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Open Loop Conrols (11 suppliers)
Gantry robot has Cartesian coordinate motion. The gantry is a way of mounting a robot manipulator to provide a larger work envelope. A jointed arm or a two-or three-axis wrist can be attached to the gantry carriage to provide maximum movement within the work envelope. The robot can be mounted in the inverted position, which allows access to certain types of weldments. An elongated work area can be obtained by mounting the robot on a moving floor carriage or on a wall. The work envelope of the gantry robot is a large rectangular box. The gantry mounting system is popular for shipyards and for welding extremely large weldments.
Open Loop Control Systems (2 suppliers)
Open Loop Expansion Tanks (1 supplier)
Open Loop Geothermal Heat Pumps (2 suppliers)
Open Loop Hall Current Sensors (2 suppliers)
Open Loop Pumps (2 suppliers)
Open Loop Tension Control System (3 suppliers)
Open Loop Vector Vertical Frequency Drives (1 supplier)
Open Loop Vectors (1 supplier)
Open Loop Water Systems (1 supplier)
Open Looped Extension Springs (1 supplier)
Open Lug Bare Wire Ground Clamp (2 suppliers)
Open Mixer Blender (3 suppliers)
Open Monitor Stands (1 supplier)
Open Motor Starters (3 suppliers)
Open Mouth Bag Fillers (1 supplier)
Open Mouth Bag Filling Systems (1 supplier)
Open Mouth Baggers (1 supplier)
Open Mouth Scales (12 suppliers)
Open Mouth Sealers (1 supplier)
Open Multi Step Switch (1 supplier)
Open On Rise Printed Circuit Board Thermostat (1 supplier)
Open On Rise Thermostats (1 supplier)
Open Path Detection System For Hydrogen Sulfide (1 supplier)
Open Path Detection System For Methane (1 supplier)
Open Path Detection System For Methane and Hydrogen Sulfide (1 supplier)
Open Path Eddy Covariance System (2 suppliers)
Open Path Gas Analyzer (1 supplier)
Open Path Gas Detection Systems (26 suppliers)
Open Path Hydrocarbon Gas Monitoring System (5 suppliers)
Open path hydrocarbon gas monitoring systems are designed for detection of hydrocarbon gases in the 0-5,000 ppm meter and 0-5 LEL meter ranges, simultaneously. It uses a single beam source and detector to monitor gas concentrations, improving accuracy, reducing drift and improving immunity to false alarms.
Open Path Infrared Gas Detector (1 supplier)
Open Path Infrared Hydrocarbon Gas Detectors (25 suppliers)
Open Phase Indicator (3 suppliers)
Open Pipe Liquid Injection Separator (2 suppliers)
Open Pitch Convoluted PTFE Hoses (1 supplier)
Open Platform Hardwood Dollies (1 supplier)
Open Poppet Valves (1 supplier)
Open Portable Shelf Carts (2 suppliers)
Open Portable Shelf Carts built for heavy 2000 lb. loads. It is consist with frames, which are made from 1″ steel tubing, 1/2″ rods on sides and back & 14″ clearance between shelves. The shelves are made of 14 ga. steel materials. The steel shelves slope 1″from front to rear preventing contents from falling off during transport. It have smooth rolling on 4 - 6″ x 2″ phenolic bolt-on swivel casters. These are easy for handling and rolling, which are finished by gray powder coatings. It can transport bulky packages, boxes, supplies, parts for assembly operations and electronic parts transfer.
Open Pour Applicator Valves (3 suppliers)
Open Pour Injection Machines (1 supplier)
Open Pulling Plates (1 supplier)
Open Rack Adapter Brackets (1 supplier)
Open Reel Fiberglass Long Tapes (2 suppliers)
Open Reel Fiberglass Tapes (1 supplier)
Open Reel Steel Long Tapes (2 suppliers)
Open Refrigerated Self-Serve Cases (1 supplier)
Open Rolling Notebook Cases (1 supplier)
Open Run Tee Connectors (1 supplier)
Open Seal Bottom Conatiners (1 supplier)
Open Seam Tubing (1 supplier)
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