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Cryogenic Gas Liquids Recovery Plants (3 suppliers)
Cryogenic Gate Valves (29 suppliers)
Cryogenic Globe Valves (20 suppliers)
Cryogenic Globe Valves are designed for the handling of cryogenic liquids on bulk storage tanks, transports and pipelines. They provide positive shut-off. These valves are available with a variety of inlet & outlet connections and body configuration as well as with braze in stainless steel pipe stubs. The features include 1/2″ to 3″ size, hydrostatic test pressure of 45bar, pneumatic test pressure of 33bar and temperature range of -196°C to +60°C.
Cryogenic Grinding (1 supplier)
Cryogenic Heat Exchangers (30 suppliers)
Cryogenic Heat Pipes (1 supplier)
Cryogenic Heat Treat Cryogenic Aerospace Bearings (1 supplier)
Cryogenic Helium Compressor (1 supplier)
Cryogenic Hose (18 suppliers)
Cryogenic Hydrogen Purification Systems (1 supplier)
Cryogenic Insulations (9 suppliers)
Cryogenic Isolators & Circulators (1 supplier)
Cryogenic Level Gage (1 supplier)
Cryogenic Liquid Expander (1 supplier)
Cryogenic Liquid Helium Processing (2 suppliers)
Cryogenic Liquid Level Instruments (7 suppliers)
Cryogenic Liquid Level Instruments measures the sensor capacitance, which is directly related to the percentage of the sensor immersed in the cryogenic fluid.
Cryogenic Liquid Trailers (1 supplier)
Cryogenic Liquids (5 suppliers)
Cryogenic liquids are liquified gases that are kept in their liquid state at very low temperatures. All cryogenic liquids are extremely cold. It has boiling points below -150° C. All cryogenic liquids are gases at normal temperatures and pressures. These gases must be cooled below room temperature before an increase in pressure can liquefy them. Different cryogens become liquids under different conditions of temperature and pressure, but all have two properties in common: these are extremely cold, and small amounts of liquid can expand into very large volumes of gas.
Cryogenic Material Separation (1 supplier)
Cryogenic Material Treatment (7 suppliers)
Cryogenic Milling Equipment (1 supplier)
Cryogenic Milling Services (1 supplier)
Cryogenic Needle Valves (6 suppliers)
Cryogenic Nitrogen Boost Pumps (2 suppliers)
Cryogenic Nitrogen Cold Ends (2 suppliers)
Cryogenic Nitrogen Plants (11 suppliers)
Cryogenic Oxygen Plants (10 suppliers)
Cryogenic Pelletizer (3 suppliers)
Cryogenic Phase Separators (2 suppliers)
Cryogenic phase separator is intended to minimize hazardous splashing and vaporization. It is available in three different sizes to accommodate transferring liquids into open containers. It is used to separate carbon dioxide gas from liquid and remove the gas from a pipeline. It is also used to lower saturation point of liquid nitrogen. It provides different types of application such as to fill cryocans, to contribute quality liquid to freezing tunnels for optimum equipment.
Cryogenic Piping Systems (4 suppliers)
Cryogenic Portable Tanks (5 suppliers)
Cryogenic Pressure Transducers (2 suppliers)
Cryogenic Pressure Transmitter (3 suppliers)
Cryogenic Processing (24 suppliers)
Cryogenic processing is a fascinating and truly spectacular means to increase wear resistance & life on all metal and some plastics. Deep cryogenics is the ultra low temperature processing of materials to enhance their desired metallurgical and structural properties. The cryogenic process is not a surface treatment. It affects the entire mass of the part, making it stronger throughout and dramatically reducing wear. The process keeps working for the life of the tool rather than ceasing to be effective after the surface is worn. Grain structures are closed by the process resulting in a larger contact surface area that reduces friction, heat and wear.
Cryogenic Processing Equipment (9 suppliers)
Cryogenic Pulverizers (2 suppliers)
Cryogenic Pump Repair Services (7 suppliers)
Cryogenic Pumps (36 suppliers)
Cryogenic Rail Cars (1 supplier)
Cryogenic Refrigeration System (6 suppliers)
Cryogenic Refrigerators (1 supplier)
Cryogenic Safety Relief Valves (4 suppliers)
Cryogenic safety relief valves are designed for use with cryogenic and industrial gas equipments. It is suitable for pressures to 400 psig and temperatures from -423 to +400°F. Its application includes stationary cryogenic storage tanks, dual safety relief systems, and air and gas compressors for overpressure relief of tanks, pipelines, and pumps.
Cryogenic Screw Feed Conveyors (2 suppliers)
Cryogenic Seals (1 supplier)
Cryogenic Service Valve Range, Ball Valves (3 suppliers)
Cryogenic Service Valve Range, Check Valves (0 suppliers)
Cryogenic Service Valve Range, Gate Valves (4 suppliers)
Cryogenic Service Valve Range, Globe Valves (2 suppliers)
Cryogenic Servo Level Gauge (1 supplier)
Cryogenic Shipper (1 supplier)
22101 to 22150 of 25412 results  Page: << Previous 50 Results 440 441 442 [443] 444 445 446 447 448 449 450 451 452 453 454 455 456 457 458 459 460 >> Next 50 Results
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