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Forbes Marshall’s valves group specializes in designing and manufacturing of variety of valves for Power & Co-generation plant, Chemical and Petrochemical plant, Fertilizer Industry, Sugar and Cement Industry, Paper Industry & Food and Beverages Industry applications.

In joint venture with Arca Regler of Germany, Forbes Marshall designs and manufactures a complete range of Control Valves, Desuperheaters and stations for use in a wide variety of industrial applications. The Combined Pressure Reducing and De-superheating systems are manufactured, supplied, erected and commissioned by our engineers.

The valves group range includes, Globe/Stop Valves and Safety & Relief Valves (Bellow Sealed Safety Relief Valves, Bellow Sealed Globe Valves), High Pressure Angle Pattern Drain Valves (Single Stage and Multi Stage), Angle Pattern Blow Down Valves, High Pressure #2500 Control Valves, Turbine Bypass Valves , H P Heater Bypass Valves, Isolation valves including the Gate Globe, Swing Check and Ball Valves range. Our control valves group deals with control valves, Pressure reducing & temperature control valves, HP valves, IP valves, LP valves and Condenser dump application valves for power plants up to a capacity of 250MW.

Control Valves modular in design :

We offer a new generation Control Valve which is synonymous with quality, efficiency, weight and ease of maintenance. The ECOTROL Control Valve is a robust, compact and light weight with pneumatically operated easy field reversible multi - spring diaphragm actuator and a sturdy, pipe-less and vibration resistant mounted digital positioner. The only valve series that offers modular design, Maintenance free stuffing box, Interchangeable seat ring (on both sides), Reversible & Tubeless actuators. We can offer actuator purging for installation in highly corrosive atmosphere.

Three Way Valves :

A Three way valve is a constant flow rate valve used for either Mixing or Diverting application. In these valves, the total flow rate remains constant. In applications where three way valves are employed, the liquid circuit will naturally split into two separate loops, Constant & Variable flow rate. It saves installation cost as the controller comes pre-assembled on the valve, Saves loop cost as it eliminates the need of separate sensor, transmitter, I/P controller and positioner, which results in reduction of maintenance cost.

Desuperheater :

The most practical way of reducing the superheat value of steam is by the direct addition of water. To achieve temperature stability of the conditioned steam and prevent thermal shock in downstream pipes, cooling water must be atomized. It is also necessary to have a correct mix of superheated steam and cooling water. We offer Desuperheater which does just that in a most reliable way. We can ensure complete atomization of cooling water & rock steady temperature controls. The range includes right from Mini-coolers for applications like Gland seal & ejector steam, Fixed nozzle De-superheaters for day to day services up to Variable Nozzle De-superheaters for extremely high Turndown needs.

Gate Valves :

Gate Valves are primarily designed to start or stop flow, and when a straight-line flow of fluid and minimum flow restriction is needed. In service, these valves generally are either fully open or fully closed condition. We offer gate valves that can be used for a wide range of liquids and provide a tight seal when closed. These gate valves provide good shutoff features, are bidirectional and hence can be used in two directions. The pressure loss through these valves is minimal.

Globe Valves / Stop valves (Hand operated/Motor operated) :

These valves are offered with single piece stem and plug assembly. There is no vibration of plug even when the globe valve is kept crack open. The non rotating single piece stem and plug design ensures that the plug does not rotate when it sits on the globe valve seats. This prevents damage to seat due to entrapped solid such as pipe scales or entrapped solid when the valve operator puts excess effort on hand wheel to ensure tightness at seat. The non Rising Hand wheel is ideal for use in areas where space between pipes is limited. Roller Burnishing in Gland packing section gives a mirror finish to the spindle and helps reduce ware and tare of the gland packing. Effort required to operate the valve reduces due to reduced friction at the gland packing section. Control Cone feature helps to separate the seating area from the throttling of High pressure reduction area. As a result the harmful effects of cavitation and flashing do not affect the seating area of the valve enhancing the seat life.

Swing Check Valves :

Our non return valves are reliable for reverse flow prevention in Oil and Gas, Refinery, Power Sectors and protecting equipment & processes in general industries. These valves can be offered with flanged or buttwelded end, with tilting disc design, with renewable, seal welded seat ring or integral seal, with optional counter weight, lever and dashpot arrangement. These valves meet appropriate design requirements of ASME / BS / API / IBR and testing requirement of API / BS / API. We offer valves that meet relevant requirements of NACE also.

Ball valves :

A Ball Valve is a quarter-turn rotational motion valve that uses a ball-shaped disk to stop or start flow. If the valve is opened, the ball rotates to a point where the hole through the ball is in line with the valve body inlet and outlet. If the valve is closed, the ball is rotated so that the hole is perpendicular to the flow openings of the valve body and the flow is stopped. Our ball valves can ensure quick quarter turn on-off operation, tight sealing with low torque and are smaller in size than most other valves.

Lift check valves (NRV) :

Our Lift Check Valve incorporates the state of art technology in a simple and easy to operate/maintain design. This design is ideal for applications at pump outlet or where a reversal flow is not desired. These valves come with a forged Body with a separate Forged Cover which is bolted to the Body. Body seat is integral satellite hard faced by special purpose Automatic Welding process and tested 100% for cracks, homogeneous and binding. It's unique double guided disc ensures correct seating on valve seat.

Angle Pattern Single Stage & Multi Stage Blow-down Valves :

Our angle pattern single stage and Multi-stage blow down valves come with single piece stem and plug assembly. The stem is non-rotating type that helps in avoiding passing. The rising stem - non rising hand wheel is useful in areas with space constraints. Roller burnishing of stem in gland packing section helps arrest gland leakages. The specially designed control cone mechanism is useful in high pressure reduction / throttling applications. Our single stage valve in angle pattern block body design with replaceable seat bush is available for high pressure drop application and handling high flow, while the multi stage valve in angle pattern block body design with replaceable seat bush feature is available for high pressure drop application and high flow. Our Angle type Valves are made to suit the process & piping. Its applications include turbine bypass, recycle and severe cavitation services. Surge controls are our specialty in this niche market.

Safety Valves & Relief Valves :

Our safety valves and relief valves offer full nozzle design in forged grade material. The inlet flange is integral to Safety Valve nozzle. The disc is guided by guide bush and guide piston arrangement. These valves are available in a wide range of material combinations. These valves are ideal for High Pressure and High Temperature services. Bellows construction is also available depending on the application. The safety Relief Valve design meets requirement of Indian Boiler Regulations. Valve Centre to Face dimensions are as per API 527 and overall design as per requirements of API Standards.

Pressure Reducing & De-superheating System (PRDS) :

Our PRDS offers pressure reduction and desuperheating in a single valve. Our PRDS is compact in design, gives immediate response to flow changes, ensures that there is no water hammer. There are no water carryover problems. The PRDS ensures efficient mixing of spray water. The PRDS reduces need for separate desuperheater, resulting in reduction in length of piping. It is available in various types like water entry from top to bottom as per water quantity and pressure available at site. As the water is injected at the 'Vena Contracta' point, which is the most turbulent zone, it causes complete atomization. We can offer high turndown ratio and improved rate of heat transfer.

Pressure Reducing Stations (PRS) :

We offer pressure reducing stations (PRS) with pressure control systems. High quality components are used in manufacturing these stations, which ensure reliability of the system. These are also engineered, designed and fabricated at Forbes Marshall and duly hydro-tested before dispatch. We offer customized solutions that eliminate the need to procure piping / isolating valve / Throttle Valves / Skids combined with Multilayer redundancy as well. All these custom made solutions can be designed to carry statutory approvals.

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