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Radial Growth Test (1 supplier)
Radial growth test is conducted for quantifying diametrical or radial growth of high RPM rotating parts. The forces on rotating parts grow alarmingly fast as rotational speed increases in any high speed rotating equipments. This can lead to substantial diametrical growth, which must be taken into consideration during the design, particularly, if touching a nearby stationary component is possible. It is a recent test done for a high-speed motor manufacturer. This test helps the customer's engineers to balance the flux density, manufacturing tolerances and material selections to optimize the motor/stator air gap.
Radial Heat Sinks (1 supplier)
Radial Inflow Expansion Turbines (1 supplier)
Radial Inflow Turbine (9 suppliers)
Radial Inflow Turbines are used in turbochargers with capacities up to about 1000 HP. It has a nozzle to direct the flow of gases to turbine wheel at the best possible angle. The incoming fluid usually passes through a set of nozzles that cause the fluid to swirl and thereby entering the turbine rotor at the proper relative velocity. The flow then continues through the rotor where it continues to expand and impart energy to the rotor. The fluid then leaves the rotor near the rotational centerline. The blade angles at the rotor exit are designed to remove exit swirl as the fluid leaves the machine. This minimizes the energy in the exhaust flow thereby increasing the turbine efficiency. In some designs the inlet nozzles are replaced with an inlet scroll sized to provide the swirl to the rotor. The most common application for the radial inflow turbine is the exhaust driven turbocharger used on internal combustion engines.
Radial Insert Ball Bearings (7 suppliers)
Radial Jet Aerator (1 supplier)
Radial jet aerators allocate jets uniformly around the circumference of a central, pressurized, tank type chamber. The jet manifold is used in large scale applications, and the radial aerators are limited to smaller scale biological processes utilizing circular tanks. It is used for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment.
Radial Lead Resistors (3 suppliers)
Radial Lead Varistors (1 supplier)
Radial Leaded Devices (1 supplier)
Radial Leaded Inductors (1 supplier)
Radial Leaded NTC Precision Thermistor (1 supplier)
Radial Leaded Varistors (2 suppliers)
Radial Lip Seal Dynamic Seals (1 supplier)
Radial Lip Seal Force Indicator (1 supplier)
Radial Lip Seals (1 supplier)
Radial Load Idler Bushings (1 supplier)
Radial Lock-Up Tab Band Heaters (1 supplier)
Radial Matrix Starch Washing Systems (2 suppliers)
Radial Motor Pumps (1 supplier)
Radial Mount Calipers (1 supplier)
Radial Mount Sets (1 supplier)
Radial Offset Cams (1 supplier)
Radial Oil Scraper Rings (1 supplier)
Radial Passenger Tire Assembly Systems (5 suppliers)
Radial Piston Air Motor Systems (2 suppliers)
Radial Piston Motors (8 suppliers)
Radial Piston Pump (14 suppliers)
Radial Play Gages (1 supplier)
Radial Pole Grinding Magnets (1 supplier)
Radial Pole Round Electro Permanent Magnetic Chuck (2 suppliers)
Radial Pole Turning Magnets (1 supplier)
Radial Proximity Probe Transmitter (1 supplier)
Radial Rear Tires (3 suppliers)
Radial Receiving Hoppers (1 supplier)
Radial Remotes (1 supplier)
Radial Riveting & Forming Machines (2 suppliers)
Radial Seal O-Ring (2 suppliers)
Radial Seal Pullers (3 suppliers)
Radial Sector Plate Adjusters (1 supplier)
Radial Sector Plate Assemblies (1 supplier)
Radial Self Centreing Jaw Grippers (1 supplier)
Radial Shaft Seals (8 suppliers)
Radial shaft seals are used to seal rotary elements, such as shaft or rotating bore. The common of these shaft seals include strut seals, hydraulic pumps seals, axle seals, power steering seals, and valve stem seals. The seal construction consists of a sprung main sealing lip, which has a point contact with the shaft. The point contact is formed by two angles, with the air side angle usually less than the oil side angle. Depending on the seal type these two angles are varied to create a pressure distribution at the seal contact point, which has a steeper slope on the oil side of the seal.
Radial Single Inlet Fans, Low Power (1 supplier)
Radial Slewing Ring Bearings (1 supplier)
Radial Socket Weld Tools (1 supplier)
Radial Spare Parts (1 supplier)
Radial Spherical Bearings (1 supplier)
Radial Spherical Plain Bearings (2 suppliers)
Radial Stacker Conveyors (5 suppliers)
Radial Stackers (21 suppliers)
401 to 450 of 13476 results  Page: << Previous 50 Results 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 [9] 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 >> Next 50 Results
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