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Laboratory Testing
NPA Laboratories, LLC, Constellation Technology Corporation, QuickSilver Analytics, Inc., more...

Large Diameter Pipeline Scanner
Large Diameter Pipeline Scanner inspects pipeline diameters from 20″ (508mm) to 80″ (2030mm) with a scanning speed of 100mm/sec. It comes with an integrated or discrete array transducer set and DC motor control.
CD International Technology Inc, Innovative Test Systems, Inc., Silverwing (UK) Ltd.

Large Valve Testers
Dunn's Valve Testers, Inc, Dunn's Valve Testers, Inc.

Laser Calibration
Precision Measuring, Corp., Uptime Electronics, Inc., J & M Precision Products, Inc., more...

Laser Gauging and Measurement
Concept Machine Tool Sales, Inc., InspecTech

Laser Inspection & Measurement
3D Engineering Solutions, P D M Technology, Inc., South Precision Instrument Private Limited

Laser Inspection Of Machinery Geometry
Press Techniques, Inc.

Laser Profilometer - Surface Topography
Laser profilometers are designed for high accuracy non-contact measurement of surface topography profile, form and texture measurement over large areas. It measures surface topography in the range 10's of millimeters to sub-micrometers, over area's up to 500mm x 500mm. The application of this system includes large area roughness measurement, surface digitization for mould texturing, in-tray inspection, and any other application that requires fast, large area, accurate surface profiling.
RTEC Instruments, Uniscan Instruments Ltd.

Laser Recalibration Services
Suzikline Group, Precision Measuring, Corp., Monarch Machine Tool Co., more...

Laser Vision Systems
Meta Vision Systems Ltd., Stemmer Imaging Ltd, Hexagon Metrology India Pvt Ltd., more...

Lateral Grouting

Lateral Relining

Leak Detection in Buried Pipes, Flanges, & Valves
Tyco Thermal Controls, MediVac Technologies, Neptune Research, Inc., more...

Leak Detection, Above Ground Tanks
Tyco Thermal Controls, MediVac Technologies, L&J Technologies, more...

Leak Detection: Calibrated Leak Standards
MediVac Technologies, Sentech Industries Inc., American Leak Detection, more...

Leak Detection: Field Repair Service
Sav-On Plumbing, Tyco Thermal Controls, MediVac Technologies, more...

Leak Detector Rentals
MediVac Technologies, American Leak Detection, Leak Detection Associates, Inc., more...

Leak Testing
A B C Testing Incorporated, DDL Inc., Independence Cryogenic Engineering, LLC, more...

Legionella Testing
Quality Water Treatment, Inc., General Environmental Services Ltd., Britewater Ltd., more...

Lensometer Replacement Platens
Optical Works Corp.

Lighting Accessories
LEDtronics, Inc, SurplusHydro, Apex Lighting, Inc., more...

Lightweight, Portable &Amp; Video Inspection System
CUES, Inc., Visionx Inc.

Linear Polarisation Resistance Probes
Linear Polarization Resistance Corrosion Probes are commonly used in the water treating industry and other environments where on-line corrosion rate readings are required. Linear polarization probes are suited to monitor fluctuations that occur within a system. These probes are used to monitor corrosion inhibitor effects on a regular basis. LPR probes are used in conductive environments such as water or any electrolyte. The operating principle is based on measuring the flow of current between electrodes.
Korosi Specindo

Liquid Penetrant Inspection Systems
Liquid Penetrant Inspection System components make it possible to provide a customized system for each installation. The equipment and stations are constructed to mutually compatible sizes and couplings and are made of compatible materials. This system includes a plumbed wash basin, a dryer rack and full system control including intensity of inspection lighting, dryer temperature range and water and penetrant pressure and temperature regulation.
Tricen Technologies, Inc., A B C Testing Incorporated, Miraclean, more...

Liquid Penetrant Testing
Liquid Penetrant Testing allows for visible examination for penetrants to detect discontinuities such as cracks, opening in seams and isolated porosity. These testing are used to detect surface breaking damage, porosity and edge delamination and are employed for composite testing because of the cleaning process. Penetrant testing is a time-consuming process composed of six phases and includes cleaning of the surface inspected, spraying of a liquid penetrant onto the material surface, removal of excess liquid and inspection of the component. Liquid penetrant testing is mainly used to identify or confirm steel fatigue cracking in the field.
A B C Testing Incorporated, H&W Global Industries, Inc., Interspec, LLC, more...

