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Medical Grade Elastomers (1 supplier)
Medical Grade ELI Titanium Components (6 suppliers)
Medical Grade Isolation Transformers (8 suppliers)
Medical Grade Isolation Transformers know as transformers used in medical devices as well as hospital, biomedical and patient care equipment. It is designed so that all layers of the insulation can pass the thickness and high potential voltage tests required by the standard. There are number of strict safety rules, guidelines and laws governing the design, construction and test of these transformers. There are generally two types of isolation, one that relies on safety ground and other that relies on double or reinforced insulation. A transformer that relies on safety ground uses a basic isolation between the primary and the safety shield and shield to secondary. This shield has to be thick to be able to meet required tests in the safety standard.
Medical Grade Polyester Braided Silicone Components (2 suppliers)
Medical Grade Sealers (2 suppliers)
Medical Grade Silicone Hose (4 suppliers)
Medical Grade Transfer Adhesive (1 supplier)
Medical Grade UPS (1 supplier)
Medical Hose (1 supplier)
Medical Implants (5 suppliers)
Medical Impulse Sealers (1 supplier)
Medical Injection Molds (12 suppliers)
Medical Laser Welding Systems (3 suppliers)
Medical Load Cells (2 suppliers)
Medical load cells are used in a wide range of delicate fluid-monitoring applications including blood transfusions, kidney dialysis, and blood donation. In such applications, the load cells ensure that the amount of fluids entering, leaving, or being replaced in the body are being started, stopped, or recirculated at the right time and in the proper dosage or ratios. If the cell is used inside a machine integrated with another medical device for monitoring, standard packaging materials such as stainless steel and anodized aluminum are used. If it is in contact with the human body or with fluids, special autoclavable stainless steel or disposable sensors can be used. It is also used for mechanical measurements such as bed-weight monitoring. By affixing load cells to hospital beds, the beds could effectively transmit accurate patient weight to a handheld instrument. Typically four load cells, one under each leg of the bed, fed data to a junction box that was connected to a related instrument or controller.
Medical Oil Free Compressors (1 supplier)
Medical Oil Lubricated Compressors (1 supplier)
Medical Oxygen Gases (35 suppliers)
Medical Oxygen Grade Molecular Sieves (2 suppliers)
Medical Prototypes (36 suppliers)
Medical Rescue Skid Units (1 supplier)
Medical Robot Assemblies (1 supplier)
Medical Rotary Vacuum Pump (2 suppliers)
Medical Scales (7 suppliers)
Medical Scroll Compressors (1 supplier)
Medical Scroll Multiplex Compressors (1 supplier)
Medical Scroll Multiplex Packages (1 supplier)
Medical Seal Dies (1 supplier)
Medical Sealing Fixtures (1 supplier)
Medical Services (94 suppliers)
Medical Silicone Tubing System (2 suppliers)
Medical Springs (1 supplier)
Medical Table Top Blister Sealers (2 suppliers)
Medical Tray Casting (2 suppliers)
Medical Tray Sealers (2 suppliers)
Medical Tubes (5 suppliers)
Medical tubes are used to detect persistent chemical directly on a wounded person's skin. It is fitted to the nose of the AP2C in place of the sampling nozzle. Fitting the tube does not cause any change in the AP2C display range, thus allowing the detection of very low levels of contamination. The tube is made of Torlon (r). It is a neutral material, which does not absorb toxic substances.
Medical Tubing (19 suppliers)
Medical tubing is made from a variety of materials and typically sterilized and is small in diameter. It is used in catheters and other medical devices that are inserted into a patient's cardiovascular system. The tubes with larger inner diameter provide doctors and other medical personnel with more room to insert tools or deliver drugs. It is extruded and braided over with wire or polymer. An outer jacket is extruded over the braiding and the tube is drawn through a hot die to fuse the different layers together. The use of lubricious inner layers produces medical tubing into which doctors and other medical personnel can slide guide wires. The inner layer can also serve as a barrier between the outer material and substances traveling through the tube. It is usually expressed in inches. Rated pressure, which is measured in pounds per square inch (psi), is the short term burst pressure at 75° F.
Medical Vacuum Gas Sealers (1 supplier)
Medical Valve Components (2 suppliers)
Medical Waste Disposal System (7 suppliers)
Medical Waste Grinder Shredder (2 suppliers)
Medical Waste Incinerators (12 suppliers)
Medical Waste Management (4 suppliers)
Medical Waste Sterilizer (2 suppliers)
Medical Winding Machines (1 supplier)
Medium & Heavy Duty Flex Arms (1 supplier)
Medium / High Pressure Gas Meters (2 suppliers)
Medium Alligator Clips (1 supplier)
Medium and High Efficiency MINI Pleat Rigid Filters (2 suppliers)
Medium and High Voltage Fuses (1 supplier)
Medium Angle Grinders (1 supplier)
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