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Phase To Ground Connection Transformers (2 suppliers)
Phase Transfer Catalysts (2 suppliers)
A phase transfer catalyst is a type of chemical compound. It is a quaternary ammonium salt, which facilitates the migration of a particular chemical component in one phase into another phase in a heterogeneous system. The chemical component is soluble in one phase but insoluble in the other unless the phase transfer catalyst is present. A phase transfer catalysts works by encapsulating the ion. The PTC-ion system has a hydrophilic interior containing the ion and a hydrophobic exterior. Crown ethers are also efficient phase transfer catalysts.
Phase Unbalance Monitor (4 suppliers)
Phase Under Voltage Monitoring Relay (4 suppliers)
Phase Voltage Monitors (11 suppliers)
Phase Voltage Relays (7 suppliers)
Phase Watcher Multiphase Flowmeter (1 supplier)
Phase-Over-Phase Side Break Switch (1 supplier)
Phase-Shifting Rectifier Transformer (2 suppliers)
Phase-Shifting Stroboscopes (3 suppliers)
Phase-shifting stroboscope contains dual-function delays in external mode. Delays adjustable as phase angle or time - resolution to 0.01° and 0.0001 seconds. An auto flash intensity maximizes brightness through entire range. The non-volatile memory stores and recalls three full settings & last measurement. Auto blanking allows use of standard optical sensors in most applications without flash re-triggering. It operates continuously from internal rechargeable batteries or line power.
Phased Array Flaw Detectors (2 suppliers)
Phased Array Digital Flaw Detectors (1 supplier)
Phased Array Immersion Scanners (1 supplier)
Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing Services (1 supplier)
Phased Development and Freeze Gate Process (1 supplier)
Phaser Scrubber (1 supplier)
Phasing Systems (1 supplier)
Phasing Tester (3 suppliers)
Phasing Voltmeter Tester (1 supplier)
Phasor Measurement Unit (1 supplier)
Phasor Measurement Units (1 supplier)
Phasor Systems (1 supplier)
Phenoilic Base (1 supplier)
Phenol Analyzer Systems (1 supplier)
Phenol Formaldehyde Plant (1 supplier)
Phenolic (9 suppliers)
Phenolic Base Mortar (3 suppliers)
Phenolic Canvas Wheels (3 suppliers)
Phenolic Canvas Wheels are industry standard performer. It is made from heavy weave canvas duck, impregnated with phenolic resin. It is molded under high pressure and temperature. Its hardness is comparable to polished maple flooring. It is used for smooth concrete or wood floors, and storage (standing) loads without permanent set. It rolls easily, quietly and protects the floor. It resists shock, water and oil. It has roller bearings.
Phenolic Case Process Gauges Copper Alloy (1 supplier)
Phenolic Coated Steel Baskets (1 supplier)
Phenolic Coating Services (2 suppliers)
Phenolic Coatings (2 suppliers)
Phenolic coatings are chemical resistant coatings used where low pH and higher temperatures are present. Phenolic coatings are used for electrical insulation, impregnating varnishes, and chemical-resistant coatings. The phenolic coatings used to protect the steel of railway tanks during the shipment of concentrated sulpuric acid.
Phenolic Counters (1 supplier)
Phenolic Flat Washers (2 suppliers)
Phenolic Foam Insulation (1 supplier)
Phenolic Gauges (1 supplier)
Phenolic Glides (1 supplier)
Phenolic Insulation (1 supplier)
Phenolic Insulators (1 supplier)
Phenolic Keyboard Tray (1 supplier)
Phenolic Laminates (4 suppliers)
Phenolic Lined Steel Drums (1 supplier)
Phenolic Machining (1 supplier)
Phenolic Micro Balloons (1 supplier)
Phenolic Plates (2 suppliers)
Phenolic Pointer Knobs (1 supplier)
Phenolic Position Tubes (1 supplier)
Phenolic Rear Swivel Casters (1 supplier)
Phenolic Resin Caster (1 supplier)
Phenolic Resin Diamond Tooling Systems (1 supplier)
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