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PVC Machining Services (4 suppliers)
PVC Male Adapters (3 suppliers)
PVC Male Dry Hydrant Adapters (1 supplier)
PVC Master Batches (4 suppliers)
PVC Match Weight Cassettes (1 supplier)
PVC Materials (6 suppliers)
PVC Meter (1 supplier)
PVC Micro Fittings (3 suppliers)
PVC Mist Eliminators (1 supplier)
PVC Molded Junction Box (3 suppliers)
PVC Molder (1 supplier)
PVC Moldings (7 suppliers)
PVC Motor Covers (4 suppliers)
PVC Nipples (3 suppliers)
In plumbing and piping, a nipple is a fitting, consisting of a short piece of pipe, usually provided with a male pipe thread at each end, for connecting two other fittings. Nipples can be manufactured in different materials like iron, stainless steel and plastics. PVC nipples is produced from a rigid, virgin polyvinyl chloride compound, these nipples are ideal for medical & hospital use, food & beverage processing, laboratory applications, chemical processing, electroplating and other applications that require visual monitoring and non-contaminating processes. PVC nipples are preferred because of its durability, light weight, flexibility and easy for maintenance nature.
PVC Packaging Services (5 suppliers)
PVC Packaging Tapes (11 suppliers)
PVC Packaging Tubes (7 suppliers)
PVC Panels (2 suppliers)
PVC Parallel Sliding Doors (3 suppliers)
PVC Pastes (1 supplier)
PVC PET Bottles (4 suppliers)
PVC Picket Fences (8 suppliers)
PVC Pipe (262 suppliers)
PVC Pipe Benders (5 suppliers)
PVC Pipe Bevelers (6 suppliers)
PVC Pipe Cable Saws (2 suppliers)
PVC Pipe Clamps (1 supplier)
PVC Pipe Connectors (1 supplier)
PVC Pipe Connectors (1 supplier)
PVC Pipe Couplings (0 suppliers)
PVC Pipe Cutters (3 suppliers)
PVC Pipe Fittings (65 suppliers)
PVC Pipe Flanges (2 suppliers)
PVC Pipe Flanges (1 supplier)
PVC Pipe Pliers (1 supplier)
PVC Pipe Protectors (3 suppliers)
PVC Pipe Socket Forming Machines (1 supplier)
PVC Pipe Tubing (23 suppliers)
PVC Pipes Inspection (12 suppliers)
PVC Piston Pumps (1 supplier)
PVC Plastering Beads (4 suppliers)
PVC Plastic Couplers (4 suppliers)
PVC Plastic Fittings (8 suppliers)
PVC Plastic Perforated Pipes (5 suppliers)
PVC Plastic Pipe Fittings (6 suppliers)
Pvc Plastic Pipe Fittings (7 suppliers)
PVC Plastic Tubing (9 suppliers)
PVC Plastics (22 suppliers)
PVC Plug Sets (1 supplier)
PVC Plugs (1 supplier)
22001 to 22050 of 22275 results  Page: << Previous 50 Results 440 [441] 442 443 444 445 446 >> Next 50 Results
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