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Vibratory Plate Compactors, Rental (5 suppliers)
Vibratory Plate Compactors feature Mikasa engine, 3350 centrifical force, 5800 exciter speed, 3600 engine RPM, 13.7 QT removable tank and 163 lbs. This compactor is designed for the effective compaction of granular soils and asphalt.
Vibratory Plates (5 suppliers)
Vibratory Plows (6 suppliers)
Vibratory Pneumatic Compactors (3 suppliers)
Vibratory Polishers (5 suppliers)
Vibratory Prefeeders (1 supplier)
Vibratory Probes (1 supplier)
Vibratory probe is also called as terra probe, which consists of a vibrodriver coupled to an open-ended steel tubular probe of 760mm diameter and 15mm length. The vibrodriver activises the probe to vibrate in the vertical direction and imparts impulse normally at 15 Hz with 10 to 25 mm amplitude. This vibration enables the vertical pipe to penetrate the loose material. The probe is sunk to the desired depth and held for 30 to 60 seconds before extraction. A spacing of 1 to 3m is generally adopted. The square pattern is followed with a fifth probe at the center of each square to achieve an increase of densification, instead of adopting a reduced spacing. Sometimes a water jet may be used to help easy penetration of the probe for sites where the water table is deep but the operation of jet has to be stopped during withdrawl. This technique is considerably faster than the vibroflotation procedure.
Vibratory Ring Mills (1 supplier)
Vibratory Roll Attachments (2 suppliers)
Vibratory Roller Pad Foot (2 suppliers)
Vibratory Roller Smooth Drum (1 supplier)
Vibratory Rollers (17 suppliers)
Vibratory Scale Feeders (1 supplier)
Vibratory Screed (5 suppliers)
Vibratory Screed is hand operated by a single finisher in order to strike off, tamp and smooth freshly poured concrete using perimeter slab forms or curbs. Vibratory screed comprises of an elongated vibrated screed beam delimited by a flat underside, a first longitudinal side, a second longitudinal side & a top and a vibratory assembly for bringing the vibrated screed beam into vibration. This vibratory screed includes two pneumatic vibrators and the adjustable oscillating screed.
Vibratory Screen Separators (2 suppliers)
Vibratory Screen Separators are used for size separation of powders, granules of mineral, chemical and food materials. These separators can help automate vibratory process. This is done by developing a system to separate the parts of various sizes from each other and from the media and placing them in separate containers. This machine requires less space, gives higher output, consumes less power and requires minimum maintenance. Maximum of five separations are possible simultaneously. Each separation is available at different outlets. The position of each outlet can be set as required by customer at site at any angle.
Vibratory Screeners (12 suppliers)
Vibratory screeners are quite common in dry product handling applications. This screener yields good separation of contaminants that are of a different dimension from the product. A vibratory screener is essentially a series of round horizontal screens that are stacked vertically within a frame assembly. The screen sizes are chosen based on the particle size characteristics of the desired product, and the screens will be stacked, from top to bottom, by decreasing-sized holes. In most applications each screen has a vertical post through its geometric center that fits into a welded bushing and consists of a threaded bolt possessing a washer and nut. The tension of the screen is adjusted via tightening or loosening of the nut.
Vibratory Screening Units (1 supplier)
Vibratory Screens (29 suppliers)
Vibratory Screen is used to separate wood chips prior to aerated curing. Vibratory screens are flat or inclined surfaces that separate material by vibration. The principle of a vibratory screen lies in the application of a vibratory movement normal to a flat sieve surface.
Vibratory Separators (6 suppliers)
Vibratory Shaker Discharge Units (1 supplier)
Vibratory Shakers (3 suppliers)
Vibratory Soil Compactors (6 suppliers)
Vibratory Soil Plate Compactors (3 suppliers)
Vibratory Sorters (2 suppliers)
Vibratory Spiral Conveyors (2 suppliers)
Vibratory Spreading Feeders (1 supplier)
Vibratory Spring Feeding System (1 supplier)
Vibratory Storage Hoppers (4 suppliers)
Vibratory Stress Relief Equipment (1 supplier)
Vibratory Stress Relieving (4 suppliers)
Vibratory Stress Relieving Machines (1 supplier)
Vibratory Tables (7 suppliers)
Vibratory Tables (8 suppliers)
Vibratory Tracking (1 supplier)
Vibratory Transporters (1 supplier)
Vibratory transporters are suitable for moving scrap, parts, and sorting product applications. It is designed for a high quality low maintenance module that holds trays. Its features include operates with minimal noise, most convenient installation using magnets on bottom of base and unique spool valve of vibratory feeder module provides smooth operating action.
Vibratory Tray Feeders (3 suppliers)
Vibratory tray feeders consist of a tray that moves rapidly back and forth to meter material into a process. As the tray vibrates, each particle is thrown up and forward from one point on the tray and drops down at a point farther along the tray. Primary components in a vibratory tray feeder are the tray, a drive unit, and a spring system between the tray and the drive unit. The tray's receiving end is mounted under a supply hopper outlet, and the discharge end is located above receiving equipment.
Vibratory Truss Screeds (1 supplier)
Vibratory Tub Batch Systems (4 suppliers)
Vibratory Tub Finishers (3 suppliers)
Vibratory Tub Finishers are ideal for batch processes of large parts, small quantities, or part-on-part applications. The offset drive and larger cross-section increases amplitude and accelerates finishing. It provides provide maximum usable volume within a small footprint. This allows efficient processing of large parts while minimizing media consumption. Complete unloading of mass is optional by adding pneumatic unload doors, external screeners and media return systems. This facilitates batch integrity.
Vibratory Tube Feeders (1 supplier)
Vibratory Tubs (2 suppliers)
Vibratory tub is constructed of heavy steel and welded structure. The tub is stress relieved and grit blasted to prevent fatigue. Tub gussets are of one-piece construction and attached to the tub with continuous welds. The discharge of media from the vibratory tub is by means of plug type doors at the end of the tub. An adjustable quick acting door lock secures the doors. Removable drains are located at the bottom of the vibratory tub for constant discharge of exhausted compound.
Vibratory Tumbler Bowls (1 supplier)
Vibratory Tumbler Finishing Systems (1 supplier)
Vibratory Tumbler Lids (1 supplier)
Vibratory Tumbler With Drains (1 supplier)
Vibratory Tumblers (8 suppliers)
Vibratory Waste Tanks (1 supplier)
Vibratory Wheels (1 supplier)
Vibro - Feeders (8 suppliers)
Vibro-Feeders are ideal for metering and conveying a wide range of powder & granular materials. The applications include batch weighing and accurate & consistent feed to screens and mixing equipment. They are suitable for transport or hopper discharge respectively for the dosing of a variety of bulk over short or medium distances.
Vibro - Separators (6 suppliers)
Vibro Separators are circular gyratory screens used to separate solids from solids and liquid from solid. It consists of specially designed motor mounted vertically at the center of the base plate of the screen.
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