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Vacuum Chillers (15 suppliers)
Vacuum Chip Removal Systems (2 suppliers)
Vacuum Chucks (8 suppliers)
Vacuum Circuit Breakers (47 suppliers)
Vacuum Clamping (2 suppliers)
Vacuum Clamping Drives (2 suppliers)
Vacuum Clamping Pod Covers (1 supplier)
Vacuum Claw Nozzles (1 supplier)
Vacuum Cleaner Assembly (71 suppliers)
Vacuum Cleaner Bags (1 supplier)
Vacuum Cleaner Motor (7 suppliers)
Vacuum Cleaner Test Gauge (4 suppliers)
Vacuum Cleaning Machines (7 suppliers)
Vacuum Cleaning Nozzles (5 suppliers)
Vacuum Cleaning System, Industrial (27 suppliers)
Vacuum cleaning system is engineered for production lines and other dust-intensive areas. It vacuums both the coolant and the chips directly into the collection container. The metal chips and coolant are separated. The chips fall into internal chip basket, while the coolant flows through the basket directly into the collection container.
Vacuum Coaters (7 suppliers)
Vacuum Coating Fixtures (1 supplier)
Vacuum Coating Racks (1 supplier)
Vacuum Coating Stations (1 supplier)
Vacuum Coating Systems (18 suppliers)
Vacuum Cold Traps (2 suppliers)
Vacuum Collection (1 supplier)
Vacuum collection system used for dye-ablation printing process is as follows. An ablated materials collection apparatus for a laser dye ablation printing process includes a set of walls to define a vacuum chamber open towards the platen surface, a vacuum source which communicates with the vacuum chamber through an opening in the walls on the crosstrack side of the vacuum chamber away from areas of the recording element already written and on the intrack side of the vacuum chamber downstream with respect to the direction of scan. A heat source for the vacuum chamber inhibits adherence of ablated material to surfaces of the vacuum chamber, and a solvent application prevents buildup of ablated material on surfaces of the vacuum chamber. An electrostatic air cleaner and a carbon filter clean the discharge air. The wall set defines a semicylindrical end surface which substantially conforms to the cylindrical shape of the platen surface to thereby form a close fit with the platen surface such that the platen surface forms a wall of the vacuum chamber. Vacuum collection system for dirt management is as follows. A copier/printer having a transfer station for transferring images from an imaging member to copy sheets includes the improvement of removing debris from within the copier/printer by locating baffles and vacuum ports within the copier/printer to cause deposition, collection and removal of debris and other contaminants in specified locations. An electrical bias is selectively applied to at least some of the baffles to electrostatically attract the contaminants thereon. The vacuum ports are connected to a vacuum source that could operate continuously or intermittently at start-up or shutdown.
Vacuum Compatible Positioning Systems (2 suppliers)
Vacuum Components (1 supplier)
Vacuum Compressors (2 suppliers)
Vacuum Computer Controllers (1 supplier)
Vacuum Condenser (1 supplier)
Vacuum Connectors (2 suppliers)
Vacuum Contactors (4 suppliers)
Vacuum Contactors (1 supplier)
Vacuum Control Piping Systems (1 supplier)
Vacuum Control Solenoids (2 suppliers)
Vacuum Control Solenoid allows automatic vacuum control, using vacuum control module. It prevents oil back streaming into a vacuum chamber. It also prevents premature pump failure, guards against oil back streaming into the vacuum chamber and allows automated vacuum control.
Vacuum Convection Ovens (3 suppliers)
Vacuum Conveying Loaders (1 supplier)
Vacuum Conveying Systems (8 suppliers)
Vacuum Conveyor (17 suppliers)
Vacuum Coolant Exchangers (1 supplier)
Vacuum Coolers (3 suppliers)
Vacuum Cooling Tanks (4 suppliers)
Vacuum Counter (1 supplier)
Vacuum Couplers (1 supplier)
Vacuum Couplings (2 suppliers)
Vacuum Couplings are used for vacuum down to 1 x 10 -8. These are available in either machine finish or polish finish. These are used for an ion implanter for connecting any two parts of the vacuum chamber. The coupling comprises an inner sleeve of ceramic material and an outer sleeve of a polymer/litharge mixture. The coupling is particularly useful for coupling an ion source to the main housing of the vacuum chamber. These are composed of the brazed body and plunger subassemblies.
Vacuum Cryogenic Pumps Servicing (1 supplier)
Vacuum Crystallizers (5 suppliers)
Vacuum Crystallizers produce supersaturated conditions by solvent removal and cooling. A hot concentrated solution is fed to an agitated crystallization chamber maintained at low pressure. The solution boils and cools adiabatically to the boiling point corresponding to the operating pressure. The crystallization follows concentration and the product is removed from the bottom of the vessel. The heat input to produce evaporation comes entirely from the sensible heat of the feed liquor and from the heat of crystallization of the product. It produces supersaturation by the combination of cooling and concentration effects.
Vacuum Cup Adapters (2 suppliers)
Vacuum Cup Clamps (2 suppliers)
Vacuum Cup Cleaner (1 supplier)
Vacuum Cup Connectors (2 suppliers)
Vacuum Cup Grippers (2 suppliers)
Vacuum Cup Holders (3 suppliers)
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