1, 2 or 4 Channel Timers,12-Volt Circuit Testers Suppliers & Manufacturers

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1, 2 or 4 Channel Timers

12-Volt Circuit Testers
Snap-on, Inc., Neomaster Corporation

2 Quadrant PWM DC Drives
Gemini Controls, LLC

24 Hour Timers

3 Phase Isolation Transformers
3 Phase Isolation Transformer is a transformer, which has isolated primary and secondary windings to allow the power input to isolate from the power output. Isolation transformers are referred as insulated, because the windings are insulated from each other.
Isolation Transformer Sales, TEMCo - Tower Electric Motor Company, Mgm Electrical Surplus Company, Inc., more...

3-Phase Power Quality Analyzers
Aya Instruments, Summit Technology, Inc., Satec, Inc., more...

3-Ring Binder Marking System
3-Ring Binder Marking System is a convenient and economical method of identifying the equipment. The pressure sensitive numbers, letters, KVA and voltage markers are printed on die cut sheets are designed to fit into a 3-ring binder. All markers are screen printed with fade-resistant black ink and available on either 3M-engineer grade yellow reflective film or high-tack yellow outdoor vinyl over laminated with polyester to assure outstanding weather ability. Reflective markers should be applied at temperatures above 40° F whereas the vinyl markers may be applied below 32° F.
Nelco Products, Inc., TEK I.D. Inc, Northern Machine Works, Inc.

4 Quadrant PWM DC Drives
Gemini Controls, LLC

4 Quadrant SCR DC Drives
Gemini Controls, LLC

4- Hole Copper Terminals
Compaq International, Wills International, Sterling Impex, more...

4-Digit Serial LED
Micro Engineering Labs, Inc.

4-Pin Connectors
Bioprocess Technologies, Inc.

4-way Flat Connectors
Auto Vehicle Parts Co., Cequent Trailer Products

45 Aluminum Cord Grips

480V Load Centers
Eaton Hydraulics, Powercon Corp., Munro Distributing Co., Inc., more...

5-way Flat Connectors
Cequent Trailer Products

6 Axis Controllers
Davis Tool, Inc.

6-Way Metal/Zinc Die Cast Connectors
Suzikline Group, Cequent Trailer Products

7 Day Timers

7-Way Thermo-Plastic/Metal Connectors
Suzikline Group, Cequent Trailer Products

90 Aluminum Cord Grips

AC & DC Drive Repair Services
Suzikline Group, Controlled Solutions, Total Control, Inc., more...

AC Adapters
AC/DC adapters accept AC input voltage directly from a wall outlet, and output DC voltage. The primary configurations are wall-mount, where the adapter unit plugs directly into a wall and the DC lead then goes to the DC device, and desk mount, where the adapter unit is in-line between the AC plug and the DC output. Many DC devices use this type of adapter or power supply such as household items, printers and low-voltage DC boards.
Astec Power, Triad Magnetics, All Road Communications, more...

AC Clamp Meter
TestInstruments.Net, Bosworth Instrument Supply, Acez Instruments Pte Ltd., more...

AC Clamp Phase Rotation Testor
Bosworth Instrument Supply

AC Clamp-on Adapter
Bosworth Instrument Supply

AC Contactors
AC contactors are used for making and breaking circuits. These are fitted with coils that, at initial switch-on, use conventional AC supply voltages to close the contactor. As the contactor closes a switch automatically operates introducing a circuit that converts the mains voltage to 12 volts DC., Joliet Technologies LLC, Powertronics Inc, more...

AC Crane Controls
Engineered Lifting Systems LLC, Milwaukee Crane, Inc., Electric Controller & Mfg. Co., more...

AC Drilling Systems
T S C Manufacturing and Supply, LLC., Cameron Valves & Measurement,

AC Drive Controllers
AC drive controller is an electronic power converter/filter/inverter network that utilizes high-efficiency power semiconductor switches to synthesize variable frequency sine-wave power to the motor. It consists of a phase assembly for each phase of a polyphase supply to a motor. Each phase assembly consists of an invertor module and a corresponding filter module., Joliet Technologies LLC, Emerson Control Techniques, more...

AC Drives
Motion Technologies, Inc., M&I Electric Industries, Inc., Fiero Fluid Power, Inc., more...

AC Electric Motors
There are two types of AC electric motors; the synchronous motor and the induction motor. It can also be divided into single phase and three phase motors. Single phase AC electrical supply is what is typically supplied in a home. Three-phase electrical power is commonly only available in a factory setting.,, Hurst Manufacturing, more...

AC Gear Motors
Anaheim Automation, Poltron Corporation, Sinotech, more...

