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Thermal Heat Pipe Manikins (1 supplier)
Thermal Heat Pump (2 suppliers)
Thermal Heat Transfer Equipment (11 suppliers)
Thermal Hinge Cover (1 supplier)
Thermal Imager (35 suppliers)
Thermal Imager collects infrared radiation emitted by an object and then displays a visual image in the imager itself or on a monitor. The thermal imager does not emit beams or rays but only passively collects infrared radiation emitted by the object being observed. The thermal imager improves the systems ability to engage anti-ship cruise missiles by providing more accurate angle tracking information to the fire control computer. The performance of a thermal imager is frequently defined by minimum resolvable temperature difference. The thermal imager operates over a wavelength range of 8-12 micrometer and is cooled by a stirling cycle cooler.
Thermal Imager for Building Inspectors (1 supplier)
Thermal Imager for Industrial Maintenance (2 suppliers)
Thermal Imager for Motors (1 supplier)
Thermal Imager for Pipework (1 supplier)
Thermal Imager for Plumbers (1 supplier)
Thermal Imager for Process Control (2 suppliers)
Thermal Imager for Research and Development (1 supplier)
Thermal Imager for Water Damage Inspection (1 supplier)
Thermal Imager Hard Cases (1 supplier)
Thermal Imager Pistol Grip Units (1 supplier)
Thermal Imager Truck Mount Systems (1 supplier)
Thermal Imaging Camera for Architects (2 suppliers)
Thermal Imaging Camera for Leak Detection (2 suppliers)
Thermal Imaging Camera for Ships (3 suppliers)
Thermal Imaging Camera for Surveys (3 suppliers)
Thermal Imaging Camera System (5 suppliers)
Thermal Imaging Cameras (55 suppliers)
Thermal imaging camera is a compact, durable and light weight hand-held camera. It is used for fire service, police, security, hazmat and industrial applications. It collects the input of a wide variety of end users. That input called for a simple to operate, cost-effective tool that provides clear and crisp thermal imaging. It is used for heat loss, disbanding tiles, locating hidden structures, air leakage, and subsurface roof moisture, peeling plaster and moisture in wall. There are many other building applications with the use of a thermal imaging camera.
Thermal Imaging Equipment (10 suppliers)
Thermal Imaging Infrared Camera (8 suppliers)
Thermal Imaging Media (7 suppliers)
Thermal imaging media has a color-forming layer with a high glass transition temperature, and at least one diffusion-reducing layer. It has the advantage over conventional silver halide media of not requiring a post-exposure developing step. This is essentially insensitive to visible light, so that this can be handled under normal lighting conditions.
Thermal Imaging Navigation System (1 supplier)
Thermal Imaging of Compressors (12 suppliers)
Thermal Imaging of Electrical Equipment (4 suppliers)
Thermal Imaging of Fans (9 suppliers)
Thermal Imaging of Pumps (3 suppliers)
Thermal Imaging Services (28 suppliers)
Thermal Imaging Training (1 supplier)
Thermal Imaging Windows (1 supplier)
Thermal Imaging, Rental (2 suppliers)
Thermal Impact Module (1 supplier)
Thermal Impulse Sealers (2 suppliers)
Thermal Incinerators Systems (2 suppliers)
Thermal Industrial Direct Steam Injection Heater (1 supplier)
Thermal Ink Jet (1 supplier)
Thermal Ink Jet Imaging Media (1 supplier)
Thermal Insulated Pallets (2 suppliers)
Thermal Insulated Wall Claddings (2 suppliers)
Thermal Insulating Blankets (4 suppliers)
Thermal Insulating Sheet (3 suppliers)
Thermal Insulation (92 suppliers)
Thermal insulation refers to materials used to reduce the rate of heat transfer, or the methods and processes used to reduce heat transfer. Heat is transferred from one material to another by conduction, convection and/or radiation. Insulators are used to minimize the transfer of heat energy. In home insulation, the R-value is an indication of how well a material insulates. Reflectors are used to reduce radiative heat transfer. Many different materials can be used as insulators. Many organic insulators are made from petrochemicals and recycled plastic. Many inorganic insulators are made from recycled materials such as glass and furnace slag.
Thermal Insulation Adhesive Tapes (2 suppliers)
Thermal Insulation Blankets (3 suppliers)
Thermal Insulation Boards (6 suppliers)
Thermal Insulation Coatings (5 suppliers)
Thermal Insulation Covers (2 suppliers)
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