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UV Photometric Ozone Analyzers (1 supplier)
UV Portable Flame Detector Test Lamps (1 supplier)
UV Protection Canopies (1 supplier)
UV Pure Ultraviolet Light System (2 suppliers)
UV Purifiers and Sterilizers (14 suppliers)
UV Radiometers (3 suppliers)
UV Reactive Sleeving (1 supplier)
UV Reactors (1 supplier)
UV Resistance Linings (5 suppliers)
Ultraviolet light is the light at shorter wavelengths than visible light, past the violet end of the spectrum. The thickness of the lining material is also a factor in UV resistance. In exposed lining materials, a thickness over 40 mil (1.0 mm) is usually recommended for long term UV resistance. In materials where the strength is provided by a fabric, an opaque coating of typically 0.4 mm on each side is required to prevent UV degradation of the fabric's strength.
UV Resistant Coatings (2 suppliers)
UV Resistant Industrial Grade Label Tapes (1 supplier)
Uv Resistant Liquid Tight Electrical Conduit (1 supplier)
Uv Resistant Liquid Tight Electrical Tubing (1 supplier)
UV Resistant Protective Pipeline Tapes (1 supplier)
UV Resistant Rigid Resin Slat Walls (1 supplier)
UV Resistant Tubing (2 suppliers)
UV Resistant Tubing is ideal for virtually any permanent or temporary chemical transfer application. UV resistant tubing combines suppleness and flexibility with resistance to a wide range of chemicals. Black in color, it is resistant to ultraviolet light, ozone and weathering, making it ideal for many outdoor applications. Standard inventoried sizes of these tubing have sufficient wall thickness to block transmission of all UV light. It shows exceptional resistance to strong acids and many alkalies. The flexibility of ultraviolet resistant tubing makes it quick and easy to put into service, providing considerable savings on installation time and cost. UV-resistant tubing is an innovation that will ensure the light sensitive solutions that patients receive are protected from UV exposure with a minimal disruption in clinical practice and workflows.
UV Robotic Curing Systems (2 suppliers)
UV Room Air Purifiers (7 suppliers)
UV Safety Kit (1 supplier)
UV Screen Exposure System (2 suppliers)
UV Sensors (5 suppliers)
UV Shields (1 supplier)
UV Stabilized Cable Ties (1 supplier)
UV Stabilizers (1 supplier)
UV Stable Modified Polyolefin Type Adhesive Latex (2 suppliers)
UV System Replacement Cartridge (1 supplier)
UV Systems (21 suppliers)
UV system is designed to protect potable drinking water sources from occasional intrusion of microbiological contamination. High doses of ultra violet light energy at a wavelength of 254 nanometers controls microbes by disabling their reproductive process. This is a positive alternative to using environmentally harmful chemicals.
UV Transilluminators (3 suppliers)
UV transilluminators use ultraviolet radiation to visualize proteins, DNA, RNA, and their precursors in a gel electrophoresis procedure. Allowable exposure time for these instruments is less than 20 sec within 15 cm, less than 35 sec within 25 cm, and less than 2 min within 50 cm from the UV-transilluminators' filter surface. It is also used for visualizing fluorescence-stained gels. They are also used for cutting samples.
UV Treatment for HVAC Coils (1 supplier)
UV Tunnel (1 supplier)
UV Under-Counter Water Filtration Systems (2 suppliers)
UV Visible Spectrometry (2 suppliers)
UV Visible Spectrophotometers (3 suppliers)
UV Water Purification Systems (16 suppliers)
UV Water Treatment Systems (15 suppliers)
UV/Aqueous Circulators (1 supplier)
UVC Germicidal Lamps (6 suppliers)
UVC Germicidal Light (3 suppliers)
UVC Germicidal Replacement Lamps (1 supplier)
UVC Room Air Purifiers (2 suppliers)
UVIR Optical Detector (1 supplier)
UVS Metering Cables (1 supplier)
UVS Metering Cables are multiconductor cables, which designed specifically for outdoor metering applications. They are semi-flexible and suitable for AC or DC use in dry or wet locations, They are used as aerial cables, installed in conduit or troughs. The feature includes conductors, insulation, conductor jacket, circuit identification and surface marking.
UWB Antenna (1 supplier)
UWB Development Kits (1 supplier)
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