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Diaphragm Grommets (5 suppliers)
Diaphragm grommets are made of poly vinyl chloride material. It can be used either as blanking plugs to conceal access holes, or as standard grommets by manually perforating the diaphragm for future wiring installations. Thin central film can be pierced to allow a range of different-sized wires to pass through. Generally, it is available in black color.
Diaphragm Guns (1 supplier)
Diaphragm Hand Pumps (8 suppliers)
Diaphragm Industrial Gas Compressors (2 suppliers)
Diaphragm Iris Valve (8 suppliers)
Diaphragm Leaves (1 supplier)
Diaphragm Level Switches (3 suppliers)
Diaphragm Manometers (1 supplier)
Diaphragm Meters (1 supplier)
Diaphragm Operated 2-Way Gas Valve (1 supplier)
Diaphragm Operated Double Unloading Safety Valve (1 supplier)
Diaphragm Operated Globe Valves (7 suppliers)
Diaphragm Operated Lift Check Valves (5 suppliers)
Diaphragm Operated Overflow Valve (1 supplier)
Diaphragm Operated Pressure Switches (1 supplier)
Diaphragm Operated Safety Unloading Valve (1 supplier)
Diaphragm Operated Safety Valve (1 supplier)
Diaphragm Plates (1 supplier)
Diaphragm Potable Water Supply Pumps (1 supplier)
Diaphragm Power Chucks (2 suppliers)
Diaphragm Pressure Gauges (29 suppliers)
Diaphragm pressure gauge consists of a metallic tube. This is used for actuating the indicating device. These are often used in gauges to indicate absolute pressure. These are used for the measurement of relatively low pressure up to 1 bar and vacuum. The element is evacuated sealed and mounted within a closed chamber. The pressure to be measured is admitted to the closed chamber and surrounds the diaphragm element. This is a sensitive device well suited for the measurement or detection of small differential pressures applied to each side of diaphragm. The travel of the diaphragm and the stoke available depends on the cross section and the diameter. The gauge is suitable to indicate between 10 psi and 12 psi, but not suitable to indicate between 100 psi and 102 psi
Diaphragm Pressure Gauges (30 suppliers)
Diaphragm Pressure Switches (10 suppliers)
Diaphragm Process Pumps (4 suppliers)
Diaphragm Protectors (2 suppliers)
Diaphragm Pulsation Dampeners (1 supplier)
Diaphragm Pulse Valves (2 suppliers)
Diaphragm Pump Accessories (8 suppliers)
Diaphragm Pump Handles (1 supplier)
Diaphragm Pump Products (10 suppliers)
Diaphragm Pump Repair Kit (3 suppliers)
Diaphragm Pump,Chemical Injection (2 suppliers)
A diaphragm pump uses a combination of the reciprocating action of a rubber or teflon diaphragm and suitable non-return check valves to pump a fluid. It is a positive displacement pump. It has good suction lift characteristics, some are low pressure pumps with low flow rates; others are capable of higher flows rates, dependent on the effective working diameter of the diaphragm and its stroke length. It can handle sludges and slurries with a good amount of grit and solid content.
Diaphragm Pumpout System (5 suppliers)
Diaphragm Pumps (96 suppliers)
Diaphragm pumps are classified as positive displacement pumps because the diaphragm acts as a limited displacement piston. The pump functions when a diaphragm is forced into reciprocating motion by mechanical linkage, compressed air, or fluid from a pulsating, external source. The pump construction eliminates any contact between the liquid being pumped and the source of energy. This eliminates the possibility of leakage, which is important when handling toxic or very expensive liquids.
Diaphragm Pumps (153 suppliers)
In a diaphragm pump, the reciprocating member is a flexible diaphragm of metal, plastic, or rubber. This eliminates the need for packing or seals exposed to the liquid being pumped, a great advantage when handling toxic or corrosive liquids. A diaphragm pump is a positive displacement pump that uses a combination of the reciprocating action of a rubber or teflon diaphragm and suitable non-return check valves to pump a fluid. Sometimes this type of pump is also called membrane pump. It handles small to moderate amounts of liquid, up to about 100 gal/min, and can develop pressures in excess of 100 atm. There are three main types of diaphragm pump In the first type, the diaphragm is sealed with one side in the fluid to be pumped, and the other in air or hydraulic fluid. The diaphragm is flexed, causing the volume of the pump chamber to increase and decrease. A pair of non-return check valves prevent reverse flow of the fluid. The second type of diaphragm pump works with volumetric positive displacement, but differs that the prime mover of the diaphragm is neither oil nor air; but is electro-mechanical working through a crank/ geared motor drive. The third type of diaphragm pump has one or more unsealed diaphragms with the fluid to be pumped on both sides. The diaphragms again are flexed, causing the volume to change.
Diaphragm Pumps, Air Operated (61 suppliers)
Diaphragm Pumps, Mag Drive (25 suppliers)
Diaphragm Pumps, Natural Gas Operated (1 supplier)
Diaphragm pumps are positive displacement pumps. It utilizes a combination of the reciprocating action of a rubber or Teflon diaphragm and suitable non-return check valves to pump a fluid. These are compressed air-driven pumps. The advantages of air-operated, diaphragm pumps are infinite variable speed, self-priming, sealless, and can run dry without damage.
Diaphragm Pumps, Tube (21 suppliers)
Diaphragm Regulator (1 supplier)
Diaphragm Rings (2 suppliers)
Diaphragm Rubber Sheets (6 suppliers)
Diaphragm Sampling Pumps (1 supplier)
Diaphragm Sanitary Control Valves (1 supplier)
Diaphragm Seal Assembly (3 suppliers)
Diaphragm Seal Assembly Capillary Line (2 suppliers)
Diaphragm Seal Calculation Software (1 supplier)
Diaphragm Seals (48 suppliers)
Diaphragm seals are used in flexible barrier and diaphragm to isolate a pressure sensor from the process fluid. These are an isolation devices used to separate pressure instruments from the process media. It is attached directly to the instrument and remotely by using a capillary line. It is available in different materials such as welded, clamped and capsule diaphragm seals.
Diaphragm Sensors (1 supplier)
Diaphragm Series Test Pumps (1 supplier)
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