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Small Type Wheel Horizontal Grinders (2 suppliers)
Small Ups Enclosure (1 supplier)
Small Vacuum Furnace (0 suppliers)
Small Vacuum Pumps (1 supplier)
Small Valve Core Tools (1 supplier)
Small Valves (0 suppliers)
Small Vibratory Bowls (0 suppliers)
Small Volume High Pressure Homogenizer (2 suppliers)
Small Volume Sample Dispersion Units (1 supplier)
Small Volume Unidirectional Sphere Type Meter Prover (2 suppliers)
Small Wall Mount Boxes (1 supplier)
Small Weld Heads (1 supplier)
Small Wet Tapping Machine (3 suppliers)
Small Wheel Loaders (3 suppliers)
Small Wire Bonding Tools (2 suppliers)
Small Wire Connectors (2 suppliers)
Small Wire EDM Precision Services (1 supplier)
Small Wire Handling Equipment (1 supplier)
Small Wire Rope Blocks (1 supplier)
Small Wire Wedges (1 supplier)
Small Works Ductwork Installation (1 supplier)
Small-Core Switching Products (2 suppliers)
Small-Scale Turbines (1 supplier)
Small-Width UV Label Tapes (1 supplier)
Smaller Dc Fuses (1 supplier)
Smaller True Sine Wave Inverters (1 supplier)
Smart Air Velocity Transmitter (2 suppliers)
Smart Antenna (2 suppliers)
Smart Auto Drawoff systems (1 supplier)
Smart Balancer (1 supplier)
Smart Bell Plus Kits (1 supplier)
Smart Belt Infeed (1 supplier)
Smart Belts (1 supplier)
Smart Camera Accessories (12 suppliers)
Smart Camera Software (3 suppliers)
Smart Cameras (6 suppliers)
Smart Card based Applications (5 suppliers)
Smart Card Connectors (9 suppliers)
Smart Card Reader (46 suppliers)
A smart card reader provides the physical connectivity between the smart cards integrated circuit chip and the host computer. Few, if any, computer systems have smart card readers as an integral input/output channel of the systems. Rather, a variety of smart card readers have been developed that attach to computer systems through existent I/O ports. It attaches through a serial port. Readers that interface in this fashion range from extremely simple devices, which simply serialize the byte streams that convey commands and response between the PC application and the smart card, to very complex devices, which incorporate personal identification number (PIN) pads, display screens and hardcopy printers to support the smart card applications. Some variants of smart card readers have been built directly into the standard keyboard of a computer. The smart card readers take the form of floppy disk plug-in, which conveys the smart card I/O traffic through the floppy disk port. This particular device requires a floppy disk-like module that the card plugs into, and which contains an independent power source for the smart card.
Smart Card Software (6 suppliers)
Smart Card Software contains an integrated circuit (IC) chip containing a central processing unit (CPU), random access memory and non-volatile data storage. Smart cards provide a secure, portable platform for any time, anywhere computing that contain and manipulate substantial amounts of data, especially an individual's personal digital identity. Smart cards are a type of mini computer with an operating system capable of running a variety of applications.
Smart Card Systems (21 suppliers)
Smart Cards (36 suppliers)
Smart card is essentially a credit-card sized computer. Embedded in the card is a microprocessor with memory that can be read and more importantly can store a significant amount of information. Counterfeiting is extremely difficult because the chip is buried in plastic. In addition, the chip can be programmed to generate its own password and codes, including sophisticated encryption functions. There are three types of smart cards such as memory-only, memory circuits with some hard-wired security logic and full-fledged microcomputers. Although a smart card looks similar to a standard credit card, it differs by having five to eight metallic contacts displayed on its surface.
Smart Charge Controller (2 suppliers)
Smart Chemical Identification System (1 supplier)
Smart Controllers (3 suppliers)
Smart Conveyors (3 suppliers)
Smart Current Sensors (53 suppliers)
Smart Current Sensors includes built-in user-programmable timers, which compensate for short-duration abnormalities and motor startup in-rush.
Smart Device Communicators (3 suppliers)
Smart Differential Pressure Transmitters (3 suppliers)
Smart Drive Systems (1 supplier)
13501 to 13550 of 32219 results  Page: << Previous 50 Results 260 261 262 263 264 265 266 267 268 269 270 [271] 272 273 274 275 276 277 278 279 280 >> Next 50 Results
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