Dust Collectors, Wet Type

Company: Adroit Fantech Engineers
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Description: Dust Collectors, Wet Type - Click To Visit Our Website Dust Collectors, Wet Type removes contaminants from the air/gas stream. The required degree of removal, quantity, characteristics of contaminants to be removed and conditions of the air or gas stream have a bearing on the equipment selection. Wet type collectors used for fumes, mist, and suspended dust are called scrubbers. This class of pollution control equipment collects particles by direct contact with liquid. These collectors have the ability to handle high temperature and light dust laded gases. There is a wide range of scrubbers. The most common scrubbers are static wet scrubbers, spray tower, packed bed column and venturi scrubber. The scrubber is designed depending upon the particle to be collected and the gas to be absorbed. The company designs high efficiency scrubbers, which require minimum maintenance, low liquid consumption and higher entrapment of mist at outlet. The scrubber can be constructed of steel, stainless steel, PP-FRP, steel rubber liner depending upon the gas to be handled. Efficiency includes static wet scrubber efficiency of 98% down to 5 microns, spray tower has the efficiency 95% down to 5 microns, packed bed column has the efficiency 98% down to 5 microns and venturi scrubbers have the efficiency 99.99% down to sub microns. Air pollution control equipment removes contaminants from the air/gas stream.

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