AC Generators
AC generator consists of a permanent magnet that rotates inside a coil in such a way that the N-pole and S-pole alternate as seen from the coil. An AC generators are capable of providing high current output even at low engine speeds. These AC generators use a design that is basically the reverse of a DC generator. In an AC generator, a spinning magnetic field rotates inside an assembly of stationary conductors. AC generator includes two sip rings mounted directly on the rotor shaft. These generators use three windings to generate the required amperage output.
Electric Power Services, Bombay Generators, Johnson Electric Motor Shop, Inc., more...

AC Induction Motors (50/60Hz)
An AC induction motor is the most commonly used AC motor in industrial applications because of its simplicity, rugged construction, and relatively low manufacturing costs. The reason that the AC induction motor has these characteristics is because the rotor is a self-contained unit, with no external connections. This type of motor derives its name from the fact that AC currents are induced into the rotor by a rotating magnetic field. The AC induction motor is made of a laminated cylinder with slots in its surface. The windings in the slots are one of two types. The most commonly used is the squirrel cage rotor. This rotor is made of heavy copper bars that are connected at each end by a metal ring made of copper or brass. No insulation is required between the core and the bars because of the low voltages induced into the rotor bars. The size of the air gap between the rotor bars and stator windings necessary to obtain the maximum field strength is small., Hurst Manufacturing, Yeadon Energy Systems, more...

Ac Inverter Drives
Alabama Electric Motor Service, Minarik Automation & Control, Marion Electric Motor Service, Inc., more...

AC Inverters, Bodine Electric Company, Power Drives, Inc., more...

AC Line Splitter
Bosworth Instrument Supply

AC Loop Test Equipment
Hubbell Electrical Products, Hanover Technical Sales, Inc., A R Harris Company Ltd, more...

AC Parallel Shaft Gearmotors
AC Parallel Shaft Gearmotor is a permanent split capacitor. It is categorized into non-synchronous and normal slip. Its ambient temp is 40c and 2.87″ of length.
Bodine Electric Company, Bison Gear & Engineering Corp., Fasco Industries, Inc., more...

AC Power Distribution and Control Systems
L-3 Communications - Power Magnetics, Pulizzi Engineering, Inc., Energy Technologies, Inc, more...

AC Power Isolation Transformers
Triad Magnetics, Isolation Transformer Sales, Solar Electronics Co., more...

AC relays
AC Relays are solid magnetic cores. AC relays are energized satisfactorily on dc with a slowed up response due to the shading coil. AC relays operate on about 9 volt-amperes with coils up to 115 volts. These AC relays are built-in silicon, germanium diodes or copper oxide rectifiers depending on the performance requirements., Relay Service Company., Richards Scale Company, more...

AC Right Angle Gearmotors
AC Right Angle Gearmotors are geared with hardened steel worm and forged bronze gear. It is lubricated with precision-machined die cast aluminum lubrication. These motors are supplied with mounted junction box, capacitor and rear extension for brake.
Bodine Electric Company, Bison Gear & Engineering Corp., Fasco Industries, Inc., more...

AC Servo Motor
Altek Motion,, Hurst Manufacturing, more...

AC Starters, Joliet Technologies LLC, Avon Electrical Supplies, Inc., more...

AC Stator Coils
Pennsylvania Electric Coil, Ltd. (PennCoil), Superior Coil Service, Inc., Electric Coil Service, more...

AC Synchronous Generators
AC synchronous generators are generally used as stand-by electric power supply for domestic purposes and also as isolated power supply in remote and hilly areas where grid supply is not available. It is coupled to a prime mover like internal combustion engine, or wind turbine for using as generator set. Brushes and slip-rings are used in the machine to tap out the power.
Joliet Equipment Traction Motors

AC Torque Motors
Bodine Electric Company, Sinotech, Minarik Automation & Control, more...

AC Variable Frequency Drives
AC variable frequency drive is a system for controlling the rotational speed of an alternating current (AC) electric motor by controlling the frequency of the electrical power supplied to the motor. A variable frequency drive is a specific type of adjustable speed drive. Variable frequency drives are also known as adjustable frequency drives (AFD), variable speed drives (VSD), AC drives or inverter drives. A variable frequency drive system generally consists of an AC motor, a controller and an operator interface. The motor used in a VFD system is usually a three-phase induction motor. Variable frequency drive controllers are solid-state electronic power conversion devices. The usual design first converts AC input power to DC intermediate power using a rectifier bridge. The operator interface provides a means for an operator to start and stop the motor and adjust the operating speed.
GoHz Inc,, Joliet Technologies LLC, more...

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