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We specialize in providing Measuring Instruments, Weighing Equipment, Laboratory Technology and Control Systems. Our products include Adhesion Tester, Ammeter, Cable Fault Meter, Colorimeter, Infrared Thermometer, Electromagnetic Field Meter, Force Gauge, Handheld Tachometer, Gauss Meter, Hygrometer, and Light Meter. We also offer Manometer, Moisture Meter, Data Logger, Ozone Meter, Illuminometer, Dynamometer, Isolation Meter, Milliohmeter, Crane Scales, Pressure Gauge, Spectrophotometer, Durometer and Tachometer.

Measuring Instrument

We offer a wide selection of Monitoring, Analysis, Testing and Measuring Instruments. Our instruments are used to measure various parameters in the physical, electrical and chemical spectra. Exact measurement is an absolute must to guarantee quality work. Thus, precise and reliable measuring instruments are essential tools of nearly every trade. Companies big and small need accurate, affordable measuring instruments for use in product research and development (R&D), quality control, condition monitoring, workplace safety and more. We offer from accelerometer devices, which are used to measure vibrations & oscillations in machinery to wood moisture meter products, which are designed to determine the humidity of lumber.

Absolute Moisture Meter

Our Absolute Moisture Meter products can measure relative air humidity, while our combination devices can also measure temperature. Each absolute moisture meter measures different ranges of humidity, depending on the model. Relative humidity is an important factor in everything from gardening to transport and industry. Our absolute moisture meter products are versatile, as they can take measurements, store the data to memory and transfer the data to a computer for detailed analysis. Different moisture probes that correspond to the materials to be measured can be connected to each absolute moisture meter. For most of the materials, we can find calibration curves within the internal memory of our absolute moisture meter products. We only need to select the appropriate calibration curve for the material we wish to measure. Absolute moisture meter tools are used to determine the moisture in walls, concrete, attics and wood, as well as in the field of agriculture to ascertain the correct time to plant a crop to achieve the highest yield.

Clamp Meter

The clamp meter is ideal for measuring AC or DC voltage. The instrument is irreplaceable for inspection work and maintenance in various industrial applications, in research & development, and in many small businesses. Our line of clamp meter is made according to the highest industry standards. We offer instruments that are usable in all work spaces (equipped with very small or even very large jaws). The results are reliable and the clamps are easy to use. Every clamp meter is manufacturer calibrated and can be certified to ISO or NIST.

Airflow Meter

An airflow meter measures air velocity as well as air pressure. Depending on the type of application, the airflow meter is made as a hot-wire airflow meter, a vane airflow meter, a cup anemometer, a Pitot tube air flow meter or a pocket weather flow meter, all of which can measure air velocity as well as air pressure. Some can even detect the wind direction. The most common unit of measurement for air flow is m/s. Airflow meters are basically mass flow meters as they determine the air velocity and air pressure by measuring the mass flow of a medium, which is air in this case. The results of measuring the air velocity can be stored in the airflow meter's memory, depending on the model. There are a lot of airflow meters available. The air flow meter is ideal for taking quick or constant measurements including monitoring of ventilation installations, process checking, industrial applications, use in private workshops.


We offer dynamometers for a very wide range, which covers almost every application area. Generally, dynamometers do serve for the measurement of forces, which can happen quite different. Therefore, our dynamometers can be transformed from traction gauges to compressive force gauges. Our traction gauges, which are available in the units Gramm or Newton, have a taring range of 20 % from the whole measuring range and an accuracy of ± 0.3 % of the total load. Dynamometers with a measuring range from 5 to 1000 g have a clamp to bear the load, while dynamometers with a measuring range from 2.5 to 50 kg do possess a hook for the measurement. Our largest dynamometer has a karabiner as load suspension device. Furthermore, pressure sets are available in our product range.

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