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Pry Bar With Handles (1 supplier)
Pry Bars (1 supplier)
Pry Lever Bar Dollies (1 supplier)
Prybar Holder With Lock & Key (1 supplier)
Prybar Holders (1 supplier)
Prylever Bars (1 supplier)
PS Resins (1 supplier)
PS2 & Parallel Wall Plates (1 supplier)
PS2 Keyboard and Mouse Cables (4 suppliers)
PSA Cloth Disc (3 suppliers)
PSA Disc Rolls (1 supplier)
PSA Nitrogen Generators (8 suppliers)
PSE and Quadrant Softwood Sections (1 supplier)
PSF Cable and Wire, Coaxial (6 suppliers)
PSK Digital Satellite Modems (1 supplier)
PSL Sand Lifters (1 supplier)
PSM Planning (12 suppliers)
PSM, Program Development, Implementation, Maintenance (14 suppliers)
Psychrometer With Infrared Thermometer (1 supplier)
Psychrometers (2 suppliers)
PTA Hardfacing (1 supplier)
PTA Surfacing Systems (3 suppliers)
PTA Welding (4 suppliers)
In PTA welding, a plasma gas is heated to an extremely high temperature and ionized so that it becomes electrically conductive. This plasma is transferred to an electric arc to a work piece. The metal to be welded is melted by the intense heat of the arc and fuses together. This welding is used to harden and temper parts.
PTC Air Heater (4 suppliers)
PTC Auxiliary Heaters (1 supplier)
PTC Heater Chips (1 supplier)
PTC Resettable Fuses (4 suppliers)
PTC Switching Thermistors (9 suppliers)
PTC Thermistor Heater (2 suppliers)
PTFE Air Aspirators (0 suppliers)
PTFE & Aramid Combination Packing (10 suppliers)
PTFE & FEP Fluoropolymer Tubing (8 suppliers)
PTFE & Graphite Combination Packing (13 suppliers)
PTFE & graphite combination packing is made up of PTFE yarn containing graphite particles, filled up silicone lubricant. It has a low coefficient of friction, great tear strength, and high thermal conductivity. It is used to seal pump shafts, water, steam, solutions for agitators, and mixers.
PTFE & PTFE Graphite Combination Packing (11 suppliers)
PTFE (TEFLONr/Xylan) Coatings on Fasteners (15 suppliers)
PTFE and Carbon Filled Bushes, Rings, Rods (13 suppliers)
PTFE Aqueous Dispersion (1 supplier)
PTFE Back Up Rings (9 suppliers)
PTFE back up rings are used in conjunction with O-ring for both static and dynamic sealing applications. These rings prevent extrusion of the O-ring when it is subjected to high pressures, or when the extrusion gaps are excessive. Wherever possible two back-up rings should be used, one on each side of the O-ring.
PTFE Ball Valves (14 suppliers)
PTFE ball valves are quarter-turn, straight through flow valves that have a round closure element with matching rounded seats that permit uniform sealing stress. It is used in situations where tight shut-off is required. It is ideal for virtually any chemical service.
PTFE Bearing Strips (3 suppliers)
PTFE bearing strips are used to guide pistons and piston rods in hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders to prevent metal-to-metal contact. Seal life is considerably improved when bearing strips are installed adjacent to PTFE piston and rod seals by ensuring concentricity and damping vibrations. These plain rectangular bearing strips of bronze-loaded PTFE provide alternative to traditional materials such as phosphor-bronze or lead. It is self-lubricated that provides low dynamic and breakout friction.
PTFE Bearings (15 suppliers)
PTFE bearings are widely used in applications requiring a dry running, maintenance-free solution. It has a unique combination of outstanding properties, including high and low temperature resistance, chemical inertness dielectric behavior, non-sticking & self-lubricating properties, and the lowest coefficient of friction of all solid materials.
PTFE Bellow Seals (33 suppliers)
PTFE Bellows (40 suppliers)
The PTFE bellows are formed by cutting alternately into the bore and external surfaces of a PTFE cylinder, to form internal and external grooves. Typical applications include expansion and anti vibration joints, connections which allow a high level of misalignment, and one piece coupling systems which replace multi fitting configurations in difficult or confined areas of a production plant. Bellows for diameters over and above 300mm are also available. The high level of chemical resistance of the PTFE material makes the bellows use with a wide range of piping and vessel materials, including glass, lined carbon steel and stainless steel, composite and flexible materials up to service temperature as high as 230'C depending upon the nature of the fluid being handled and the service pressure.
PTFE Bellows Compensators (1 supplier)
PTFE Bellows Seals (14 suppliers)
PTFE Body Gauge Isolator (0 suppliers)
PTFE Bonded Metal Parts (11 suppliers)
PTFE Bonding (3 suppliers)
PTFE Braided Packing (8 suppliers)
PTFE Braided Packing with Graphite (4 suppliers)
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