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Pharmaceutical Grade Resins (1 supplier)
Pharmaceutical grade resins are used for specialty applications such as heavy metal removal and decolourisation. Its applications include taste masking, sustained release, tablet disintegration, drug stabilization, and treatment of Hyperkalaemia.
Pharmaceutical Grade Silicone Hose (5 suppliers)
Pharmaceutical Grade Tanks (2 suppliers)
Pharmaceutical Labels and Lidding (5 suppliers)
Pharmaceutical Liquid Fillers (3 suppliers)
Pharmaceutical Machinery (190 suppliers)
Pharmaceutical Magnets (1 supplier)
Pharmaceutical Metal Detectors (1 supplier)
Pharmaceutical Package Testing (3 suppliers)
Pharmaceutical package testing can be regarded as a two part process. Package testing system should include package integrity (leak) testing and seal strength testing, two complementary but very different procedures. Both testing modes are important for final package analysis. The tm electronics bt-1000 automated package tester provides seal strength and package integrity testing in one instrument, and also provides the documentation necessary for the packaging process validation and control. In order to produce acceptable packaging on a daily basis and throughout a determined shelf life validation, it is important to evaluate the strength characteristic. The microbial barrier properties of the package materials and design must be evaluated after exposure to the environmental and dynamic stresses expected for the finished package. Several methods may be used to satisfy these requirements. They involve evaluating the material performance itself and the whole, finished package as produced on the packaging line. In order to maintain the sterility of a packaged product until it reaches its point of end use, the package must have a microbial barrier in its post-sterilization environment. The manufacturer must demonstrate that, under the rigors of distribution, storage, handling, and aging, the sterile package integrity is maintained at least for the claimed shelf life of the medical device or product.
Pharmaceutical Packaging (24 suppliers)
Pharmaceutical Packaging Equipment (27 suppliers)
Pharmaceutical Plant Tanks (2 suppliers)
Pharmaceutical Pressure Gauges (1 supplier)
Pharmaceutical Process Equipment (67 suppliers)
The design of the pharmaceutical process equipments should be suitable for its intended use, the cleaning and the maintenance of the equipment. The materials used in the construction of the equipment that comes in to contact with the drug product and its components must be compatible with the drug manufacturing process, the cleaning and sanitation processes. Cleaning, sanitization and sterilization must be required for these equipments. Cleaning means removal of containment residues from product contact surfaces of equipment. Containment residues include residuals from drug products, residues from cleaning agents or other general types of contamination like grease, oil and dirt. Sterilization and sanitization deal with the removal of microorganisms from the product contact surfaces of the equipment. The difference between sterilization and sanitization is that sterilization refers to total elimination of all living organism while sanitization refers to a reduction in the number of living organism.
Pharmaceutical Reactors (1 supplier)
Pharmaceutical Rotary Labeling Systems (3 suppliers)
Pharmaceutical Seal Bottle Cappers (3 suppliers)
Pharmaceutical Shrink Bundlers (1 supplier)
Pharmaceutical Spray Dryers (4 suppliers)
Pharmaceutical stability Storage Rooms (1 supplier)
Pharmaceutical stability Storage Rooms offer precise temperature control and precision humidity control for materials that are in development, clinic, or commercially manufactured. It provides exact humidity and temperature control for product testing. It is rigidly designed, mapped, and validated to comply with government-regulated pharmaceutical and biotechnology storage requirements. Each of stability rooms is continuously monitored with software, with remote paging for immediate response to alarm conditions. A complete back-up conditioning system is on site and an automatic emergency generator provides redundant facility power to ensure the integrity of stored material. It is solution for outsourcing your environmental test chamber needs and shelf-life rooms for pharmaceuticals, to meet both FDA requirements and the ICH stability storage guidelines. It is used for accelerated storage testing and intermediate storage conditions for pharmaceutical or biotech storage. All chambers and rooms are mapped and feature full pharmaceutical and biotech industry validation.
Pharmaceutical Sterilizers (3 suppliers)
Pharmaceutical Temperature Sensors (1 supplier)
Pharmaceuticals Vessels (2 suppliers)
Pharmacy Freezers (2 suppliers)
Phase & Ground Distance Relay (1 supplier)
Phase Adjust Gearheads (1 supplier)
Phase Adjusting Hubs (1 supplier)
Phase and Ground Overcurrent Relay (1 supplier)
Phase Angle Controllers (3 suppliers)
Phase Angle Fired SCR Power Controls (1 supplier)
Phase Angle Multimeters (3 suppliers)
Phase Angle Proportional Controls (1 supplier)
Phase Angle Transducer (2 suppliers)
Phase Angle Transducers (1 supplier)
Phase Angle Transmitters (1 supplier)
Phase Angle Voltmeter Instrument Driver (1 supplier)
Phase Angle Voltmeters (4 suppliers)
Phase Behavior Systems (1 supplier)
Phase Change Cooling Vests (2 suppliers)
Phase Change Heatsinks (1 supplier)
Phase Change Thermal Interface Materials (1 supplier)
Phase Changer (4 suppliers)
Phase Compressor Protectors (1 supplier)
Phase Contrast Microscopes (3 suppliers)
Phase Control Discs (1 supplier)
Phase Control Relays (1 supplier)
Phase Control Studs (1 supplier)
Phase Converter Kit (6 suppliers)
Phase Converters (51 suppliers)
Phase Detection Systems (4 suppliers)
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