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Lighting Control Panels (23 suppliers)
Lighting control panel is a combination of remote operated circuit breakers and a microprocessor-based controller. It reduces energy costs by programming lights to turn off during unoccupied periods. Users can also save space and installation costs by removing the need for external control cabinets, wiring relays and time clocks.
Lighting Control Software (2 suppliers)
Lighting Controllers (47 suppliers)
Lighting Controls (226 suppliers)
Lighting Controls Systems (73 suppliers)
Lighting control system is a device, typically embedded processor or industrial computer that controls electric lights for a building or residence. They usually include one or more keypads or touch panel interfaces. These interfaces allow users to toggle power to lights and fans, dim lights and program lighting levels. A major advantage of a lighting control system is the ability to control any device from any interface. In fact, any light might be controlled from any location. In addition, this system provides the ability to automatically power a device based on programming events such as chronological time, astronomical time, room occupancy, events, alarm conditions as well as program logic. Variable lighting control systems are currently used with only incandescent and fluorescent lamps. They offer infinite levels based on the availbale sunlight.
Lighting Conversion Kits (4 suppliers)
Lighting Correction Services (7 suppliers)
Lighting Design (106 suppliers)
Lighting Disconnects Transformer (5 suppliers)
Lighting Efficiency Checks (0 suppliers)
Lighting Equipment (1019 suppliers)
Lighting Equipment Rentals (1 supplier)
Lighting Equipment Testing Instruments (2 suppliers)
Lighting Equipment, Construction Site (1 supplier)
Lighting Equipment, Gardens (10 suppliers)
Lighting Equipment, Low Voltage (8 suppliers)
Lighting Equipment, Naval Applications (1 supplier)
Lighting Equipment, Safety (1 supplier)
Lighting Equipment, Waterproofed (1 supplier)
Lighting Evaluation Kit (22 suppliers)
Lighting Fittings (45 suppliers)
Lighting Fixtures (1404 suppliers)
Lighting Fixtures & Ceiling Fans (27 suppliers)
Lighting Fixtures & Furniture (14 suppliers)
lighting fixtures with electronic ballast (2 suppliers)
Lighting Fixtures, Hazardous Location (73 suppliers)
Lighting Fixtures, Industrial (211 suppliers)
Lighting Fixtures, Portable (157 suppliers)
Lighting Flashers (8 suppliers)
Lighting Fluorescent Tubes (2 suppliers)
Lighting Gas (5 suppliers)
Lighting Installation (14 suppliers)
Lighting Integrator Panel Enclosures (1 supplier)
Lighting Kit (108 suppliers)
Lighting Lead Wire (6 suppliers)
Lighting Lenses (2 suppliers)
Lighting Lenses/Louvers (6 suppliers)
Lighting Load Energy Saver (10 suppliers)
Lighting Load Energy Saver is a micro controller based thyrister controller for power saving on lighting loads. This unit saves power wasted on lighting loads like discharge lamps without appreciable loss of illumination. It improves the efficiency of discharge lamps. The unit applies the exact required voltage to the lighting loads with out any flicker and causes reduction in power consumption. The feature includes lightweight system, digital control of set point voltage, auto regulation of output voltage and sensitive electronic overload protection.
Lighting Luminaries (35 suppliers)
Lighting Maintenance Services (18 suppliers)
Lighting Metal Pressings (8 suppliers)
Lighting Modules (3 suppliers)
Lighting Override Switches (1 supplier)
Lighting Panel Expansions (1 supplier)
Lighting Panelboards (6 suppliers)
Lighting Plastics (7 suppliers)
Lighting Poles (58 suppliers)
Lighting Poles, Concrete, Steel, Fiberglass (34 suppliers)
Lighting Reflectors (14 suppliers)
Lighting Relays (1 supplier)
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