Special Emitter

Company: Deepti Marketing Services

Description: Special Emitter - Click To Visit Our Website Special Emitters are precisely matched to the relevant production process. The potential for flexible design also allows emitters to be produced to match complex geometry work pieces, and because they can be switched on and off in seconds, they allow significant savings in both energy and operating costs. Plastic components are welded, riveted or de-burred efficiently within seconds because heat can be rapidly and precisely applied to the right place. All these emitters can be designed in terms of shape, size and spectrum to suit the relevant process. Heat is then generated precisely where it is required. Energy losses to the environment are incredibly small and production process times can be reduced or more parts can be produced at the same time. Emitters for vacuum processes: heating for production processes under vacuum conditions is a real industrial need, which conventional heating methods, such as warm air ovens, cannot meet. Infrared emitters transfer heat without the need for an intermediate medium. Infrared emitters with quartz reflectors working in vacuum focus the heat precisely on the product. They can even be used when acids or alkalis are present and under other extreme process conditions. Others include contoured emitters, small surface emitters, and omega emitters.

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