Load / Deflection Testing Machines
ADMET, Altronic Research, Inc., Shambhu Nath & Sons, more...

Loader Monitoring
I D C Corp., E P D Electronics, Thunderbird Pacific Corp.

Localized Electrochemical Impedance System
Localised electrochemical impedance system allows spatially resolved impedance measurements to be made. It combines the principles of EIS measurements with scanning probe technology. A small sinusoidal voltage or current perturbation is applied to a working electrode sample and the resulting current is measured to allow the calculation of the impedance. However, rather than measure the bulk current, a small electrochemical probe is scanned close to the surface, measuring the local current in the electrolyte.
Uniscan Instruments Ltd.

Long Duplex Inspection Tables
Southern Nut 'N' Tree Eq., Inc.

Loop Calibrators
Mitchell Instrument Co. Inc., Martel Electronics, Process Control Outlet Inc., more...

Low Temperature Brittleness Apparatus
Low Temperature Brittleness Apparatus is designed for plastics and elastomers of flexible and coated fabrics. It provides for the evaluation of the long term effects, such as crystallization or the incompatibility of plasticizers at low temperature in the materials being tested. The test establishes the temperature known as the Brittleness Temperature at which no cracks or failures are experienced when the test samples are subject to known impact energy. The samples are submerged in a bath containing methal, silicon fluid or similar to produce sub-zero temperatures.

Machine Vision Inspection
Syn Aps Corporation, RedViking, Acculine Engineering, Inc., more...

Magnetic Flux Leakage Inspection
Silverwing (UK) Ltd., Vee Kay Vikram & Co.

Magnetic Flux Leakage Test System
Magnetic Flux Leakage Test System provides sensitivity to O.D. and I.D. defect detection. The system offers the operator the user-friendly set-up for flaw detection on the market. The system is suitable for carbon steel based product, coated or uncoated. These systems are used in the steel tube industry.

Magnetic Flux Leakage Testing
MediVac Technologies, A B C Testing Incorporated, Technical Scanning Systems, more...

Magnetic Flux Scan Inspection
Magnetic Products and Services, Inc., Technical Scanning Systems, International Testing & Inspection Co., more...

Magnetic Particle Crack Detectors
Kimball Physics Inc., Sahaj Industries, Western Instruments Inc.

Magnetic Particle Examination
AUK, LLC, Valley Forge & Bolt Manufacturing Co., Remote Ocean Systems, Inc (ROS), more...

Magnetic Particle Inspections
Colorado Plating LLC, Tricen Technologies, Inc., Quality Team-1, more...

Magnetic Particle Special End Area Testing Systems
Reliant N D T, Inc., Western Instruments Inc.

Magnetic Particle Test Equipment & Accessories
3E NDT, LLC, Magnetic Products and Services, Inc., Test Equipment Distributors, LLC, more...

Magnetic Particle Testing
Magnetic Particle Testing is useful during localized inspections of weld areas and specific areas of high stress or fatique loading. Magnetic testing provides the ability to locate shallow sub-surface defects. A major advantage for magnetic testing is portability and speed of testing. Magnetic particle testing is used to detect cracks and other discontinuities near the surface of ferromagnetic materials. Applications include tank walls, tank bottoms and welds. These testing are used when the part material is magnetized. Magnetic particle testing is limited to parts made of iron, steel or allied materials.
Colorado Plating LLC, KCI of Georgia, Inc., A B C Testing Incorporated, more...

Mainline CCTV Inspection Equipment
ADT Security Services, Inc., NoDigTech Inc.

Mainline Grouting

Manifold Probe Station
The Micromanipulator Company, Coastal Bend Tooling & Automation

Manual Indexed Probe Heads
Precision Pro Inc, Helmel Engineering Products, Inc.

Manual Stylus Change Racks
Manual Stylus Change Rack is designed to securely hold up to 6 stylus modules, protecting them from the environment between uses.
Helmel Engineering Products, Inc.

Marine Corrosion Testing
Marine corrosion testing is a testing of cathodic protection anodes for quality assurance. It uses jet impingement techniques that allow correlation of flow accelerated corrosion test data to marine systems.
Northwest Anti - Corrosion, Efird Corrosion International Inc.

Marine Science Test Kits
Rickly Hydrological Co., Inc.

Market Development Services
Suzikline Group, New Star Marketing Support Services, Aisc Corporation, more...

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