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Virtual Private Network Modules (4 suppliers)
Virtual Prototyping (9 suppliers)
Virtual prototyping is the process of using a virtual prototype, in lieu of a physical prototype, for test and evaluation of specific characteristics of a product design. It is known as simulation-based-design, refers to the iterative design refinement of a designed product using a computer-based functional physical simulation. It is rapidly gaining importance as the engineering practice of choice to aid rapid product development and shorten the design cycle. The enabling trends for the adoption and rapid proliferation of the virtual prototyping methodology include: ubiquitous availability of low-cost PC-based parametric simulation/analysis tools and integration of multi-physics simulations into a unified environment.
Virtual Reference Station System (1 supplier)
Virtual Tape Drives (1 supplier)
Virtual Transducer Electronic Data Sheet (TEDS) Sensors (1 supplier)
Virtualization Data Recovery Services (3 suppliers)
Virtualization Management (2 suppliers)
Virtually Seamless Siding (0 suppliers)
Virus Scanners and Removal Tools (3 suppliers)
Virus/Spyware/Malware Solutions (1 supplier)
Viscera Cutter (2 suppliers)
Viscera Inspection Table (1 supplier)
Visco Fluid Meters (1 supplier)
Viscoelastic Damper (1 supplier)
Viscoelastic Damper Tapes (1 supplier)
Viscoelastic Process Systems (1 supplier)
Viscoelastic Process Systems have vacuum vessel with heating jacket. It has variable speed agitator and 200 gallon working capacity. These have high efficiency bottom turbine, polished SS316 vessel and wetted parts. It has thermowell and digital temperature display, glass view port & view port light proof. It consists of vacuum pump and controls, elevated working platform, product drain system & product packaging components. They have 4 pitched blades mid turbine, axial flow, polished and hot oil heating jacket of 75 psig. It has 2 insulation, shell and bottom, rated 1200 degrees F & inside coated with plasmadize up to 002″ min.
Viscometer Funnels (1 supplier)
Viscometer: Portable (18 suppliers)
Portable Viscometer is small, battery-operated rotational viscometers suitable for quick & reliable tests and comparative measurements for quality control applications. Portable viscometer are used in conjunction with a belt mounted computer, for making field viscosity measurements and for taking samples of various liquids such as paint mixes, asphalt cements, liquid asphalts, asphalt & emulsions. A portable viscometer includes an instrument body having an electrical control circuit and sensor probe for immersion into a fluid to be analyzed.
Viscometers (22 suppliers)
Viscometers (18 suppliers)
Viscometers are used for measuring the viscosity and flow properties of fluids. It measures the force required to rotate a disc or hollow cup immersed in the specimen fluid at a predetermined speed. It measure viscosity in a wide range of centipoise (cp) for a variety of industrial and laboratory applications. The four-digit LCD ensures easy reading of both centipoise (cp) or millpascal seconds (mPaS), as well as percent torque, and speed. Display also shows spindle number. Choose the low-range models (15 to 2,000,000 cp) to measure low-viscosity materials such as oils, solvents, paints, and coatings. Choose the medium-range models (100 to 13,000,000 cp) to measure medium-viscosity materials such as sauces, adhesives, creams, and varnishes. Choose high-range models (800 to 104,000,000 cp) to measure high-viscosity materials such as epoxies, gels, and tars. Just flip a switch and turn a dial to set the speed and spindle code. Each model has 18 selectable rotational speeds, plus a set of standard spindles. Adjust rotational speed and spindle type to measure the desired centipoise range
Viscosifiers (12 suppliers)
Viscosifiers are organic water-soluble polymers. They are used at low concentrations and provide viscosity & in some cases gel strength and fluid loss control in a variety of waters & brines and facilitate the maintenance of low-solids muds. These viscosifiers are used in shampoos and bath products. The viscosifiers provide viscosity at low temperatures without building progressive gel strengths with increasing temperature.
Viscosity Analyzer Systems (3 suppliers)
Viscosity Compensating Flowmeter & Switch (2 suppliers)
Viscosity Controller (5 suppliers)
Viscosity Cups (3 suppliers)
Viscosity cups measure the time required for a given volume of adhesive to flow through an orifice in the bottom of a metal cup containing an accurately known volume of material. It is used to measure the thickness or fluidity of the mixed materials, usually paint. The process of flow through an orifice can often be used as a relative measurement and classification of viscosity.
Viscosity Determination Controllers (1 supplier)
Viscosity Index improvers (2 suppliers)
Viscosity Measuring Equipment (13 suppliers)
Viscosity of Lubricants (6 suppliers)
Viscosity Sensing Instrument (5 suppliers)
Viscosity Standard Fluids (1 supplier)
Viscosity Timer (2 suppliers)
Viscosity Tubes (3 suppliers)
Viscotesters (1 supplier)
Viscous Limited Slip Differential (1 supplier)
Viscous Mixers (1 supplier)
Viscous Pumps (14 suppliers)
Viscous Rotational Damper (1 supplier)
Viscous Speed Governors (2 suppliers)
Viscous Speed Governor provides consistent speed control through 360 of rotation, in both directions. It controls rotary motion.
Vise Action Latches (1 supplier)
Vise Grip Locking C-Clamps (2 suppliers)
Vise Grip Locking C-Clamps is powerful locking mechanism. It has jaws open wide is used to provide greater versatility in clamping a wide variety of shapes. Adjusting screw is used for exacting pressure. It protective swivel pads prevent damage to soft materials. Wide-opening jaws provide greater versatility in clamping a variety of shapes. It turns screw to adjust pressure and fit work. It is constructed of high-grade heat-treated alloy steel for maximum toughness and durability. It provides guarded release trigger quickly unlocks and protects from accidental release.
Vise Grip Locking Pliers (1 supplier)
Vise Grip Pliers (1 supplier)
Vise Grip Pliers has a non-slip rubberized grip which enables to get more pressure with less hand fatigue. The adjusting screw allows getting exacting pressure and has a jaw range up to 2-7/8 inches. The wire cutter allows cutting and stripping wire. IRWIN tools are made of only the finest materials, manufactured to exacting tolerances. It includes non slip rubberized grip, convenient wire cutter, long nose jaws. It has adjusting screw which is used to exact pressure. Guarded release helps keep work safe and fast. It provides increase comfort and leverage. No-slip rubberized material reduces vibrations and hand fatigue Clamshell. It is designed for numerous purposes and requires different jaw configurations to grip, turn, pull, or crimp a variety of things. It is tool common to many dexterous trades and occupations. Pliers also include jaws for cutting.
Vise Grips (2 suppliers)
Vise Handles (1 supplier)
Vise Jaw Die Insert Systems (1 supplier)
Vise Jaws (2 suppliers)
Vise Mount Plates (1 supplier)
Vise Mounting Kits (1 supplier)
Vise Plate (1 supplier)
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