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2-Way Splitters
Linn Post & Pipe Supply Inc., RMS Communications, Inc., Rankin-properties, LLC

2D Scanners
LaserLinc, Inc., C R S Data Solutions, Inc.

3-D Modelers
Brynnage Design, Inc., 3D Systems Corp., Creative Mediapulse Technologies Pvt. Ltd., more...

3-Way Splitters
RMS Communications, Inc., Rankin-properties, LLC

3D CAD Modeling
3D Scan Services, LLC, Encole LLC, Rishabh Engineering Services, more...

3D Refractor Modeling
Sterling Siesmic Services

3D Visual Models
3D Scan Services, LLC, PerspectX, Inc., Designcraft, Inc., more...

4-Wire Resistive Sensors
Touch International

5 Port Host Adapters

5-Wire Resistive Sensors
Touch International

5-Wire Resistive Touchscreen Kits
Touchko, Inc., IGT Industries Ltd.

8-Wire Resistive Sensors
Touch International

AC Vector Drives
Anchor Pump, Addison Electric, Jasper Electric Motors, more...

AC-Powered RS-232/RS-485 Converters RS-485 Repeaters
AC-powered RS-232/RS-485 converters RS-485 repeaters are operated on the AC power supply. It converts RS232 signals to those required by RS485 at all standard baud rates from 300 to 115.2K baud. Internal control circuitry automatically controls the flow of data on the RS485 bus. This module transparently repeats RS485 signals at all standard baud rates from 300 to 115.2K baud. Internal control circuitry automatically controls the flow of data on the RS485 bus.
Dutile, Glines and Higgins Corporation, San Telequip Pvt. Ltd., Udit Engineers

Accelerating Software Development
SKY Computers, Inc.

Access Control & Attendance Monitoring Software
Amtel Security System Inc., Sierra Group, Mitrefinch Inc, more...

Access Control & Attendance Recording System
Sena Technologies, Inc., Amtel Security System Inc., Umbrella Technologies, more...

Access Control Systems
Rex Key Locksmith And Security, Essex Electronics Incorporated, Fire & Security Alarm Company (FSAC), more...

Access Control Systems
Access controls are the collection of mechanisms that specify what users can do on the system, such as what resources they can access and operations they can perform. They are the countermeasures for ensuring that only users with the proper need and authority can access the system, are allowed to execute programs, and can read, edit, add and delete the appropriate information on that system. It builds on the basic issue addressed in the information security management domain, with an emphasis on various administrative, physical and technical/logical controls. Controls for gaining physical access to an area or to information have been used for centuries. The sender would speak the first secret word and wait for the correct secret word in response. If the response was not part of the shared secret words, access would not be granted. Although some other access control techniques are also used for physical security access to the information system.
Black Box Safety, Rex Key Locksmith And Security, Parker Boiler Co., more...

Access Control Systems
Rex Key Locksmith And Security, A & G Telephone Service, Smart Wired Inc., more...

Access Navigator
Carrier Access Corp.

Access Navigator Platforms
Carrier Access Corp., StepForm TM

Accounting Software
Tenrox Timesheet Software, The Rockport-Essex Company, CompuTant, more...

Accounts Payable
Impacct, LLC, ECi M1

Accounts Receivable
Impacct, LLC, ECi M1

Acoustic Processors
Rane Corporation

Acquisition Management Services
Innovative Technologies Corp., P C Design, Inc.

Acrylic Stands
Kantek, Inc., B A W Plastics, Inc., Plastic Accessories Company, more...

Active & Passive Computer Networking Equipment
CompuPoint, USA, LLC., Cisco Systems, Inc., Advanced Electronic Support Products, Inc., more...

Active Repeaters
Weed Instrument Co., Inc, Global Technologies, Inc., Avantel Softech Ltd.

Active Star Hubs
Global Technologies, Inc.

Adapter & Gender Changers
Intolan Computers, Comtrad Cable Express, Current Electronics, Inc., more...

Advance Encoding Software
JP CyberTech, Inc., Optibase, Inc.

Advanced Bill of Materials
ECi M1

Advanced Hi-speed Fingerprint Time Recorder
Mantra Technologies, Viper Security Systems Pvt. Ltd., Biocipher Technology, more...

Advanced Inventory Management
MASS Group Inc., Zelogtek, LLC., ECi M1, more...

Advanced Plant-wide Monitoring Controller
AAEON Electronics, Inc.

Air Cyclones Selection and Design Software
Pneumatic Conveying Consultants

AirHeater Design Software
Airheater design software is a windows based user friendly design software. Using this package, Engineers can design a wide variety of air heaters for fired boilers and other applications where hot gas source is available. This software is provided with large database of waste heat gases and boiler exhaust gases. Using this software, all types of bare tube, fin tube and gill tube air heaters can be designed. Autodesign feature gives optimum design of air heaters. Users are alerted if any of the important design parameters exceed their limiting values.
HeaterSim, FireCAD Technologies

Alarm Management Software
Alarm Management Software has been designed as a ready to use standard package to provide alarm display information in conjunction. It is a mechanism for recapturing lost production and increasing capacity. Its core tenet is improving plant condition information and resources available to operations to better empower them to maintain normal state.
Puleo Electronics Inc, HeaterSim, DataSoft Technologies, more...

Alarm Management System
Alarm management system employs a series of trap and alarm handlers to manage and store information about important events that are occurring on network. Alarm Management System suppresses nuisance alarms and provides valuable advisory information to help operators quickly focus on important alarm information and take correct actions. This system has been implemented on distributed control systems, validated in real online tests, and accepted by plant operators. The results nuisance alarms are effectively suppressed and alarm systems become more helpful. This system comprises several components, each of which has a specific responsibility to send, receive, transfer, handle, store, or view network alarms.
Unirex Corporation, Inc., Sierra Group, Microview Security Systems, more...

Alarm Monitoring System
Raco Manufacturing and Engineering Co., Certified Security Systems, Sierra Group, more...

All Purpose High Definition Printer System
A T Information Products, Inc.

Analog Clocks
Kinetico Studios, SMH Products, Inc., E & L Cypress Clocks & Supplies, more...

Analog Modem Routers
Analog Modem Routers are equipped with two external modem ports (RS 232 Serial) that allow connecting two modems/ISDN to the same ISP or two different ISP's.
Computrs, Inc.

Analog Output Boards
G E Fanuc Embedded Systems

Analog Signal Processors
Analog signal processor is a device used to conduct signal processing on analog signals by analog means. The mathematical algorithm that processes the signal is implemented with analog electronics in which the mathematical values are represented as a continuous physical quantity, an analog, usually as a voltage, electric current, or electric charge around some components in the electronic devices. A small error or noise affecting such physical quantities will result in a corresponding error in the signals represented by such physical quantities.
ProtoControl Instruments (India) Pvt. Ltd, Anadigm, Inc., GE Analytical Instruments, more...

Analog-to-Digital Converters
Microchip Technology Inc, Linear Technology Corp., Moore Industries, more...

Analogue Handsets
Opus Business System Ltd., Hindusthan Engineering Company

Analogue Systems
Analogue systems process analogue signals, which can take any value within a range, for example the output from an LDR or a microphone. An audio amplifier is an example of an analogue system. The amplifier produces an output voltage, which can be any value within the range of its power supply. An analogue meter can display any value within the range available on its scale. However, the precision of readings is limited by our ability to read them. The analogue meter can show any value between 1.2 and 1.3 but we are unable to read the scale more precisely than about half a division.
AEL Flexaulic Ltd., Opus Business System Ltd.

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