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Rectangular Steel Tubing (8 suppliers)
Rectangular Sterilizers (2 suppliers)
Rectangular Storage tanks (2 suppliers)
Rectangular Structural Pipe (2 suppliers)
Rectangular Structural Steel Tubes (13 suppliers)
Rectangular Structural Tubing (5 suppliers)
Rectangular Suspended Magnets (1 supplier)
Rectangular T-Bar Diffusers (2 suppliers)
Rectangular Take Offs Straight (1 supplier)
Rectangular Tanks (18 suppliers)
Rectangular Tanks are designed with heavy walls for long service under severe conditions. These tanks are molded from a rigid high-density polyethylene blend. These tanks usually have a square 3-D maze of perforated baffles and braces. Rectangular tanks have the advantage of ease of construction with the simplest shape for shuttering or for assembling precast units.
Rectangular Telescoping Leveling Rods (1 supplier)
Rectangular Telescoping Mirrors (2 suppliers)
Rectangular Thermploastic Connector (1 supplier)
Rectangular Ties (1 supplier)
Rectangular Trailing Arms (1 supplier)
Rectangular Transfer Tanks (1 supplier)
Rectangular Tree Grates (1 supplier)
Rectangular Tube Bending (2 suppliers)
Rectangular Tube Configuration Economizers (10 suppliers)
Rectangular Tube Economizers (12 suppliers)
Rectangular Tubes (24 suppliers)
Rectangular Tubing (21 suppliers)
Rectangular Type Magnetic Sensors (2 suppliers)
Rectangular Valve Boxes (1 supplier)
Rectangular Valve Trays (1 supplier)
Rectangular Valves (1 supplier)
Rectangular Valves are used when the conditions of service allow low-impact velocities at high lift and when the gas is clean and non-corrosive. They provide the highest efficiency and reliable service. The rectangular valves, both feather & channel types have straight elements and are more efficient. The strips of the valves incorporate relatively high lifts. They use metal elements and can resist only moderate impact velocities and require clean & non-corrosive conditions.
Rectangular Venturi Scrubber (1 supplier)
Rectangular Water Clarifiers (5 suppliers)
Rectangular Weldable Plates (1 supplier)
Rectangular Windshield Center (1 supplier)
Rectangular Worksurfaces (1 supplier)
Rectangular Woven Wire Meshes (5 suppliers)
Rectangular-Base Flange Structural Fittings (2 suppliers)
Rectified Molded Solenoid Valve Connectors (2 suppliers)
Rectifier Banks (1 supplier)
Rectifier Diodes (18 suppliers)
Rectifier Duty Dry Type Transformers (2 suppliers)
Rectifier Duty Transformers (3 suppliers)
Rectifier Magnetic Holders (1 supplier)
Rectifier Power Transformers (2 suppliers)
Rectifier Rolls (1 supplier)
Rectifier Stacks (1 supplier)
Rectifier Transformers (29 suppliers)
Rectifier Transformers are transformers used to feed a rectifier circuit, which converts an AC current into a DC current. This is used for their power to support the current in an extreme short-circuit. It is used to step-up or step-down AC voltages for rectification and filtering.
Rectifiers (158 suppliers)
A rectifier is an electrical device that converts alternating current to direct current, a process known as rectification. Rectifier is used as component of power supplies and as detector of radio signals. Rectifier may be made of solid-state diodes, vacuum tube diodes, mercury arc valves, and various other technologies. The simplest type of rectifier circuit is the half-wave rectifier, because it only allows one half of an AC waveform to pass through to the load. Full-wave rectification converts both polarities of the input waveform to DC, and is more efficient.
Recuperative Burners (1 supplier)
Recuperative Combustion Pusher Furnace (2 suppliers)
Recuperative Oxidation (6 suppliers)
Recuperative Thermal Oxidizers (17 suppliers)
The recuperative thermal oxidizer is a thermal oxidizing system. It reduces fuel consumption by preheating the incoming air. Thin wall tubes transfer the heat from the exhaust air to the incoming air before it enters the combustion chamber. It consists of a combustion chamber with a shell and tube heat pre-heat exchanger. The high levels of destruction efficiency are achieved by the design of the system giving equal importance to three oxidation parameters such as temperature, residence time and turbulence. It recovers heat from the oxidizer exhaust and uses it to raise the temperature of the incoming process air. This reduces the energy needed to raise the VOC-laden air to combustion temperature
Recuperator Boxes (1 supplier)
Recuperator Tube Bundles (1 supplier)
3151 to 3200 of 13476 results  Page: << Previous 50 Results 60 61 62 63 [64] 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 >> Next 50 Results
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