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Thermal Recuperative Solvent Incinerators (1 supplier)
Thermal Relief Valves (19 suppliers)
Thermal Remotes (1 supplier)
Thermal Remotes transmits 12 Vdc power and signals to/from any input device. All signals are transmitted through the air gap and converted to a 4-20mA-output signal.
Thermal Ribbon Refill Rolls (2 suppliers)
Thermal Ribbons (23 suppliers)
Thermal Roll Cage Covers (2 suppliers)
Thermal Roll Cage Liners (1 supplier)
Thermal Rolled Labels (3 suppliers)
Thermal Sand Dryers (1 supplier)
Thermal Sand Reclaimers (2 suppliers)
Thermal Sand Reclamation (3 suppliers)
Thermal Screening Units (1 supplier)
Thermal Sealings (1 supplier)
Thermal Sensor Switch Sockets (1 supplier)
Thermal Sensors (2 suppliers)
Thermal Shield Drum Warmer (1 supplier)
Thermal Shock Chambers (10 suppliers)
Thermal Shock Resistant Flooring (2 suppliers)
Thermal Shock Testing (9 suppliers)
Thermal shock testing involves exposing a package or product to extreme temperatures to determine its resistance to sudden changes in temperature. These tests are appropriate for products designed to withstand abrupt changes in temperature over a short period. This test might be desirable for products moving from a warm warehouse into a cold ambient temperature or for aircraft parts. The package or product undergoes a pre-determined number of cycles during which it is exposed to extremely high temperatures and then extremely low temperatures immediately afterwards. After the final cycle has been performed, the package or product is inspected for damage, loss of integrity and loss of performance or functionality. This testing detects latent product flaws by stimulating defects at the lowest level of assembly, before they reach your customer. This testing is designed for testing electrical, automotive, and military components.
Thermal Shock Testing Equipment (2 suppliers)
Thermal Shock Treatment for Feedwater (9 suppliers)
Thermal Shroud (1 supplier)
Thermal Shut Off Valve (2 suppliers)
Thermal shut off valve is used to protect personnel, analyzers and sampling components from high temperature gases or liquids. The sensor/actuator is directly exposed to the sample providing quick reaction time. It is suitable for system pressures up to 4400 psi. Totally mechanical design requires no electricity and air or hydraulics.
Thermal Signal Flasher (1 supplier)
Thermal Sleeving (2 suppliers)
Thermal Solar Heat Transfer Solutions (1 supplier)
Thermal Spray Aluminum Metallizing (3 suppliers)
Thermal Spray Booth (5 suppliers)
Thermal Spray Coatings (31 suppliers)
Thermal spray coating features include lamellar grain structure ensuing from the rapid solidification of small globules. It is flattened from striking a cold surface at high velocities. It is used in carbon, glass fiber reinforced polymers and composite substrates. It provides a corrosion protection for iron and steel.
Thermal Spray Equipment (27 suppliers)
Thermal spray equipment accelerates the dispersion of heated coating material from a spray torch towards a work piece. The deposited material forms a coating on the surface. It is used to apply molten or softened particles to a cold surface at high velocities. Its parameters, which should be considered while selecting the equipment that include coating density, bond strength, degradation during the coating process, substrate heating, surface finish, wear and corrosion resistance of the finished product. It is used to protect engineering components from harsh conditions such as extreme temperatures and exposure to corrosive substances. In combustion wire thermal spraying, a wire or rod is melted in a flame and sprayed towards the work piece.
Thermal Spray Metal Powders (3 suppliers)
Thermal Spray System (3 suppliers)
Thermal Spray Tips (1 supplier)
Thermal Spray Zinc Metallizing (2 suppliers)
Thermal Sprayed Coatings: Metals and Ceramics (43 suppliers)
Thermal Spraying Extraction Systems (1 supplier)
Thermal Spraying Services (10 suppliers)
Thermal Sprays, Alloys (17 suppliers)
Thermal Storage and Air Conditioning Systems (3 suppliers)
Thermal Storage Ball (0 suppliers)
Thermal Storage Radiant Heating Mats (1 supplier)
Thermal Storage Systems (3 suppliers)
Thermal Storage Systems are accomplished through sensible heat storage or as latent heat storage. Thermal storage systems are classified as full storage systems or partial storage systems. In full storage systems, the equivalent of the entire cooling or heating load energy for the design day is stored in the storage off-peak and used during the following peak period. In partial storage systems, only a portion of the daily load is generated during the preceding off-peak period and stored. These systems use electrical energy to cool some storage media at off-peak hours, and then use the cooling capacity of the media during on-peak hours. They also allow the chiller load to be shifted to times when electrical energy is inexpensive. Thermal storage systems remove heat from or add heat to a storage medium for use at another time.
Thermal Strain Relief Cartridge Thermostats (1 supplier)
Thermal Stress Monitoring Systems (1 supplier)
Thermal Stress Restrained Specimen Tests (1 supplier)
Thermal Stresses in Heat Exchangers (8 suppliers)
Thermal Stripper Blades (3 suppliers)
Thermal Suppression Services (1 supplier)
Thermal Surface Coating (22 suppliers)
Thermal Surfacing Powders (1 supplier)
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