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Strain Viewers (1 supplier)
Strain/Tension Clamps (10 suppliers)
Strain/Tension clamps are used on conductor cables for tensioned fixing of line conductors and shield wires to insulator strings and shield tension points. Generally two types of tension clamps are available: wedge-type and compression. The wedge-type clamps offer optimized technical features coupled with very low weight. It is easily installed and removed without special tools.
Strainer Adapters (1 supplier)
Strainer Assembly (5 suppliers)
Strainer Bags (2 suppliers)
Strainer Body Castings (3 suppliers)
Strainer Cores (3 suppliers)
Strainer Cum Air Eliminators (0 suppliers)
Strainer Elements (1 supplier)
Strainer Filter Bags (1 supplier)
Strainer Hot Feed Extruders (3 suppliers)
Strainer Housing (4 suppliers)
Strainer Lids (1 supplier)
Strainer Lock Nut Wrenches (1 supplier)
Strainer Monitoring System (1 supplier)
Strainer Plates (2 suppliers)
Strainer Support Clamps (2 suppliers)
Strainer Swivel Adapters (1 supplier)
Strainer with Sight Glass (1 supplier)
Strainer Wrenches (1 supplier)
Strainers (107 suppliers)
Strainers (109 suppliers)
Strainers for Sea Water Application (5 suppliers)
Strainers are used in marine craft as coarse filters for incoming sea water for onboard use. These strainers are placed upstream of valves in order to prevent coarse material from fouling the valves. These are also used in the seawater cooling system to remove debris, which clog the pressure and flow control device (orifice) and/or the tubes of the heat exchanger. The two types of in-line seawater strainers most commonly used in weapons cooling systems are the simplex (single) and duplex (double) basket strainers.
Strainers Valves (11 suppliers)
Strainers, Plumbing (6 suppliers)
Strainers, Water Treatment (3 suppliers)
Strainers: Y Type and T Type (15 suppliers)
Y type and T type strainers are named after their shape and normally used for course filtration. With large filtration area, it can be used with fine mesh also. Body of Y strainer is normally of cast iron or cast steel in various grades with flanged and socket weld type end connection. T strainer is fabricated from pipes & plates or standard equal T & flange. Filter elements are made of stainless steel perforated sheet or wire mesh supported by perforated sheet. In T type strainer, many times a structural skeleton made of flats and round bar is used to support the wire mesh. Low-pressure drop, compact size, robust design and ease of maintenance are some special features of these type strainers.
Straining Screws (21 suppliers)
Strait Blade Wiring Devices (3 suppliers)
Strand Anchor Systems (1 supplier)
Strand Annealing (1 supplier)
Strand Annealing Furnaces (4 suppliers)
Strand Bare Cables (1 supplier)
Strand Belts (2 suppliers)
Strand Brakes (1 supplier)
Strand Conveyor (2 suppliers)
Strand Dies (2 suppliers)
Strand Eye Anchor Rods (1 supplier)
Strand Pelletizers (6 suppliers)
Strand Pelletizing (1 supplier)
Strand Splices (1 supplier)
Strand Type Steel Cables (1 supplier)
Stranded Aerial Lift (1 supplier)
Stranded Bare Coppers (2 suppliers)
Stranded Bare Coppers is flexible and easily shaped, formed, welded and soldered. It is used in overhead transmission and distribution systems and for grounding grid systems. It has PVC or non-floating PVC outer jacket. It is suitable for use in CCTV monitoring, conduction and unidirectional control systems, including various high-frequency equipment and various A/V devices. Wire and cable is made with solid bare copper conductors which is not as flexible as made with stranded copper conductors. The decrease in flexibility is made up for with the reduced expense of solid bare copper alarm cable. Most low voltage alarm systems use a small gauge size wire and the small loss of cable flexibility.
Stranded Bare Overhead Conductor (1 supplier)
Stranded Bare Tinned Copper (1 supplier)
Stranded Cables (1 supplier)
Stranded Conductors (1 supplier)
Stranded Optical Cable Harness (4 suppliers)
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