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Temperature Switches (46 suppliers)
Temperature Switches (40 suppliers)
Temperature Test Equipment (1 supplier)
Temperature Test Plugs (1 supplier)
Temperature Test Strips (1 supplier)
Temperature Testers (1 supplier)
Temperature Testing Instruments (3 suppliers)
Temperature Thermometers (1 supplier)
Temperature Tool Voltage to Frequency Converter (1 supplier)
Temperature Transducers (36 suppliers)
A temperature transducer translates a temperature into an electrical voltage or current. Four important types of temperature transducers are thermocouples, metal or alloy as a resistance-temperature device, thermistor and integrated circuit sensor. Temperature transducers are fixed at locations along the borehole. These transducers are installed within sealed sections of the boreholes. Temperature transducers are efficiently integrated with other measuring systems. Temperature transducers have not been widely employed in the analysis of human behavior. Temperature transducers allow heat to act on an expanding-contracting fluid, thermocouple, variable resistor and pyrometer. Temperature transducers require careful calibration and have poor ageing characteristics.
Temperature Transmitter (7 suppliers)
Temperature Transmitter Enclosures (1 supplier)
Temperature Transmitter with Interchangeable Probes (1 supplier)
Temperature Transmitters (162 suppliers)
Temperature Transmitters convert the small millivolt (mV) output of a thermocouple to a current signal that is immune to noise and voltage drops over long distances. They are used with thermocouple temperature probes and bimetallic devices that are suitable for various temperature sensing applications. Temperature transmitters eliminate ground loop problems by isolating the transmitter input from the transmitter output.
Temperature Transmitters for HVAC Applications (1 supplier)
Temperature Transmitters for Natural Gas (1 supplier)
Temperature Transmitters, Digital (54 suppliers)
Digital Temperature Transmitters provides a factory configuration including 4 to 20 mA, 1 to 5 Vdc or 2 to 10 Vdc. The transmitters are available for four digits LCD temperature indicator. It features 4-digit & 1-decimal point LCD display, celsius or fahrenheit display unit, integral zero & span adjustment and remote sensor function.
Temperature Transmitters, Electronic (35 suppliers)
Temperature Vibration Chambers (2 suppliers)
Temperature Volume Correctors (2 suppliers)
Temperature Wall Mounted Sensor (1 supplier)
Temperature Zoned Baths (2 suppliers)
Temperature/Humidity Cycling Chambers (3 suppliers)
Temperature/Humidity Datalogger Kit With PC Interface (3 suppliers)
Temperature/RH Data Logger (1 supplier)
Tempered Air Fan Curbs (1 supplier)
Tempered Aircraft Alloy Tubing (1 supplier)
Tempered Aluminum Coupler Tops (1 supplier)
Tempered Arbor Spacers (1 supplier)
Tempered Glass (7 suppliers)
Tempered Glass Filters (2 suppliers)
Tempered Spring Steel Strip (8 suppliers)
Tempered Spring Steel Tools (2 suppliers)
Tempered Stainless Steel (1 supplier)
Tempered Steel Arbor Spacer Kits (1 supplier)
Tempered Steel Center Gages (1 supplier)
Tempered Steel CNC Laser Cutting (6 suppliers)
Tempered Steel Pressure Relief Valves (1 supplier)
Tempered Water and Glycol Systems (1 supplier)
Tempered Water Double Wall Parallel Recirculating Systems (1 supplier)
Tempered Water Double Wall Recirculating Systems (1 supplier)
Tempered Water Single Wall Parallel Recirculating Systems (1 supplier)
Tempered Water Single Wall Recirculating Systems (1 supplier)
Tempering Bench Furnaces (2 suppliers)
Tempering Bins (1 supplier)
Tempering Chambers (1 supplier)
Tempering Coils (2 suppliers)
Tempering Equipment (2 suppliers)
Tempering Furnaces (18 suppliers)
Tempering Furnace features wired control panel, enclosing terminals for incoming power, temperature controller, heating element control contactor, excess temperature controller, separate contactor interlocked with excess temperature controller, 115-volt control circuit transformer, on-off heat switch and red pilot light.
Tempering Glass (2 suppliers)
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