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Dielectric Materials (1 supplier)
Dielectric Mats (1 supplier)
Dielectric Nipples (1 supplier)
Dielectric Nipples are common in the case of metal nipples, which is used were dissimilar metals occur in piping and plumbing systems. In metal nipples the rust will build up around the nipples entering the cast iron threaded or the steel coming from the other fittings, which will result in galvanic corrosion. Galvanic corrosion will happen when there is a connection between two dissimilar metals without the use of dielectric fittings. Metals have potential and each type of metal has a different potential. When you make a connection between two or more dissimilar metals using a usual metal nipple you create a potential difference, which makes one metal fitting to corrode and resulting in problem, so to solve this problem dielectric nipples will be used, which will redistribute the charge within its atoms or molecules. This redistribution can alter the shape of an electrical field both inside the dielectric medium and in the region nearby.
Dielectric Oil Purifiers (2 suppliers)
Dielectric Oils (3 suppliers)
Dielectric Packaging Systems (2 suppliers)
Dielectric Polytetra Fluoroethylene Coaxial Cable (1 supplier)
Dielectric Resin (1 supplier)
Dielectric Resonator Oscillator (2 suppliers)
Dielectric Restriction Orifice Unions (1 supplier)
Dielectric Retention Fingers (1 supplier)
Dielectric Ribbon Cables (3 suppliers)
Dielectric Ropes (2 suppliers)
Dielectric Self Supporting Fiber Optic Cable (1 supplier)
Dielectric Test Fixtures (3 suppliers)
Dielectric Test Sets (14 suppliers)
Dielectric Testers (5 suppliers)
Dielectric Unions (7 suppliers)
Dielectric Water Potential Sensor (1 supplier)
Dielectric Waterway Fittings (1 supplier)
Dielectric Wedge Dead Ends (1 supplier)
Dielectric Withstand Testing Instruments (1 supplier)
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage Blind Mate Connectors (1 supplier)
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage Multiport Contacts (1 supplier)
Dielectropherosis (1 supplier)
Dielectrophoresis is a phenomenon in which a force is exerted on a dielectric particle when it is subjected to a non-uniform electric field. This force does not require the particle to be charged. All particles exhibit dielectrophoretic activity in the presence of electric fields. However the strength of the force depends strongly on the medium and particles' electrical properties, on the particles' shape and size, as well as on the frequency of the electric field. Consequently, fields of a particular frequency can manipulate particles with great selectivity.
Dieless Crimping Tools (3 suppliers)
Diemills (1 supplier)
Dies & Metal Stamped Parts (16 suppliers)
Dies & Milling Machinery (5 suppliers)
Dies & Molds (1793 suppliers)
Dies & Prototype Casting Services (16 suppliers)
Dies & Special Tooling (33 suppliers)
Dies For Ferrule Crimp Tool (1 supplier)
Dies Stamping (23 suppliers)
Dies, Flat Knurling (2 suppliers)
Dies, Foiling (3 suppliers)
Dies, Press Tool (16 suppliers)
Dies, Rotary Foiling (1 supplier)
Dies, Rotary Hot Foil (2 suppliers)
Diesel & Gas Turbine Temperature Sensors (2 suppliers)
Diesel / Fuel Processors (1 supplier)
Diesel Adapter Capsule Injectors (1 supplier)
Diesel Adapter Injectors (2 suppliers)
Diesel Adapter Large Injectors (2 suppliers)
Diesel Adapter Pencil Injector (2 suppliers)
Diesel Air To Air Heating Systems (2 suppliers)
Diesel Analyzers (1 supplier)
Diesel analyzer is designed for engineers to optimize the performance of diesel engines. It has an user friendly software for operation in Windows™ XP environment. The advantages of this system include reduced fuel consumption, engine balancing, tuning of ignition timing, overload protection and reduced emissions. Information about the engine's operation and condition is displayed both numerically and graphically in the user-friendly software.
Diesel Bulk Storage Solutions (3 suppliers)
Diesel Caddy (1 supplier)
Diesel Calibration Testing System (1 supplier)
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