Krykard Load Manager - Alm 30 & 32

Company: Atandra Energy Pvt. Ltd.
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Description: Krykard lead manager is a portable analyser that meets present and future requirement of energy studies. Features include large colour LCD screen for graphical menu-driven display, continuous cycle by cycle measurement of all 3 currents and 3 voltages C 256 samples/cycle for accurate and dependable measurements even on non-linear loads, suitable for 2-, 3- and 4-wire measurements, wide choice of clamp-on CTs to measure currents from 100 mA to 3000 A - options include 5/100ACT; 1000ACT; 3000 A Ampflex CT; 1000 A AC/1400A DC CT, 2 MB memory capacity with programmable interval of data collection from 1 sec to 15 min (4 MB memory for ALM 32), recorded data can be viewed as trends on the meter screen for quick analysis on the field minimising dependence on PC/laptop, zoom-in/zoom-out facility for better resolution enabling in-depth analysis, 8 screens (waveforms, vector diagrams and data), can be stored - can be either viewed on meter or downloaded to PC (12 screens for ALM 32), different parameters can be recorded under 4 user-defined configurations, multiple record sessions can be carried out without deleting data, captures up to 4096 alarms - min/max value and duration of alarm (minimum 1/2 cycle detection), RS-232 serial port for communication and data transfer to a PC, software is part of the kit, and up to 10 hour battery back-up for un-interrupted field studies. Parameters measured: V, I, PF, kW, kVA, kVAR, Hz, KWh, kVARh, kVAh; harmonics up to 50th on both V and L CF, THD, K factor, DPF, tangent, phase angles, unbalances, neutral current, Peak V, Peak I and transients.

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