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Thermal Control Drum Heaters (1 supplier)
Thermal Couple Calibrator (1 supplier)
Thermal Couple Sheaths (1 supplier)
Thermal Crack Growth Mitigation Techniques (1 supplier)
Thermal Cure Round Rods (1 supplier)
Thermal Cure Square Bars (1 supplier)
Thermal Curtains (1 supplier)
Thermal Cut Variegated Blue Stone (1 supplier)
Thermal Cutout Units (8 suppliers)
Thermal Cutting (6 suppliers)
Thermal Cutting Equipment (7 suppliers)
Thermal Cuttings Desorption (1 supplier)
Thermal cutting desorption process applies heat to cuttings to separate and recover hydrocarbons drilling wastes. Thermal desorption is a separation and recovery process resulting in three streams: water, oil and solids. The heating volatilizes liquid and the vapors are cooled and separated into water and oil phases. The water phase is used to cool and return moisture to the solid stream; the oil phase can be recovered and made into a new drilling-fluid system or used as a fuel source, while the solids could be disposed of or reused. Energy consumption for this treatment option are based on generator fuel consumption, processing rate of the thermal desorption equipment and burners fuel consumption. For thermal desorption equipment that do not utilize burners to generate heat such as hammer mill technology, the equivalent fuel used by a generator to drive the rotor is used for simplicity.
Thermal Cycling (4 suppliers)
Thermal Cycling Modules (1 supplier)
Thermal Cycling Systems (2 suppliers)
Thermal Deaeration (1 supplier)
Thermal deaeration is used to remove oxygen and carbon dioxide from boiler water in order to reduce corrosion on pipes and components. When mechanical deaeration (atomization) is not possible, it is recommended to heat the feedwater to 90°C or as high a temperature as practical followed by the addition of an oxygen scavenger to the feedwater. There are various deaerators, some operate at temperatures above 100°C.
Thermal Deburring (7 suppliers)
Thermal Degreaser Indexing Ovens (1 supplier)
Thermal Deletion Pen (1 supplier)
Thermal Delivery Crate (2 suppliers)
Thermal Demand Printers (1 supplier)
Thermal Desalination Plants (1 supplier)
Thermal Design for Power Plants (10 suppliers)
Thermal Design of Heat Exchangers (20 suppliers)
Thermal design of heat exchangers using HTFS and HTRI (4 suppliers)
Thermal Desorber Sampling System (1 supplier)
Thermal Desorption (3 suppliers)
Thermal Desorption Equipment (1 supplier)
Thermal Desorption Systems (1 supplier)
Thermal Desorption Tubes (1 supplier)
Thermal Detectors (2 suppliers)
Thermal Devices (5 suppliers)
Thermal Diffusivity and Conductivity (2 suppliers)
Thermal Direct & Thermal Transfer Labels (6 suppliers)
Thermal Dispensers (1 supplier)
Thermal Dispersion Flow Meter (2 suppliers)
Thermal Dispersion Flow Switches (3 suppliers)
Thermal Dispersion Flow Transmitters (2 suppliers)
Thermal Dispersion Gas Mass Flow Meters (2 suppliers)
Thermal Dispersion Switch (1 supplier)
Thermal dispersion switch provides a two-wire, intrinsically safe circuit between the probe and remote din rail enclosure. This switch is suitable for liquid or gas flow, level, or interface detection using the thermal dispersion technology. Using thermal dispersion technology, it detects heat transfer, which reduces the temperature difference between the sensors. The electronics compare the electrical signal from the sensor against the set point and provide a relay actuation.
Thermal Doors (2 suppliers)
Thermal Ducting Services (2 suppliers)
Thermal Dynamics Plasma Cutting Equipment (1 supplier)
Thermal Dynamics Pulse Controllers (1 supplier)
Thermal Energy Audit (3 suppliers)
Thermal Energy Control Systems (2 suppliers)
Thermal Energy Machining (1 supplier)
Thermal Energy Solutions (5 suppliers)
Thermal Energy Storage Tanks (1 supplier)
Thermal Engine Cleaning (1 supplier)
3351 to 3400 of 14579 results  Page: << Previous 50 Results 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 [68] 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 >> Next 50 Results
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