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Jib and Gantry Cranes (35 suppliers)
Jib Arms (2 suppliers)
Jib Crane - Electric (15 suppliers)
Jib Cranes (229 suppliers)
Jib crane is the crane, which picks up the load by a trolley that travels on the bottom flange of the boom and carries a chain hoist. The hoist can be either electric or manually operated. Upon lifting the load, the boom rotates around the crane's stationary column and lowers the object to the desired location. These two operations, travel of the trolley and rotation of the jib are frequently performed manually. Jib cranes require little planning from the pre-engineered building designer. Floor mounted jib cranes do not depend on the building super structure for support and bear on their own foundations whereas column mounted jib cranes on the other hand requires strength & stiffness from the building super structure.
Jib Cranes, Enclosed Track (2 suppliers)
Jib Cranes, Free Standing Swing (6 suppliers)
Jib Cranes, Post Mounted (5 suppliers)
Jib Cylinder Pins (1 supplier)
Jib Cylinder Rod Pins (1 supplier)
Jib Guards (1 supplier)
Jib Magnets (1 supplier)
JIC Female Hose Ends (1 supplier)
JIC Fittings (3 suppliers)
JIC Flare Fittings (1 supplier)
Jiffy Box Chassis (1 supplier)
Jig and Fixture Component, CNC Milling (9 suppliers)
Jig and Fixture Component, CNC Turning (9 suppliers)
Jig Bore Style Reamers (2 suppliers)
Jig Bore Tool Holders (1 supplier)
Jig Bores (1 supplier)
Jig Boring (25 suppliers)
Jig Boring & Grinding (7 suppliers)
Jig Boring Tools (5 suppliers)
Jig Design Software (1 supplier)
Jig Drilled Fittings (2 suppliers)
Jig Dyeing Machines (2 suppliers)
Jig Grinders (13 suppliers)
Jig Grinding (73 suppliers)
Jig Heat Sink Compound Jar (1 supplier)
Jig Latch Bolts (2 suppliers)
Jig Rest Buttons (1 supplier)
Jig Saw Blades (25 suppliers)
Jig Transit Units (1 supplier)
Jig Washer Chains (1 supplier)
Jigs & Fixtures (130 suppliers)
Jigs & Fixtures in Titanium, Tantalum, Nickel, Zirconium, Niobium and their alloys (995 suppliers)
Jigs and Fixtures (7139 suppliers)
Jigs and fixtures are production-workholding devices used to manufacture duplicate parts accurately. A jig is a special device that holds, supports, or is placed on a part to be maintained. It is a production tool that guides the cutting tool as the operation is performed. A fixture locates, holds, and supports the work securely so the required machining operations can be performed. Set blocks and feeler or thickness gauges are used with fixtures to reference the cutter to the workpiece. Jigs are divided into two general classes: boring jigs and drill jigs. Boring jigs are used to bore holes that are too large to drill. Drill jigs are used to drill, ream, tap, counterbore, or reverse countersink. Drill jigs are divided into two general types, open and closed. Open jigs are for simple operations where work is done on only one side of the part. Closed jigs are used for parts that must be machined on more than one side.
Jigs Manufacturer (2 suppliers)
Jigs, Fixtures Pad Printing (2 suppliers)
Jigsaw Blade Set (4 suppliers)
Jigsaw Kit (5 suppliers)
Jigsaw Puzzle Dies (2 suppliers)
Jigsaws & Blades (25 suppliers)
JIS Flanges (3 suppliers)
JIS Vessels (6 suppliers)
Job Buckets (1 supplier)
Job Management Software (2 suppliers)
Job Scheduling Software (2 suppliers)
Job Shop Brush Plating Services (1 supplier)
Job Site Radio Cordless (1 supplier)
351 to 400 of 588 results  Page: << Previous 50 Results 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 [8] 9 10 11 12 >> Next 50 Results
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