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Jet Cooker (1 supplier)
Jet Cutters (4 suppliers)
Jet cutter is a downhole tool that uses a shaped explosive charge to make a transverse cut on stuck tubulars in a well. A jet cutter is used on tubing, drillpipe, and casing. It is often used when abandoning a well during salvage operations or when low fluid level, heavy mud is present.
Jet Cutting (4 suppliers)
Jet Diffuser (4 suppliers)
Jet Drill Holder (2 suppliers)
Jet Driven Type Rotary Distributor (1 supplier)
Jet Ejector Scrubbers (2 suppliers)
Jet Ejectors (13 suppliers)
Jet ejector is an important kind of vacuum pump that does not use moving parts in which the fluid to be moved is entrained in a high-velocity stream of a second fluid. The motive fluid and the fluid to be moved may be the same, such as when compressed air is used to move air, but usually they are not. It requires very little attention and maintenance and is especially valuable with corrosive gases that would damage mechanical vacuum pumps.
Jet Engine Dolly (1 supplier)
Jet Engine Igniter Insulators (1 supplier)
Jet Engine Parts (11 suppliers)
Jet Engine Parts Washers (4 suppliers)
Jet Engine Positioners (1 supplier)
Jet Engine Repair Systems (1 supplier)
Jet Engine Service Tools & Precision Aircraft Parts (12 suppliers)
Jet Engine Test Cells (1 supplier)
Jet Engine Testing Equipment (3 suppliers)
Jet Engine Trimmers (1 supplier)
Jet Exhaust Mufflers (2 suppliers)
Jet exhaust muffler is a glass filled polypropylene exhaust muffler. It provides superior noise control. These are available in two configurations. There is minimal pressure drop, they are cleanable, and easily disassembled, and have a temperature rating of 325 degrees F. It uses a multi-layered, wire mesh element that is impervious to solvents, and easily removed for cleaning.
Jet Fans (5 suppliers)
Jet Fans for Tunnel ventilation (16 suppliers)
Jet Fuel Additive Injection Systems (1 supplier)
Jet Fuel Testing (1 supplier)
Jet Fuel Unloading Stations (1 supplier)
Jet Fueling Stations (1 supplier)
Jet Fuels (6 suppliers)
Jet Fuels (6 suppliers)
Jet Gangway Systems (1 supplier)
Jet Gas Compressors (3 suppliers)
Jet Gas Compressors utilize a high-pressure gas to entrain a low-pressure gas and discharge the pressure to an intermediate pressure. These types of compressors have three main parts, a nozzle, body and diffuser. Jet gas compressors are jet pumps for the conveyance and compression of gases, whilst simultaneously mixing with the liquid motive stream. Jet gas compressors are available in standard materials such as cast iron, rubber lined cast iron, stainless steel and PVC.
Jet Grouting (11 suppliers)
Jet grouting is a versatile and effective technique, which can be used across a wide range of ground conditions. It involves the in-situ mixing of soils with cement grout to form a predetermined strength / permeability matrix. The inclusions formed by this process may be used for structural support, or for the control of groundwater.
Jet Grouting Equipments (1 supplier)
Jet Guards (1 supplier)
Jet Heads (1 supplier)
Jet Heaters (2 suppliers)
Jet Heavy Duty Plain Trolleys (2 suppliers)
Jet Hopper Media Mover (1 supplier)
Jet Hydraulic Scissor Lift Tables (1 supplier)
Jet Hydraulic Stackers (2 suppliers)
Jet Ignition Stokers (1 supplier)
Jet Marker System (1 supplier)
Jet Mill (17 suppliers)
Jet mills are used for very fine grinding of hard or medium hard, temperature sensitive particles. In jet mills, particles of feed collide, as air sweeps them along. Three basic variations are the counter jet mill, the spiral jet mill, and the oval jet mixer. In the counter jet mill, particles are ground as two air jets containing them, impact when they meet. Both jets flow on the same axis at the same velocity but in opposite direction. In the spiral jet mill, the product is injected, by means of compressed air in high-speed air stream, rotating in a circular channel. Size reduction is achieved through intensive attrition among particles. The oval jet mixer consists of an oval channel in which air and particle circulate. The incoming particles are size-reduced by the pressurized air stream at the lower part of the channel and collisions with each other. The main advantage of jet mill is contaminant free processing.
Jet Mixers (3 suppliers)
Jet Mixers/Circulators (1 supplier)
Jet Mixing (1 supplier)
Jet Nozzle (3 suppliers)
Jet Nozzle Test (1 supplier)
Jet Pipe Servo valves (1 supplier)
Jet Plug Anchors (1 supplier)
Jet Pressure Washer (3 suppliers)
Jet Pulse Filters (1 supplier)
251 to 300 of 588 results  Page: << Previous 50 Results 1 2 3 4 5 [6] 7 8 9 10 11 12 >> Next 50 Results
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