Roller Hearth Furnaces

Company: Allied Group
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Description: Roller Hearth Furnaces are mainly used in applications involving manufacturing of precision - drawn steel tubes for bright annealing, normalizing, tempering, and spherodizing. The furnaces are also used for annealing tubes of nonferrous material like copper & cupronickel. The other applications wherein these furnaces are used include heat treatment of forgings, hardening and tempering of long products like tubes and bars. These furnaces have fully welded gas tight casing, highly effective roller end seals and multiple curtains at entry and exit ends, which make them quite adaptable for using special atmosphere to obtain bright finish of the products processed and ensure uniform properties of heat treated components. The cooling sections of the furnace incorporate the very innovative, plug-in type, water cooled tube bundles instead of the usual, trouble- prone water jackets. The tube bundles cool most efficiently and are long lasting. It can be easily removed, reinserted, repaired, and tested, making them far superior to water jackets. We offer both electric as well as gas or oil fired radiant tubes for heating. Highly efficient single ended radiant tubes are offered as high end alternative to U or W type radiant tubes in case of oil or gas, and automatic ignition and sophisticated flame monitoring systems are included as standard accessories in all cases. These furnaces are offered with PC based programmable logic control system, powerful SCADA based software and extensive instrumentation. These provide high level of automation, automatic selection of process cycles with ready recipes, extensive archiving. The furnaces allow close monitoring of utility consumption, alarm situations, and operational parameters on color screens. Further, auto-ignition and flame monitoring can be affected directly from the control desk.

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