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Forbes Marshall's provides solutions in Process Efficiency and Energy Conservation, using the best technology the world has to offer. All our strategic business divisions, each one partnering a world technology leader in its respective field, manufacture products that cover the entire spectrum of energy generation, conservation, instrumentation and control; for the process industry.

Steam and Water Analysis System (SWAS):

In any Power Plant running on steam, the purity of boiler feed water and steam is absolutely crucial; especially to Steam Turbine, Steam Boiler, Super Heater, Condenser and Other Steam Equipment.To prevent damage of steam turbine, steam boiler & other apparatus due to Scaling and Corrosion, on line steam and water analysis of critical parameters such as pH, Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen, Silica, Sodium, Phosphate etc. is a must. The steam can be as hot as 560°C.The pressures can be as as 250 bar. To keep the power plant up & running, with minimum erosion and corrosion of steam turbine, steam boiler & condenser, we have developed fully integrated Steam & Water Analysis Systems (SWAS) (watch video) that provide exact, precise measurements on all these critical parameters. A good SWAS necessitates efficient Sample Cooler for water sampling, steam sampling, or process sampling problem We also have broad experience in compact Heat Exchangers and boiler blowdown heat recovery systems.

To keep the power plant up & running, with minimum erosion and corrosion of steam turbine, steam boiler & condenser, we have developed fully integratedSteam & Water Analysis Systems (SWAS) that provide exact, precise measurements on all these critical parameters & works like a sentry for the power plant. A well engineered SWAS would call for a good expertise in mechanical aspects such as knowledge & expertise on welding practices, piping design and thermodynamics. With more than 50 years experience in steam related products & systems, we can offer you all this. It also calls for expertise in Control Instrumentation when it comes to offering analyzers in SWAS. We represent Hach USA for all analyzers required in SWAS. This makes us the most preferred vendor for many power companies in the world.

Advantages of choosing Forbes Marshall SWAS :

  • We are only company that provides expertise in Steam Engineering & Control Instrumentation. This aspect is extremely important for making a well-engineered SWAS. We have over 50 years experience in manufacturing sampling components andSampling Systems.
  • Accuracy of analysis to parts per billion (ppb) levels is only possible with a well-engineered SWAS. We can provide assured results to ppb levels. .
  • Our SWAS provides REGULATED pressure / temperature & flow conditions even under fluctuating input conditions. Our Sample Cooler design is validated by IIT, Mumbai. .
  • Installed base of more than 500 locations. More than 10000 Sample Coolers in the field. .
  • Working experience with renowned companies such as Alstom, AES, Hyundai, Siemens, Larsen & Toubro, Tata, Lanco, Reliance, NTPC, BHEL, Yokogawa, Honeywell, Foster & Wheeler, ABB, Mitsui, Doosan, Bechtel, Linde, Lentjes, Indonesia Power etc. .
  • We make all the critical components of SWAS such as Sample cooler, Pressure Regulator, Back Pressure Regulators, High pressure stop valves & even the Chillers, which makes our systems most reliable. .
  • All the analyzers of Polymetron / Hach brand from our JV partners Hach USA. This makes it very convenient for the user to have a single point contact for support related matters.


  • IBR Approved Sample Coolers for Supercritical Power Plants:

    Forbes Marshall offers IBR approved sample coolers for Supercritical Power Plants. The cooler is designed for pressures as high as 370 Kg/Cm2 and temperatures as high as 620 Deg.C.It is a validated design. Forbes Marshall have got an IBR approval for this design.

  • SWAS in Shelter (container based systems):

    Today, users are looking for factory integrated and tested SWAS Systems. This not only reduces the on-site civil work, but also ensures flexibility in plant design. Forbes Marshall is one of the largest and most experienced SWAS supplier in the world. We offer completely integrated, factory tested SWAS packages in a container.

  • High Pressure Regulator:

    Piston type pressure regulator provides pressure reduction of high pressure samples. It’s unique design can provide regulated pressure even in fluctuating pressure conditions.

  • Sample Cooler : IBR / CRN approved sample coolers:

    Sample cooler is an essential & critical part of any Steam & Water Analysis System (SWAS).We provide IBR approved sample coolers for specific applications. Our sample cooler designs are validated by premium institutes like IIT Kharagpur & IIT Mumbai, thus assuring the reliability of our designs

  • Rod in Tube - Pressure Reducer:

    We offer Rod-in-Tube type pressure reducer for sample pressure equal to or above 35 Kg/Cm2 (500 psig). These are designed in accordance with the requirements of ASME PTC 19.11-2008

  • Pressure Regulator:

    An important aspect of sample conditioning lies in making suitable provision to ensure that the analysers can never be subjected to a pressure higher than the safe limit. With source pressures as high as 250 bar, this warrants serious consideration and the use of components of high integrity. Our pressure regulator can handle high pressure loads that exist in subcritical power plants. It can give regulated output even under fluctuating input conditions.

  • Back Presssure Regulator:

    Like the pressure regulator regulates downstream pressure at constant irrespective of upstream fluctuations, the back pressure regulator works exactly in reverse fashion by maintaining upstream pressure constant. This feature is very useful in maintaining the flow characteristics of sample flowing to the analysers.

  • Chiller:

    One of the conditions in system design is – the sample should be conditioned to the temperatures as required by the analysers. Under certain conditions, it becomes essential to cool the sample to 25 DegC +/- 1 DegC. A chiller is a must under such conditions.

  • Cation Column:

    Cation Conductivity Measurement is essential to find out trace level impurities in the sample. The cation exchange process eliminates the masking effects of treatment chemicals on the conductivity of the sample & reveals real effect of impurities on conductivity of the sample

  • Sample Filter:

    Sample filter is essential to ensure that the sample is free from suspended matter that can be harmful to the equipment or the analysers.

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