Portable Oxygen Monitor With Alarm

Company: Subtronics (India) Pvt. Ltd.
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Description: Portable Oxygen Monitor With Alarm - Click To Visit Our Website Portable Oxygen Monitor with Alarm sounds an alarm at 19.5%. This has a flashing visual LED (red) alarm with a buzzer and LCD, digital percentage display. It has calibration span and zero potentiometers, which can be calibrated at different levels of oxygen. Alarm and low battery pots are provided and they are easily accessible. It has a provision to charge the batteries by using a charger, which is supplied with the instrument. Oxygen sensor works on the galvanic cell principle and has a life of 10 years, virtually no interference from CO2, CO, H2S, NOx, SO2, H2, and operates in normal ambient temperature with a stable output signal and no warming-up time is required. Detection range is 0-100% O2, accuracy 2%, operating temperature from 5 to +40°C, and storage temperature of 20~ +60°C. Response speed is approximately 60 seconds, with a life span of approximately 1,800,000 hours (10 years in 20°C air). The monitor has applications with anaesthetic instruments, spirophores, oxygen enrichers, biotechnology, oxygen incubators, food industries, refrigeration, green houses, mines, gutters, telephone cabins and tunnels. The instrument is supplied with a leather case and can be hooked to a belt.

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