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PGM Catalyst (1 supplier)
A typical PGM catalyst may consist of platinum-rhodium gauze woven from wire. It is produced on a range of supports such as alumina, silica, titania, zirconia, zeolites, carbon coated oxides and mixtures thereof and in a range of different shapes and sizes. It is used to lower these temperatures, and consequently by limitations on which hydrocarbons which can be used to generate the hydrogen.
PGM Pigments (1 supplier)
pH & ORP Electrodes (4 suppliers)
PH Active Passive Transmitter (1 supplier)
pH Adjustment Systems (2 suppliers)
pH Analyzers (26 suppliers)
pH Analyzers convert the voltages supplied by the sensor (pH electrode) into pH values and standard signals.
pH and Conductivity Controllers (34 suppliers)
pH and Temperature Data Logger (1 supplier)
pH Balancing Systems (1 supplier)
pH Control and Titration Systems (1 supplier)
pH Control Systems (20 suppliers)
The pH Control Systems can be a relatively simple on/off control loop in some batch processes. At the other extreme, it can be a complex feedforward/feedback system with multipole sequenced valves for continuous neutralization over a wide dynamic ph range.
pH Controller and Sensors (16 suppliers)
pH controller and sensors are used to control pH with acidic or alkaline solutions, particularly for environmental applications. It typically features a pH sensor and an ORP sensor for control of chlorine, bromine, or ozone. It can also be used to monitor and maintain both the sanitizer level and the pH balance in swimming pools, spas or any circulating water system.
PH Electrodes (11 suppliers)
PH electrodes are constructed from a special composition glass, which senses the hydrogen ion concentration. This glass is typically composed of alkali metal ions. The alkali metal ions of the glass and the hydrogen ions in solution undergo an ion exchange reaction, generating a potential difference. There are actually two electrodes in one body. One portion is called the measuring electrode, the other the reference electrode. The potential generated at the junction site of the measuring portion is due to the free hydrogen ions present in solution.
pH Electrodes, Laboratory (1 supplier)
pH Flow Sensor Electrodes (1 supplier)
PH High Accuracy Calibrator (1 supplier)
pH Indicator Pen (1 supplier)
pH Indicator Transmitter (1 supplier)
pH Indicators (7 suppliers)
pH Meters (53 suppliers)
pH meter is an electronic instrument used to measure the pH (acidity or alkalinity) of a liquid. A typical pH meter consists of a special measuring probe (a glass electrode) connected to an electronic meter that measures and displays the pH reading. They range from simple and inexpensive pen-like devices to complex. They also have expensive laboratory instruments with computer interfaces and several inputs for indicator (ion-sensitive, redox), reference electrodes and temperature sensors such as thermoresistors or thermocouples. This has a probe, which measures the concentration of hydrogen ions surrounding a thin-walled glass bulb at its tip. This probe produces a small voltage that is measured and displayed as pH units by a meter.
PH Meters (39 suppliers)
pH Meters, Panel Mount (4 suppliers)
pH Neutralization Systems (3 suppliers)
Ph Neutralization Tanks (1 supplier)
PH Pleated Synthetic Cartridges (1 supplier)
pH Pumps (1 supplier)
pH Recorder (1 supplier)
pH Sampler for Reactors (1 supplier)
pH Sensor (2 suppliers)
PH Simulator Calibrator (1 supplier)
pH Testers (1 supplier)
pH Transmitter (11 suppliers)
pH transmitters provide electrical outputs that are proportional to potential of hydrogen (pH) inputs. The pH scale is used to express the acidity or alkalinity of a solution by measuring the concentration of hydrogen ions in the solution. These pH transmitters include a built-in preamplifier, which conditions the signal coming from the pH sensor and provides a 4-20 mA output signal to the transmitter. pH transmitter converts the pH of a solution into an electrical signal.
PH Transmitter Indicator Monitor (1 supplier)
pH/ORP Monitors (7 suppliers)
pH/ORP monitors are used for monitoring potential of hydrogen (pH) levels and oxidation reduction levels (ORP) of liquids involved in a testing or process application. It detects the level of hydrogen ion activity in a sample and converts it to a signal. Reading of the pH level can be extremely useful in monitoring and controlling a treatment process. These are used in many applications such as food processing, hydroponics, water purification, and waste control.
PH/ORP Pump Controllers (1 supplier)
pH/ORP Sensor (2 suppliers)
pH/ORP Transmitters (1 supplier)
pH/Redox Buffers (2 suppliers)
Phantom Power Adapters (1 supplier)
Pharma color (1 supplier)
Pharma Fused Glass Manway (1 supplier)
Pharma Gas (1 supplier)
Pharma Sorbent Canisters (0 suppliers)
Pharma Tablet Metal Detector (2 suppliers)
Pharma Tablet Metal Detector provides online metal detection. The unit is manufactured from stainless steel to provide a hygienic easily cleaned inspection. A robust stainless steel reject flap is operated by a high-speed electrical solenoid for clean, precise rejection of contaminated product with minimum waste. This metal detector chute is quickly and easily dismantled for routine cleaning and product changeover. It is especially well suited for high processing speeds and quick product change. The feature include high speed reject for positive reject of contaminants, stainless steel finish for easy clean & hygienic design and easy change electronic modules.
Pharmaceutical Audiovisual Services and Rentals (1 supplier)
Pharmaceutical Boiler Systems (0 suppliers)
Pharmaceutical Cleanroom Ceiling Tiles (1 supplier)
Pharmaceutical Cleanroom Wall Panels (1 supplier)
Pharmaceutical Compound Storage Units (3 suppliers)
Pharmaceutical Conveyors (14 suppliers)
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