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Dissolved Organics Monitors (1 supplier)
Dissolved Oxygen Analyzers (22 suppliers)
Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer includes a sensor having a lead electrode. The electrodes are immersed in an electrolyte. The sensor includes a pressure-equalizing diaphragm in communication with the sample water to maintain uniformity of pressure in the sensor.
Dissolved Oxygen Control Loop (1 supplier)
Dissolved Oxygen Control Systems (3 suppliers)
Dissolved Oxygen Electrodes (5 suppliers)
Dissolved Oxygen Meters (21 suppliers)
Dissolved Oxygen Meter is used for air calibration. It displays the oxygen level as % saturation from 0-200% or concentration from 0-20.00 ppm (mg/L). The dissolved oxygen meters also have the ability to adjust for altitude (0-20,000 ft in 1,000 ft increments) and for salinity from 0 to 50 ppt. It displays the oxygen level on a large LCD screen that supports an analog bar graph to indicate trends, a data hold feature, and a low battery indicator. The dissolved oxygen meters are waterproofed.
Dissolved Oxygen Meters/Controllers (4 suppliers)
Dissolved Oxygen Monitors (4 suppliers)
Dissolved oxygen monitor accurately measures the dissolved oxygen content of a variety of samples, including drinking water and wastewater. It provides a solid ppb-level dissolved oxygen measurement. It contains an alarm unit that notifies users when minimum and maximum of dissolved oxygen concentration levels are violated. It is suitable for a wide range of applications, including monitoring the deaeration level of ultrapure water used in semiconductor manufacture, and dissolved oxygen concentration levels in sewage fermentation tanks as well as in hydroponic cultivation and desalination plants.
Dissolved Oxygen Parameters (1 supplier)
Dissolved Oxygen Probes (6 suppliers)
Dissolved Oxygen Sensing Systems (4 suppliers)
Dissolved Oxygen Sensor for Waste Water (2 suppliers)
Dissolved Oxygen Sensors (16 suppliers)
Dissolved Ozone Delivery System (1 supplier)
Dissolved Ozone Monitors (3 suppliers)
Dissolved Ozone Test Kit (1 supplier)
Dissolved Solids Meters (3 suppliers)
Dissolving Purge Paper (2 suppliers)
Dissoved Air Flotation Systems (1 supplier)
Distance Capacitive Proximity Sensor (1 supplier)
Distance Collars (1 supplier)
Distance Measurement Sensors (2 suppliers)
Distance Measurement Tools (3 suppliers)
Distance Measuring Devices (7 suppliers)
Distance Measuring Sensors (1 supplier)
Distance Measuring Surveyor Tool (2 suppliers)
Distance Meter (0 suppliers)
Distance Monitor System (2 suppliers)
Distance Probes (1 supplier)
Distance Protection Devices (0 suppliers)
Distance Read Monitor Panels (1 supplier)
Distance Relay With Recloser (1 supplier)
Distance Sensors (4 suppliers)
Distance Spacers (1 supplier)
Distant Reading Thermometers (1 supplier)
Distillate Burners (1 supplier)
Distillation Apparatus (5 suppliers)
Distillation apparatus is used for steam and wastewater stripping, chemical product purification and solvent recovery. It consists of metal cylinders armed internally with perforated horizontal plates that are used to promote the separation of miscible liquids that ascend as vapor. Distillation equipment is used extensively in recycling applications and to reduce manufacturing waste. This apparatus usually comprises the use of a heating component and a condensation component to distill the liquid and separate the solvent from water. It is also used to perform steam stripping or distillation of wastewater for removal of hydrocarbons such as alcohols, ketones and acetates. Distillation apparatus are used to recycle and recover contaminants from the manufacturing of polymers, resins and paints. Distillation equipment also contains several other functional components, including an adsorption column or bed, where molecules of solvent in liquid or gas form adheres to the surface of a solid material, rather than enter the solid as in absorption.
Distillation Apparatus With Transparent Reaction Vessel (2 suppliers)
Distillation Column Maintenance (11 suppliers)
Distillation Column Packing (2 suppliers)
Distillation Column Scanning Services (1 supplier)
Distillation Column Thermal Design Software (8 suppliers)
Distillation Columns (65 suppliers)
Distillation Columns in Exotic Metals (9 suppliers)
Distillation columns are used in the distillation of liquid mixtures so as to separate the mixture into its component parts, or fractions, based on the differences in their volatilities. There are many types of distillation columns, each designed to perform specific types of separations, and each design differs in terms of complexity. These are made out of various exotic metals.
Distillation Engineering Still Systems (1 supplier)
Distillation Equipments (6 suppliers)
Distillation Synthesis (1 supplier)
Distillation Systems (27 suppliers)
The distillation systems are widely used for the separation processes in the petroleum or the chemical industries. Distillation systems require more energy per unit of product water. Distillation systems are heated by natural gas, propane, steam, fuel oil, diesel, kerosene, waste oil or electricity.
Distillation Trays (7 suppliers)
Distillation Unit with Coil Type Condenser (2 suppliers)
The distillation unit with coil type condenser is one of the simplest types of condenser arrangements. The arrangement includes a total condenser, product cooler and vent condenser. Glass reaction vessels are available up to 400 liters in capacity and, where larger units are required, glass-lined and stainless steel vessels are commonly used. Coil type condensers have surface areas from 0.2m2 up to 12m2. Using cooling water at 20°C, these condensers have heat transfer coefficients of up to 250 kcal/m2/h & °C. This unit is used for distillation operation whereby the vaporization of a liquid mixture yields a vapor phase containing more than one component, and it is desired to recover one or more of these components in a pure state.
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