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Punched Steel Strapping (9 suppliers)
Punched Steel Strapping Units (1 supplier)
Punches (4 suppliers)
Punches & Dies (75 suppliers)
Punching (169 suppliers)
Punching in metal fabrication is the process of using a machine to press a shape through a sheet of metal and into a die to create that shape in the metal. This is most commonly done by use of a turret, a computer numerical controlled machine that houses tools and their corresponding dies in a revolving indexed turret. These machines use hydraulic, pneumatic, or electrical power to press the shape with enough force to cut the metal. It can be better understand as pressing the material against a die with a huge force, this force pushes the material into the die and shears off the waste material.
Punching & Shearing Machine (5 suppliers)
Punching Dies (7 suppliers)
Punching Fabrication Services (14 suppliers)
Punching Machine (16 suppliers)
Punching Systems (8 suppliers)
Punchless Binders (1 supplier)
Puncture Guard Sweeper (1 supplier)
Puncture Impact Hammers (1 supplier)
Puncture Impact Testing (5 suppliers)
Puncture Impact Testing using a swinging pendulum arm overcame all of the previous difficulties. This shape ensures that the orientation of the test sample relative. The material is sensitive to the way in which loads are applied. It tends to measure the test result as units of energy to break the test sample. It is based on the pendulum impact system commonly used for Izod and Charpy impact tests which has proven to be very reliable for many years now and takes full advantage of a microprocessor controlled system. The tup profiles can quickly be changed which makes it ideal for evaluating packaging materials, especially as in most cases the tup can represent the components that are to be packaged in the material. The test sample takes a circular form so that the orientation of the material relative to the manufacturing processes is not effected.
Puncture Proof Tires (2 suppliers)
Puncture Proof Wheels (1 supplier)
Puncture Temperature Probes (1 supplier)
Puncturing Units (1 supplier)
Pup Joint, Sub, Bent Subs, Accessories (5 suppliers)
Pup Joints (8 suppliers)
Pup Joints (13 suppliers)
Pup Trailers (4 suppliers)
Pup Wagons (1 supplier)
Purchased Gear Reducer Drives (1 supplier)
Purchasing Consultants (5 suppliers)
Purchasing Management Software (2 suppliers)
Purchasing RFQ (1 supplier)
Pure Air Generators (4 suppliers)
Pure Air Generators (2 suppliers)
Pure Air Generators remove water, oil and dirt from the existing compressed-air supply, eliminating corrosion and damage to pneumatic and analytical instruments. All particulates are removed from the source air and never appear in the air product. It is typical for air monitoring equipment, calibrated to zero with cylinder air which is labeled as zero air, to indicate a greater deflection through zero when connected to a pure air generator, clearly demonstrating the greater purity over cylinder air. In addition, the dew point of the air product in pure air generator will not exceed -60 F, making this the ideal air source. Equally important, the oxygen concentration is a constant 21%, as found in the ambient environment. This again, is in contrast with zero air cylinders where a 6-8% variation in the oxygen concentration is not unusual. This variation has a profound effect when calibration of ozone generators and ozone monitors or total hydrocarbon analyzers is attempted. This oxygen variation effect becomes even more pronounced when multiple instruments and locations are involved. In addition to generating consistently clean air, the pure air generators have effectively eliminated air cylinders and their associated regulators from a great number of laboratories.
Pure Cotton Wipes (2 suppliers)
Pure Expanded Graphite Sheet (2 suppliers)
Pure Flow Air Process Heaters (1 supplier)
Pure Gum Gaskets (1 supplier)
Pure Gum Tubing (1 supplier)
Pure Industrial Gases (7 suppliers)
Pure Magnesium Oxide Straight Tubular Heaters (2 suppliers)
Pure Nickel Strips (1 supplier)
Pure PTFE Packing with Oil (2 suppliers)
Pure Silicone Fluids (1 supplier)
Pure Sine DC AC Power Inverters (7 suppliers)
Pure Sine Inverters (7 suppliers)
Pure Solders (3 suppliers)
Pure Steam Generators (5 suppliers)
Pure Water Bag (2 suppliers)
Pure Water Pump (3 suppliers)
Pure Water Thermoplastic Hose (2 suppliers)
Pure Water Treatment Equipments (8 suppliers)
Purge Air Units (2 suppliers)
Purge and Balancing Valves (3 suppliers)
Purge and Trap Autosampler (1 supplier)
21101 to 21150 of 22185 results  Page: << Previous 50 Results 420 421 422 [423] 424 425 426 427 428 429 430 431 432 433 434 435 436 437 438 439 440 >> Next 50 Results
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