Solar Lanterns

Company: Sunsoko
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Description: Solar Lanterns - Click To Visit Our Website Solar Lantern is a lighting system consisting of lamp, battery and high efficient electronics, all placed in a suitable compact enclosure made of ABS plastic along with an external solar photovoltaic module. The battery is charged by electricity generated by the PV module. The lantern is a portable lighting device suitable for either indoor or outdoor lighting. Remote lighting needs a full covering range of 360°. Sunsoko lantern provides light for minimum of 3 to 5 hours depending on models, under an average daily solar radiation of 5.5 hours per day or 5kWh/sq.m on a horizontal surface. These lanterns are designed to suit all locations of India except N-E of India and consider all losses due to dust, battery and load. The Sunsoko lantern series has 3 models. Models 2 and 3 have dual charging capability and can be charged by solar panel as well as a conventional AC during rainy season. Model 3 has DC socket for external use, like mobile charging or radio operating and also LED bed lamp for late night use. The fully integrated system combines the latest and most innovative technologies available, providing convenient and trouble-free lighting. Lantern features include: highly efficient solar module, field adjustable solar module mount (0- 360°), strong ABS plastic lamp housing, high efficient electronics-sine wave inverter, PMW charge controller, SMF battery with deep-discharge protection and centrally elevated chrome plated reflector.

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