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Refraction Delay Time Solutions (1 supplier)
Refraction Systems (2 suppliers)
Refractive Synchronization Communicatiions System (1 supplier)
Refractomer (0 suppliers)
Refractometers (57 suppliers)
Refractometer is an optical instrument used to measure the index of refraction of a substance or some physical property of a substance that is directly related to its refractive index. Certain types of refractometers can be used for measuring gases, liquids, and even transparent or translucent solids such as gemstones. It can also be used to determine the identity of an unknown substance based on its refractive index, to assess the purity of a particular substance, or to determine the concentration of one substance dissolved in another.
Refractories Glass & Ceramics Testing (3 suppliers)
Refractory (54 suppliers)
Refractory (73 suppliers)
Refractory Anchor Ferrules (3 suppliers)
Refractory Anchors (14 suppliers)
Refractory Asphaltic Membrane (14 suppliers)
Refractory Balls (0 suppliers)
Refractory Bed Material Fire Bricks (5 suppliers)
Refractory Bed Materials (2 suppliers)
Refractory Butterfly Valves (1 supplier)
Refractory Cans (1 supplier)
Refractory Castables (20 suppliers)
Refractory Coatings (6 suppliers)
Refractory coating is a layer of refractory material used to insulate or to isolate a kiln wall from the effects of gases of kiln shelving from the fluxing of bodies and glazes. It is usually administered as thin slurry painted on the surface and called flint wash, zircon wash, aluminum oxide wash. The choice of refractory depends upon the type of protection required.
Refractory Coatings (14 suppliers)
Refractory coating is a thermal barrier coating. It is made of refractory material.
Refractory Contractor (22 suppliers)
Refractory Dies (2 suppliers)
Refractory Drills (1 supplier)
Refractory Dry Out Services (2 suppliers)
Refractory Dry-Off Belt Ovens (1 supplier)
Refractory Drying (8 suppliers)
Refractory Drying (7 suppliers)
Refractory Engineering (4 suppliers)
Refractory Faced Electrodes (1 supplier)
Refractory Ferrules (0 suppliers)
Refractory Fiber Block (1 supplier)
Refractory Fiber Ladles (1 supplier)
Refractory Fiber Spoons (1 supplier)
Refractory Fixings (2 suppliers)
Refractory Fixings and Anchors (4 suppliers)
Refractory Flex Mesh (0 suppliers)
Refractory Headered Membrane (9 suppliers)
Refractory Hex Mesh (0 suppliers)
Refractory High Temp Insulating Materials (2 suppliers)
Refractory Inert Ceramic Balls (3 suppliers)
Refractory Inspections (2 suppliers)
Refractory Installation Equipment (12 suppliers)
Refractory Installation Equipment (12 suppliers)
Refractory Insulation (4 suppliers)
Refractory Lined Cyclones (1 supplier)
Refractory Lined Expansion Joints (3 suppliers)
Refractory Lined Transfer Piping (1 supplier)
Refractory Materials (72 suppliers)
Refractory Materials (72 suppliers)
Refractory Metal Faced Tips (2 suppliers)
Refractory Metals and Alloys (25 suppliers)
Refractory metals are metals that have resistant to heat, wear, and corrosion. These are used in lighting, tools, lubricants, nuclear reaction control rods, as catalysts, and for their chemical or electrical properties. These are characterized by their extremely high melting points, which range well above those of iron and nickel. The five refractory metals are tungsten, molybdenum, niobium, tantalum and rhenium. Physical properties of refractory metals, such as molybdenum, tantalum and tungsten, their strength, and high-temperature stability make them suitable material for hot metalworking applications and for vacuum furnace technology.
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