier)
Provex Floor Scale (1 supplier)
Proving Rings (1 supplier)
Provision Type Welding (4 suppliers)
Proximity AC Voltage Detector (2 suppliers)
Proximity Badge Holders (1 supplier)
Proximity Badge Terminal (1 supplier)
Proximity Bin Level Switches (1 supplier)
Proximity Card Access Control System (3 suppliers)
Proximity Card Based Terminals (3 suppliers)
Proximity Card Based Terminals are used for access control & attendance recording. The feature includes RFID based card reader, trigger output to access control gates/locks, 4 reader access control panels and access control software.
Proximity Card Clocks (3 suppliers)
Proximity Card Reader (35 suppliers)
Proximity card readers carry information similar to what is carried on the magnetic card. The proximity card readers has a loop of wire sandwiched between layers of plastic in the card that acts as an antenna to receive signals from the reader. The antenna magnifies the signal and replies with data embedded in a microcomputer chip in the card. The reader in this case is called a proximity reader because the device doesn't have to actually touch the reader; it only has to come into the proximity of the reader. More data can be stored in the prox card than in the magnetic card and since the card doesn't have to touch the reader, it is slightly faster than the magnetic card. The prox card can also be installed outside with fewer problems than magnetic card readers. The credential of the prox card can be tied to a combination lock or other second verification that only the candidate knows, otherwise, whoever has the prox card can obtain access through doors locked and controlled by small proximity card readers.
Proximity Cards (20 suppliers)
Proximity cards or tokens do not need to touch a reader in order to validate a transaction. Their radio-wave transmission technology is highly secure and their readers can be hidden behind walls, in clean, maintenance-free, vandal-proof locations. Best, because proximity readers don't require contact, they speed the flow of human and vehicular traffic through checkpoints. These cards and tokens can remain in pockets, purses, or even on the front seats of vehicles and still be read by the system. Each proximity card contains a coil of wire that acts as both the receiving and transmitting antenna and a small, integrated circuit that is programmed with a unique ID code. These cards are powered by the voltage generated from a reader's magnetic field in relation to the card's antenna coil. Once energized by a reader, the card transmits its ID information. Transmission is so fast that access verification takes place in less than a quarter second. There are two types of proximity cards or tokens such as active and passive proximity cards.
Proximity Detection Systems (3 suppliers)
Proximity Drivers (1 supplier)
Proximity Key Intruder Alarms (3 suppliers)
Proximity Level Switches (1 supplier)
20051 to 20100 of 22256 results  Page: << Previous 50 Results 400 401 [402] 403 404 405 406 407 408 409 410 411 412 413 414 415 416 417 418 419 420 >> Next 50 Results
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