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Semi Bulk Silos (0 suppliers)
Semi Centrifugal Humidifier Units (2 suppliers)
Semi Circular Butterfly Damper (1 supplier)
Semi Circular Vibrating Feeders (3 suppliers)
Semi Conductor Detailing and Finishing Services (1 supplier)
Semi Conductor Insulator (1 supplier)
Semi Contact Speed Switch (2 suppliers)
Semi Continuous Tube Puller (1 supplier)
Semi Dry Flue Gas Scrubbing Systems (3 suppliers)
Semi dry flue gas scrubbing systems use a spray dryer, coupled with either a precipitator or a fabric filter for a combined acid gas and particulate removal system.
Semi Electric Stacker (9 suppliers)
Semi Elliptical Heads (1 supplier)
Semi Finished Chucking Reamers (1 supplier)
Semi Finished CNC Stub/Screw Reamers (1 supplier)
Semi Finished Dura Lap (1 supplier)
Semi Finished Expansion Chucking Reamers (1 supplier)
Semi Flush Mount Magnetic Door Holder (2 suppliers)
Semi Flush Slitting Saw Holders (1 supplier)
Semi Frameless Enclosures (1 supplier)
Semi Hermetic Air Cooled Chillers (2 suppliers)
Semi Hermetic Reciprocating Compressors (24 suppliers)
Semi Hermetic Screw Compressors (2 suppliers)
Semi Hermetic Water Cooled Chiller (2 suppliers)
Semi High Speed Drives (1 supplier)
Semi High Speed Saw Blades (3 suppliers)
Semi Instantaneous Water Heaters (1 supplier)
Semi Live Skid Jack (1 supplier)
Semi Mounted Conventional Plows (1 supplier)
Semi Passive Heat Transfer Systems (2 suppliers)
Semi Pneumatic Casters (3 suppliers)
Semi Pneumatic Hydraulic Rig (1 supplier)
Semi Pneumatic Wheels (3 suppliers)
Semi Portable Extinguishers (1 supplier)
Semi Precision Cut Off Machines (1 supplier)
Semi Recess Extender (1 supplier)
Semi Relief Oval Cutters (2 suppliers)
Semi Relief Taper Cutters (2 suppliers)
Semi Rigid Cables (1 supplier)
Semi Rigid Gas Risers (1 supplier)
Semi Rigid Guide Conduits (1 supplier)
Semi Spherical Support Buoys (2 suppliers)
Semi Submersible Pump (2 suppliers)
Semi Synthetic Coolants (2 suppliers)
Semi Synthetic Grease (15 suppliers)
Semi Tankers (3 suppliers)
Semi Welded Gasketed Plate Heat Exchangers (2 suppliers)
Semi Welded Heat Exchangers (8 suppliers)
Semi-welded plate heat exchanger is a welded plate heat exchanger designed specially for handling aggressive media. The semi-welded plate pack consists of welded channels, which alternate with traditional casketed channels. It is typically used for heating and cooling of petrochemicals, cooling of sulphuric acid, evaporation and condensing in refrigeration plants.
Semi-adjustable Rectangular Boxes (1 supplier)
Semi-Aqueous Cleaners (1 supplier)
Semi-Aqueous Cleaners are a group of cleaning solutions composed of natural or synthetic organic solvents, surfactants, rust inhibitors and other additives. The term semi-aqueous refers to the use of water in some part of the cleaning process, such as washing, rinsing, or both. In general, they have a good ability to remove heavy grease, waxes and tar. Their low surface tension allows them to penetrate small spaces. Some also have low vapor pressure and thus have low volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions. Depending on the type of cleaner, adverse effects will vary; some may be toxic to aquatic life, others are highly flammable or need rinsing and drying.
Semi-Aqueous Emulsion Cleaners (2 suppliers)
Semi-Aqueous Emulsion Cleaners contain non-chlorinated solvents along with emulsifiers and inhibitors. Since they contain non-volatile materials, a rinse is essential. Many semi-aqueous cleaners are flammable and some have worker exposure limits. Most semi-aqueous cleaners emulsify soils, dispersing them throughout the liquid; as the cleaner is used, the entire bath becomes saturated. Many of the citrus based cleaners are considered semi-aqueous.
Semi-Aqueous Systems (1 supplier)
4651 to 4700 of 32225 results  Page: << Previous 50 Results 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 [94] 95 96 97 98 99 100 >> Next 50 Results
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