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Flame Arrester Pressure Vacuum Vent (1 supplier)
Flame Arresters (41 suppliers)
Flame Arrestors (19 suppliers)
Flame Brazing Systems (1 supplier)
Flame Chambers (2 suppliers)
Flame Cut Steel Sprockets (3 suppliers)
Flame Cutting (84 suppliers)
Flame cutting is a destructive phenomenon that occurs in some firearms (usually revolvers) as a result of hot gasses under high pressure. The most common manifestation is on the underside of a revolver top strap, where the hot, high-velocity gases begin to cut through just above and in front of the cylinder. In most cases, this is self-limiting; eventually, the depth of the cut will place the undamaged material far enough away that the heat and pressure of the gas will have dissipated to harmless levels. In most cases, this limiting occurs before the structural integrity is compromised.
Flame Cutting Equipment (8 suppliers)
Flame Cutting Machines (10 suppliers)
Flame Cutting Tables (1 supplier)
Flame Detection Systems (10 suppliers)
Flame Detector Adapters (2 suppliers)
Flame Detectors (31 suppliers)
Flame detectors are used in optical sensors working at specific spectral ranges to record the incoming radiation at the selected wavelengths. The energy radiated from a fire is electromagnetic radiation that can be read at various spectral ranges. The signals are then analyzed using a predetermined technique. Flame detectors are available in a number of sensor types such as UV detectors, IR detectors, UV/IR detectors, IR/IR detectors, and IR^3 detectors, and triple IR spectral band detectors.
Flame Electrode (1 supplier)
Flame Front Generator (3 suppliers)
Flame Front Generator technology is an effective & time proven ignition system, which is used in flaring applications. It is easily adaptable to any pilot system, which incorporates an ignition tube and installed up to 1 mile from the base of the flare stack. The advantage includes reliable time tested pilot ignition technology, manual or automatic/manual operation & cost effective ignition solution. The design feature includes stainless steel valve trains, pilot gas valve trains and pilot status indication.
Flame Front Generator Panels (1 supplier)
Flame Front Generator Pilot (1 supplier)
Flame Grid Fume Destructors (1 supplier)
Flame Hardening (13 suppliers)
Flame Inspection Mirrors (1 supplier)
Flame Ionization Detection Systems (1 supplier)
Flame Ionization Detector (3 suppliers)
Flame Ionization Gas Leak Detector (1 supplier)
Flame Laminators (3 suppliers)
Flame Management Systems (1 supplier)
Flame Monitors (6 suppliers)
Flame Monitors are designed to monitor flames in single burner systems with continuous, intermittent and 72 h operation. Flame monitors have a spectral sensitivity of either 190 to 520 nm or 280 to 410 nm. These flame monitors are proven themselves in monitoring gas and oil combustion systems employing NOx reduction techniques such as flue gas recirculation. These flame monitors are ideally suited for monitoring yellow-burning flames of coal or wood, which have no or only very small portions of UV emissions. Flame monitors provide local indication of flame and output signal for furnace protection safety interlock.
Flame Photometer (10 suppliers)
Flame Pointed Burrs (1 supplier)
Flame Polishing (12 suppliers)
Flame Polishing Equipment (2 suppliers)
Flame Proof Alternators (1 supplier)
Flame Proof Digital Temperature Indicators (9 suppliers)
Flame Proof Electrical Enclosures (6 suppliers)
Flame Proof Electrical Panels (3 suppliers)
Flame Proof Fan (1 supplier)
Flame Proof Geared Motors (3 suppliers)
Flame Proof Lighting Panels (6 suppliers)
Flame Proof Motor Controls (1 supplier)
Flame Proof Motors (12 suppliers)
Flame Proof Pumps (10 suppliers)
Flame Proof Rotary Vibrators (1 supplier)
Flame Proof RTD's/Thermocouples (23 suppliers)
Flame Proof Switchgear (2 suppliers)
Flame Proof Temperature Measuring Devices (2 suppliers)
Flame Proof Temperature Sensors (0 suppliers)
Flame Protected Flexible Hoses (1 supplier)
Flame Relays (1 supplier)
Flame Resistant Clothing (47 suppliers)
Flame Resistant Clothing, Welding (41 suppliers)
Flame Resistant Commercial Duct (1 supplier)
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