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Fin Brake Systems (3 suppliers)
Fin Catchers (1 supplier)
Fin catchers are used to catch the fins as they are cutoff in the fin machine. A switch activates a rod-less cylinder to lower the tray as the fins build up. When the stacks of fins are removed, a push button is pressed to raise the tray back up to catch more fins. It operates on shop air pressure.
Fin Combs (1 supplier)
Fin Cooler Bending Tools (2 suppliers)
Fin Cooler Brackets (1 supplier)
Fin Cooler Spray Tools (2 suppliers)
Fin Cooler Vice Grips (1 supplier)
Fin Coolers (2 suppliers)
Fin Fan Air Coolers (2 suppliers)
Fin Fan Heat Exchangers (1 supplier)
Fin Guards (1 supplier)
Fin Inspection Gages (1 supplier)
Fin inspection gage is used to measure and document fin height dimensions. It is used to measure on copper or aluminum fins. A digital micrometer is used to collect the data and send it to a data recorder in which it is compiled and tabulated into a read chart. This chart reads out the min and max measurements, average height and with a graphical representation of the measurements.
Fin Patterns (1 supplier)
Fin Stabilizers (3 suppliers)
Fin Stock Lube (1 supplier)
Fin Straighteners (1 supplier)
Fin Straightening Tools (2 suppliers)
Fin Traying Machines (1 supplier)
Fin traying machine is used to load aluminum fins produced on a fin mill directly into slotted trays. The trayer accepts the parts being loaded at a rate, which does not exceed 50 parts per minute.
Fin Tube Coil Radiators (1 supplier)
Fin Tube Cutting Systems (1 supplier)
Fin Tube Heat Recovery Boilers (1 supplier)
Fin Tubes (16 suppliers)
A fin tube has a core tube of lengthened transverse cross-section having rounded leading and trailing sides, opposite flat faces, and opposite open ends for flow through the tube. A plurality of fins project in opposite directions from finned areas of the opposite flat faces. The finned areas terminate short of the rounded sides of the core tube. A first internal rib extends across the interior of the core tube adjacent one rounded side and a second internal rib extends across the interior of the core tube adjacent the opposite rounded side to separate the interior of the core tube into a larger central channel between the ribs and separate side channels between each rib and the adjacent rounded side of the core tube.
Final Cleaning and Cleanroom Packaging (4 suppliers)
Final Cleaning and Clean room Packaging is specially designed to control airborne particles and meets stringent cleanliness specifications for both the medical and electronics industries. It is used to improve surface finish quality, reduced inspection time, and parts cleaned and packaged to medical and industry standards. It assures parts cleaned to exact specifications. It ensures only the purest water for cleaning and passivation applications. It cleans aerospace parts, medical devices, medical parts, military parts, instrument tubing, food handling equipment, beverage handling equipment, pumps, valves, fittings, and gauges. It provides high-purity cleaning and drying in an on-site Class 100 clean room. All parts are rinsed in hot 18 mega-ohm DI water and dried with a high-purity HEPA dryer. Parts are purged with high-purity nitrogen then packaged and sealed.
Final Cut Saw Blade (3 suppliers)
Final Drive Housing (2 suppliers)
Final Drive Hubs (1 supplier)
Final Drives (4 suppliers)
Final Filter System (3 suppliers)
Final Filtration Systems (3 suppliers)
Final Houseline Manifolds (1 supplier)
Final Inspection (6 suppliers)
Final Line Regulator Stations (1 supplier)
Final Poly Panel Filter Impregnated With Activated Carbon (2 suppliers)
Final Stage Refillable Adsorption Module (1 supplier)
Final Superheaters (2 suppliers)
Final-Inspection Bend Check Gauges (1 supplier)
Finance Function Outsourcing (2 suppliers)
Financial Planning Consultants (7 suppliers)
Financial Processing Systems (4 suppliers)
Financial Risk Optimization Services (2 suppliers)
Finder Sockets (1 supplier)
Finder-Guider-Systems (1 supplier)
Fine & Coarse Material Washers (5 suppliers)
Fine Adjustment Hydraulic Linkages (1 supplier)
Fine Atomization Full Cone Spiral Spray Nozzle (1 supplier)
Fine Blanking (4 suppliers)
Fine Bubble Aeration Systems (1 supplier)
Fine Bubble Diffused Air Systems (3 suppliers)
Fine Bubble Diffusers (3 suppliers)
Fine Bubble Disc Diffusers (2 suppliers)
3151 to 3200 of 13417 results  Page: << Previous 50 Results 60 61 62 63 [64] 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 >> Next 50 Results
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