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Cross Hydraulic Filters (6 suppliers)
Cross Hydraulic Valves (2 suppliers)
Cross Indexing Systems (1 supplier)
Cross Internal Pipe Threads (1 supplier)
Cross Joint Connectors (2 suppliers)
Cross Laser Level Units (1 supplier)
Cross Line Laser Level Units (1 supplier)
Cross Link Primary Wires (1 supplier)
Cross Link Wires (1 supplier)
Cross Linked Low Smoke Polyolefin Cables (2 suppliers)
Cross Linked Polyethylene Gasket (1 supplier)
Cross linked Polyolefin Insulation Cables (1 supplier)
Cross Linked Primary Wires (1 supplier)
Cross Machine Tail Cutters (2 suppliers)
Cross Mounts (1 supplier)
Cross Over Bench (0 suppliers)
Cross Over Bracket (1 supplier)
Cross Over Conveyors (2 suppliers)
Cross Pad Mandrels (1 supplier)
Cross Pads (3 suppliers)
Cross Parallel Flow Heat Exchangers (12 suppliers)
Cross Paste Stainless Glue Rolls (1 supplier)
Cross Peen Hammers (1 supplier)
Cross Peen Sledge Hammers (1 supplier)
Cross Pein Hammers (1 supplier)
Cross Pein Sledge Hammers (1 supplier)
Cross Pins (1 supplier)
Cross Plate Anchor (1 supplier)
Cross Plates (1 supplier)
Cross Pole Rectangular Electro Permanent Magnetic Chuck (1 supplier)
Cross Porting Kit (1 supplier)
Cross Purges (1 supplier)
Cross Pushers (1 supplier)
Cross Rod System (1 supplier)
Cross Roller Guides (2 suppliers)
Cross Roller Positioner (1 supplier)
Cross Roller Slewing Bearing (7 suppliers)
Cross Roller Slides (3 suppliers)
Cross Roller Table (2 suppliers)
Cross Rollers (1 supplier)
Cross Seamers (1 supplier)
Cross Sectional Analysis (1 supplier)
Cross-sectional analysis is analysis using data from the same point in time (static analysis). Cross sectional analysis is usually conducted in a field setting within a single, relatively homogeneous area. The purpose of cross-sectional analysis is to detect differences otherwise similar segments of cultural or social units that have been exposed to known influences which may have produced changes. Cross-sectional analysis also aims at discovering regularities in processes occurring overtime spans loner than the time allotted for investigation.
Cross Shaft Agitators (1 supplier)
Cross Shaft Bearings (2 suppliers)
Cross Shaft Gap Frame Presses (3 suppliers)
Cross Shafts (5 suppliers)
Cross-shafts are made of square-section steel. The detent disc and star wheel are fixed to the rear of the shaft. The slide-set machine has a single pinion, which is moved directly by the sliders to engage with one of the ten racks. The key-set machine has five pinions, which are positioned above the gaps between successive pairs of racks. When pressing a key, the pinion move either forward or backward to engage with the rack on either side. Cross-shafts are mounted above and at right-angles to the racks. It is supported in plain bearings in three plates of 3mm brass, which are screwed and dowelled to six supporting pillars. The central plate is in two parts to form a split bearing. It is used in the steering gearbox that engages the steering shaft worm.
Cross Shredding Systems (2 suppliers)
Cross Sills (1 supplier)
Cross Slide Latheguards (1 supplier)
Cross Slide Tables (3 suppliers)
21701 to 21750 of 25412 results  Page: << Previous 50 Results 420 421 422 423 424 425 426 427 428 429 430 431 432 433 434 [435] 436 437 438 439 440 >> Next 50 Results
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