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Laboratory Fume Hoods (18 suppliers)
Laboratory Furnaces (23 suppliers)
Laboratory Furniture (4 suppliers)
Laboratory Gas Analyzer (2 suppliers)
Laboratory Gas Atomizer (1 supplier)
Laboratory Gas Atomizer features 5 to 50 pound vacuum induction melting, gas atomization & VIM ingot production facilities, tap temperatures up to 3,350 oF and capability to atomize & screen powder under a continuous inert atmosphere.
Laboratory Gas Standard Generators (3 suppliers)
Laboratory Glass Equipment (79 suppliers)
Laboratory Glassware (105 suppliers)
Laboratory glassware is made of glass material for laboratory use. This type glassware includes flasks, funnels, burette, beakers, stoppers, and tubes. A bottle is a rigid container having a narrow neck and usually no handle. A beaker is a simple restricted vessel with high height-to-orifice diameter ratios. A burette is a glass tube with a small hole and stopcock for delivering measured quantities of liquid or for measuring the liquid received or discharged.
Laboratory Gravity Separators (5 suppliers)
Laboratory Grinders (2 suppliers)
Laboratory Heat Sealer (2 suppliers)
Laboratory Heat Sealer is designed for development work in determining the sealing properties and characteristics of plastic and laminated materials. The heat sealer is electrically heated and temperature controlled with adjustable sealing pressure, controlled by a timer. Sealing bars are covered with Teflon for non-stick to use easy. Sealing is initiated by two push buttons powering a pneumatic cylinder to lower the upper sealing bar to seal. The timer will determine the length of time that the sealing bars in contact and the sealing pressure is adjustable by a regulator. It is used to precisely control the parameters essential in determining the heat seal threshold. It is especially suited for flexible packaging materials and features accurate control of temperature, pressure and dwell time of a standard surface area sealing jaw.
Laboratory Heating Tapes (4 suppliers)
Laboratory Hoods (3 suppliers)
Laboratory hoods are designed specifically for laboratories, classrooms, and light duty applications where safe ventilation is required. These are comprised of the hood itself and a sash, which is the front panel of the hood that can be opened and closed to maximize access and minimize airflow. It is typically constructed of epoxy-coated steel.
Laboratory HVAC (1 supplier)
Laboratory Hydraulic Presses (1 supplier)
Laboratory Immersion Scanners (1 supplier)
Laboratory Incubators (36 suppliers)
Laboratory Instruments (339 suppliers)
Laboratory Isostatic Presses (2 suppliers)
Laboratory Jaw Crushers (13 suppliers)
Laboratory Loss-in-Weight Feeders (1 supplier)
Laboratory Measuring Equipment (27 suppliers)
Laboratory Microscopes (14 suppliers)
Laboratory Mills (4 suppliers)
Laboratory Mixers (32 suppliers)
Laboratory mixers are all of the planetary beater type, where the flat beaters rotate in the opposite direction to the orbit around the inside of the mixing bowl. This ensures that the mixing is thorough and uniform. The mixers have a direct gear drive transmission that may be set for three speeds with a control lever. A hand lever is used to raise, lower and lock the bowl at the desired position. Adjustment is allowed for proper clearance between the bowl and the beater.
Laboratory Mixing Extruder (1 supplier)
Laboratory Mixing Systems (5 suppliers)
Laboratory Mixing Systems provide industry-leading quality when it comes to mixing. Digital controls ensure consistent speed, even during abrupt viscosity changes. Keyless chucks, pass-through shaft design, and our Free-JointTM swivel mount allow operators to quickly and easily change shafts or adjust mixing height without moving the motor or blend. They offer automatic raising and lowering action (reciprocating) to expedite mixing through improved efficiency. With high viscosities or deep containers, unmixed ring regions are eliminated. Rotational direction can be changed with the touch of a button or can be controlled automatically with several versions. Using these features in conjuction with diagonal blades will further assist in providing the most consistent homogeneity.
Laboratory Muffles (1 supplier)
Laboratory Nitrogen Gas Generators (12 suppliers)
Laboratory Noise Components (3 suppliers)
Laboratory Ovens (29 suppliers)
Laboratory Packaging Testing (3 suppliers)
Laboratory Pass Thru Refrigerators (1 supplier)
Laboratory Pilot Lines (1 supplier)
Laboratory Piston Extruders (2 suppliers)
Laboratory Plate Grinding Mill Crushers (3 suppliers)
Laboratory Platen Presses (1 supplier)
Laboratory Plating Hoods (2 suppliers)
Laboratory Power Supply Repair (10 suppliers)
Laboratory Precision Balances (16 suppliers)
Laboratory Presses (9 suppliers)
Laboratory Pressure Gauges (2 suppliers)
Laboratory Probe Station (2 suppliers)
Laboratory Products (6 suppliers)
Laboratory Refrigerators (12 suppliers)
Laboratory Refurbishment (2 suppliers)
Laboratory Regulators (1 supplier)
Laboratory RF Amplifiers (1 supplier)
Laboratory Robots (1 supplier)
Laboratory Safety Cans (4 suppliers)
301 to 350 of 10204 results  Page: << Previous 50 Results 1 2 3 4 5 6 [7] 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 >> Next 50 Results
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