Hea Igniter

Company: Southern Automac Systems
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Description: ZNDHQ-20-Z high energy arc ignition system is being manufactured for fuel firing system. This is a capacitor discharge system which consists of a semiconductor HE spark rod, HE ignition exciter and ignition cable. It can directly ignite light diesel oil, heavy furnace oil, and any hard to ignite fuels. It has high spark energy, higher contamination and moisture resistance as well as deposit resistance. This HEA ignition system shall be supplied with advance/retract mechanism for higher capacity multi fuel and multi burner furnaces. To start ignition operation, the spark rod actuator advances the spark rod into atomised oil spray zone in furnace. When HE ignition exciter is energised, it generates high-volt DC ignition pulses that goes to the spark rod through ignition cable and produce high energy spark at the front end of the spark rod for fuel lighting. After the ignition is completed, the spark rod is retracted to its guide tube. ZNDQ-20-Z HE ignition exciter - energy - 20J; input voltage - 220 VAC 10%; output voltage - 2500 V/DC; spark rate - 10 spark/sec; duty cycle - 30/60; spark rod length - 500-4000 mm; allowable maximum temperature at spark rod - 700°C (continuous); and igniter cable length - 1500-6000 mm.
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