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Fire Protection Insulation (7 suppliers)
Fire Protection Master Planning (1 supplier)
Fire Protection Pillows for Making Fire Barriers (3 suppliers)
Fire Protection Pressure Reducing Valves (2 suppliers)
Fire Protection Pressure Relief Valves (2 suppliers)
Fire Protection Pump Suction Control Valves (3 suppliers)
Fire Protection Safety Training (21 suppliers)
Fire Protection Services (61 suppliers)
Fire Protection Structural Cladding (4 suppliers)
Fire Protection Suits (9 suppliers)
Fire Protection Systems (284 suppliers)
Fire Protection Systems Contractors (38 suppliers)
Fire Protection Tanks (4 suppliers)
Fire Protection Valves (12 suppliers)
Fire protection valves are designed for use in air conditioning systems and in addition to fire protection. These valves also have a ventilation function. It can be used for both air supply and extract applications. The volume flow rate can be adjusted via the two-position control unit. The valves are fixed into the wall with bayonet fixing and catch device to prevent accidental release.
Fire Protection Ventilation (4 suppliers)
Fire Protection Water Cisterns (2 suppliers)
Fire Protection Water Storage Systems (2 suppliers)
Fire Protection, Design & Engineering (50 suppliers)
Fire Protective Coatings (5 suppliers)
Fire Protective Coatings for Cables (2 suppliers)
Fire Protective Coatings for Structural Steel (1 supplier)
Fire Protective Duct Wrap (2 suppliers)
Fire Protective Signaling Circuits (1 supplier)
Fire Pump Accessories (2 suppliers)
Fire Pump Controllers (8 suppliers)
Fire Pump Drive Unit (2 suppliers)
Fire Pump Engines (2 suppliers)
Fire Pump Hose Kits (1 supplier)
Fire Pump Monitoring System (2 suppliers)
Fire Pump Monitors (2 suppliers)
Fire Pump Motors (1 supplier)
Fire Pump Systems (4 suppliers)
Fire Pump Systems, Horizontal (1 supplier)
Fire Pump Systems, Vertical (4 suppliers)
Fire Pump Test Kits (1 supplier)
Fire Pump Test Meter (1 supplier)
Fire Pumps (82 suppliers)
Fire Pump is a water pump designed specifically for pumping water to sprinkler systems. The pump size is about 750-gpm capacity. They have two-stage pumps which have two impellers mounted on a single shaft. These have a capability of operating in a series mode through the use of a transfer valve. These are usually powered by an electrical motor and require the installation of an emergency generator. This pump becomes active when the pressure in the fire sprinkler system drops below a threshold. The pressure drops in the sprinkler system significantly when one or more sprinkler heads are exposed to heat above its design temperature. The sprinkler head releases and water discharges. The fire pump provides additional water pressure to the sprinkler system. These pumps are used in high-rise buildings. They are also used in warehouses and facilities that do not have adequate city water pressure.
Fire Pumps and Foam Systems (25 suppliers)
Fire Rakes (1 supplier)
Fire Rated Above Ground Horizontal Storage Tanks (1 supplier)
Fire Rated Access Panels (8 suppliers)
Fire Rated Acoustic Doors (11 suppliers)
Fire Rated Cables (1 supplier)
Fire Rated Doors (28 suppliers)
Fire Rated Double Leaf Door Systems (2 suppliers)
Fire Rated Enclosure (3 suppliers)
Fire Rated Extinguisher Cabinets (4 suppliers)
Fire Rated FRP Doors (11 suppliers)
Fire Rated Grids (2 suppliers)
Fire Rated Hazmat Storage Buildings (1 supplier)
3851 to 3900 of 13417 results  Page: << Previous 50 Results 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 [78] 79 80 >> Next 50 Results
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