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Heat Thermostats (8 suppliers)
Heat thermostat is an advanced digital, programmable thermostat for electric heating. Heat thermostat is a device that responds to temperature changes. When set to a desired heating level, it will control the heating system of a building to maintain that level. Some heat thermostats are combined with timers. These conserve fuel by lowering the heat setting at different times of the day. These thermostats are also available for heat pump operation. Heat thermostats have greater efficiency.
Heat Tint Removal Systems (2 suppliers)
Heat Trace Cable (23 suppliers)
Heat Trace cable is used to counteract the effects of heat dissipation from process pipe and equipment through its insulation (if any). This heat loss allows a drop in temperature, bringing about unacceptable consequences such as frozen pipes and reduced fluid viscosity. It replaces the heat lost, maintaining the desired temperature through the application of the required wattage.
Heat Trace Digital Thermostat (1 supplier)
Heat Trace Equipment (8 suppliers)
Heat Trace Heater Cables (2 suppliers)
Heat Trace Mechanical Thermostats (2 suppliers)
Heat Trace Panels (1 supplier)
Heat Trace Sensors (1 supplier)
Heat Trace/ Freeze Protection Thermostats (1 supplier)
Heat Traced Instrument Tubing Bundle (2 suppliers)
Heat Tracing (31 suppliers)
Heat Tracing Ambient Sensing Control Panel (1 supplier)
Heat Tracing Cables (21 suppliers)
Heat Tracing Controllers (4 suppliers)
Heat Tracing Design Software (2 suppliers)
Heat Tracing Design/Installation and Maintenance Services (8 suppliers)
Heat Tracing Elements & Cable (12 suppliers)
Heat Tracing Extention Panel (1 supplier)
Heat Tracing Services (11 suppliers)
Heat Tracing Temperature Sensors (3 suppliers)
Heat Transfer Analysis (24 suppliers)
Heat Transfer Cements (3 suppliers)
Heat Transfer Coils (17 suppliers)
Heat transfer coils are designed for air conditioning applications. These are available in many different types that include fluid coils, booster coils, steam coils, direct expansion coils and condenser coils.
Heat Transfer Component Repair Services (2 suppliers)
Heat Transfer Compound Packing Grease (1 supplier)
Heat Transfer Compound With Well Adapters (1 supplier)
Heat Transfer Compounds (38 suppliers)
Heat Transfer Consultants (9 suppliers)
Heat Transfer Control Equipments (5 suppliers)
Heat Transfer Convection Oven (1 supplier)
Heat Transfer Equipment (78 suppliers)
Heat Transfer Fluid Filtration System (2 suppliers)
Light Duty Casters are used in a wide variety of applications and industries. It provides the advantage of moving furniture, electronics, medical equipment carts and stands. It is also used in foodservice and institutional equipment & carts and many other applications.
Heat Transfer Fluid Heater (1 supplier)
Heat Transfer Fluid Low Flow Alarm (1 supplier)
Heat Transfer Fluid Temperature Control Systems (0 suppliers)
Heat Transfer Fluid Vaporizer System (1 supplier)
Heat Transfer Fluids (18 suppliers)
Heat Transfer Fluids are synthetic organic fluids especially designed for their non-corrosiveness when used in metallic heat exchangers. In solar heating systems, heat transfer fluids carry heat from solar heat collectors to the heat storage tanks in solar heating (and cooling) systems. The most common fluids are water, propylene, glycol, ethylene glycol and air. It is divided into two categories, namely single phase and phase-change fluids. It is used in refrigerators, air-conditioners and heat pumps.
Heat transfer Fluids (25 suppliers)
Heat transfer represents one of the most important steps in industrial processes. The subject in it broadest sense can be divided into two categories. The first is transfer of heat at temperatures well below 0° C, such as in air liquefaction plants. Heat transfer at low temperature is normally termed refrigeration and fluids involved in such cases are therefore called refrigerants. The second category involves transfer of heat at temperatures near atmospheric up to 1000 °C and above. The most common fluids applicable in this range includes air, products of combustion (flue gas) and water. The nature of the fluids involved, in particular combustion products and steam, and the urge to conserve energy, establish a strong link between simple indirect heat transfer and energy conservation.
Heat Transfer Fluids (14 suppliers)
Heat transfer fluids are used to transfer thermal energy in metal working, process heating and machine cooling uses. It transfers heat to a region closed to machinery and process equipment. Generally, it provides indirect heating and cooling and never contact with the machinery. These fluids differ in their physical properties such as viscosity, operating temperature, boiling point, flash point, and pour point.
Heat Transfer Fluids for Low temperature Applications (1 supplier)
Heat Transfer Fluids with Lighter Dose of Additives (2 suppliers)
Heat Transfer Fluids carry heat through solar collectors and a heat exchanger to the heat storage tanks in solar water heating systems.
Heat Transfer Foils (3 suppliers)
Heat Transfer Machine (11 suppliers)
Heat Transfer Media (1 supplier)
Heat Transfer Oil (13 suppliers)
Heat Transfer Oil Valves (1 supplier)
Heat Transfer Panels (4 suppliers)
Heat Transfer Plates (5 suppliers)
Heat Transfer Printing Machines (13 suppliers)
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